Malhotra Cleared for Full Practice

Ladies and Gentlemen, Frozone is officially on the comeback trail.
(Photo courtesy The Vancouver Sun)

The Vancouver Canucks received some excellent news early Friday, as Manny Malhotra was cleared for full practice with the team. As the Canucks get ready to fight the final battle for the Stanley Cup, the possibility of having Malhotra back in the lineup has Canucks fans and media absolutely salivating.

But let’s remember one thing… the fact that Malhotra has progressed this far this quickly nothing short of a miracle.

Having Manny Malhotra around during the playoffs has done wonders for the Canucks. And they’ve said so many times. Malhotra is such a positive presence around the team on and off the ice. Any progression that he makes is a huge lift mentally for the team. But if he does make his way back into the lineup, the Canucks get back the final piece of the puzzle needed to hopefully hoist Lord Stanley’s cup. Rounding out some impressive depth at centre makes the Canucks a truly scary opponent, notwithstanding the fact that Malhotra is a hugely postitive element in the dressing room and on the bench.

I’ll wait to get TRULY excited about Manny making the comeback complete when the Canucks announce his official return. That’s not to say that I’m not excited. I’m giddy at the possibility of what the Canucks’ on-ice roster will look like with Malhotra. But I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself. Needless to say, this lengthy break after the end of the Western Conference Final series is suddenly looking more and more appealing now, as it gives Malhotra more time to heal fully, to get practices in and to get himself ready for battle.

Once it becomes official that Malhotra will make his way back into the lineup, you will see me jump up like a goddamn idiot and write a gushing piece about how amazeballs he is and how ridiculously lucky this story is. And lord knows I am chomping at the bit to do so.

In the meantime, and until that happens, here are a few articles about this amazing story.

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