If I’m in a slump, I ask myself for advice: Canucks & Predators


Nashville Predators @ Vancouver Canucks

 7:00 PM PST

Predators   Canucks
32 Wins 40
23 Losses 15
9 OTL 9
2.44 (28th) Goals/Game 3.23 (3rd)
2.33 (3rd) Goals Against/Game 2.28 (2nd)
15% (27th) PP 24.5% (2nd)
85.5% (4th) PK 85.9% (2nd)

Fast Facts

> Wait, We’re Slumping?: Vancouver has struggled but not fallen down, bent but not cracked. So obviously you cue the freakout of a slump when they’ve played .500 hockey in the past ten games. They aren’t winning all the battles (they’re admitting that) and the revamped fourth line had an ugly start against Columbus. Then again the games they have lost have been close, they continue to get strong netminding and their battered defense is holding strong. Some puck luck here and there and there’s no struggle. Speaking of which, Raymond is back on the scoresheet, the third line continues to play above the level and news today is that Bieksa and Higgins are close to taking the ice. is Vancouver slumping? Nope.

> And The Kitty Cats?: Since their 3-1 win over Vancouver a few weeks ago, Nashville has gone 1-4-1 and don’t control their destiny in the West. Key problem is scoring and standing pat at the deadline (waiving Svatos and bringing in Fisher a few days beforehand) haven’t brought the uptick in scoring Barry Trotz was hoping for. Their special teams have recently started struggling as well. Nevertheless they remain a stiff team defensively and Rinne is their MVP. Will the pressure of slowly slipping out of contention motivate the Preds?

> Impress Your Friends With Knowledge!: Before games started tonight, a mere four points separated 4th place in the West with 11th.

* Post quote from Ichiro Suzuki