(Photo by Bill Smith/NHLI via Getty Images) 

                                         (Photo by Bill Smith/NHLI via Getty Images) 

There’s no point sugar-coating it. The Canucks performance yesterday was brutal, and the game was simply hard to watch.

Is there anything that makes Canucks fans as uniquely furious as watching their team lose to Chicago, in the Mad House, in a blow-out? I found that the anger physiologically lodged itself in the pit of my stomach, a sensation similar to the one you get when you leave your belly some 40 feet behind you on a roller coaster – except it’s a dull, resentful feeling – totally devoid of "amusement park ride" exhilaration.

That being said – the Canucks still have a commanding lead in this playoff series, and get a prime chance to finish off the nemesis Blackhawks in Vancouver on Thursday night. 

Dave Bolland was unbelievable. He had four points – scoring all of them at 5-on-5, despite beginning only two shifts in the offensive zone. More importantly, he was matched up against the Sedins who he dominated. As the corsi numbers make clear, the first unit (including Ehrhoff and Edler, who take most of their shifts with the Sedins) had a terrible night. 

It’s important to remember, that a game that could’ve gone either way – like the LA-San Jose game last night – are usually more devastating to the psyche of a team, than a blowout loss. The Canucks can put this in their rear-view mirror with a solid home performance on Thursday, and anyone who has watched this team respond to adversity all year has to like their chances. 

If the Blackhawks do manage the highly unlikely, and come back to win this series – it would, combined with the Philly comeback from last season, represent one of the all-time weirdest Poisson Bursts.

Three Big Stats

1. 19-4-5 – I’m trying to stay positive here, and 19-4-5 was the record the Canucks posted in the two months that immediately followed the last time the Blackhawks put up 7 goals against them in a game (November 20th 2010).

2. +10. Kevin Bieksa’s Corsi number from last night. As it was last year – the one Canucks player who seems to be able to keep it together against the Blackhawks when things are going badly at the Mad-House is #3. It’s strange to think that the Canucks "shut-down" pairing had a strong game in a 7-2 blowout, but that is indeed what happened.

3. 1 goal, 3 assists, 3SOG, 2 hits, 2PIM,  +4 with a +13 Corsi. That was what Dave Bolland posted last night. What a remarkable performance from the Blackhawks centre – and in his first game back after a long injury layoff. Obviously I wish last night’s game had never happened – but I’ll remember that playoff performance for a long time. Borderline heroic stuff from Mr. Bolland.

Three Big Moments

1. Duncan Keith’s GWG was the one that sealed the Canucks fate. It’s always so important to have a strong push-back shift directly after a goal, however, the Canucks clumsily fail to gain the blueline and then Duncan Keith waltzes in for a gimme. No chance for Luongo on this goal

2. This is a Canucks blog, so I’m not going to put anymore Blackhawks goals in my top three plays. I will, however, admit that Campbell’s goal, and Sharp’s 2nd goal, were of the jaw-dropping variety. Instead of those highlights, here’s Patrick Kane demonstrating how well he takes a punch: 


3. As PiTB persuasively argued, Luongo was not responsible for last night’s blow-out. But that’s not how the Canucks haters will see it. Which, is fine, but Luongo is still my guy – and I have the utmost faith in him to bounce back on Thursday. Why? Becasue he makes saves like this one on Jonathan "don’t call me Dave Bolland" Toews.

The all important game 5 will be played on Thursday at 7PM PST at Rogers Arena. It should be a doozy.

  • Tell Bieska he is a “Pretty” tough guy to fight the Swede. & who cares if the Swede put him on his ass, good hit. Bieska doesn’t want to tangle with Scott but he wants to go with a non-fighter.


    I hope you nuckers choke!!!!

  • Yeah because no Swedes are tough – except for you know, Forsberg, Samuelsson (not the Canuck, though him too), Lidstrom, Douglas Murray, and probably a hundred other examples.

    I didn’t even bring up the Bieksa-Stalberg altercation in this post. Didn’t seem to be a big deal. But you know what they say:

  • LOL, the swedes you listed are all tough but whens the last time they fought???

    If Van is my team, I like what Bieksa did but any who hates the nucks thinks it was a p*s*y move.

    Other than Bieksa, there is absolutely nothing to like about that game from a canucks standpoint. The big guys were all absolutely terrible which you point out.

    It will be interesting to see what happens thursday. The 1st period will be key to see whether its a “new” game or a continuation of game 4

  • @Edmontoncritic – it’s true, there aren’t many Swedish enforcers. But I’m tired of hearing people bring up players nationalities as an indication of their “toughness.”

    But yeah, I think we’re on the same page. I definitely think the first period on Thursday will be key, the Canucks win over 90% of the time when they score first… Getting an early one at home will be big tomorrow evening!

  • In fairness, its true though. They have that reputation for a reason. Remember when Cherry totalled all the goals scored in the playoffs by canadians last year. I wanna say it was like 90%. It was ridiculously high either way.

    I have to say I’m rootin for the hawks but the game last night made it a series at least either way. Still a HUGE hole to dig themselves out of to even give themselves a shot at game 6!

    I know it got beat to death but Bolland is a MAJOR part of the hawks in the post season. Without him, there’s no one to play a defensive role that can also score which is what its all about this time o year

  • Yeah Bolland is a game changer. Having a centre who matches up well with the twins (even if he doesn’t repeat last nights dominant performance) is a huge plus for Chicago.

    I’m pretty excited for game 5 tomorrow, and I’m hopeful that it will be the best of the series. Pretty confident the Canucks can close it out – but clearly the “3rd best goal differential in the west Hawks,” the team we heard so much about leading up to this series, have finally come to play.

    Is it too little to late for Chicago? Probably, but I’ll admit to feeling (somewhat) nervous about game 5.

  • It will certainly tell the story. Chicago wins and all but guaranteed to be a game 7

    PS – you guys do good work here. Keep it up and the fans will come. Im over at oilersnation obviously lol but like to keep up on what the fans are sayin with other teams

    Are you on twitter?

  • @Edmontoncritic

    I think Vancouver has proven that they can win at the Mad-House (1-0-1 there this regular season, 1-1 in the postseason) so if the Canucks lose tonight, I think they’d still have a good shot in game six!

    Thanks for the compliment, and for reading. We’re still trying to build the readership at the site, but we’ve come a long way in that respect in the past 6 months, and we look forward to gaining momentum during the playoffs and over the summer!

    You can, indeed, follow me on twitter. My handle is @artemchubarov!

    Best, and enjoy the game tonight!