Jason Gregor made the following claim on Facebook yesterday afternoon: "Flyers will win and game seven goes Friday. Nothing better than game seven…at least in the sports world."

Heh heh heh.


He was wrong of course and Patrick Kane was oh so right slipping a mystery past Leighton early in the first period of overtime to give the Chicago Blackhawks their first Stanley Cup since 1784, when a young Robin Brownlee was heard to remark "This Pierre Pilote is going to be one heck of a defenseman."

Good on you Kane you tricky little weasel.


Even the stone heartest among us have to find some joy in Chicago winning the Stanley Cup. A long suffering member of the Original Six, Chi Town hadn’t won a cup since 1961. 1961 Nation. Think of the generations of fans that passed through Chicago Stadium and the United Centre without a whisper of hope for so many years.

Think of the street vendors expecting to make a living selling bootleg Stanley Cup Champions merchandise that starved to death anonymously under bridges all around the greater Chicago area.

Think of the building managers at the AON Center in downtown Chicago who came up with the wicked lighting schema above. Who knows how long this had been in the making? It was probably be one of those dark secrets passed down from generation to generation of building managers, just waiting for a chance to see the light of day.

"Now listen new guy" the old building manager would say on his last day on the job before retiring. "There is a secret plan in the event the Hawks win the Cup." Then he would painfully amble over to a long forgotten bookshelf in the corner of his office, deep in the bowels of the building.

Blowing the dust off an ancient file folder marked "THE PLAN" he would carefully go over the protocols to turn off the breaker switches to 17 floors of corner offices. Incredulously the new guy would listen on, fresh with the ideals of being a recent graduate of Building Manager School, wondering if he would be able to enact the intricate plan should the big day ever arrive.

Well that day has arrived Gentlemen and you have earned your treat.

Congrats to the building managers at the AON Centre. Congrats to the street vendors in Chicago, happily selling bootleg teeshirts, flags and hats as fast as their illegal overseas suppliers can keep pace.

Congrats to the 2010 Chicago Blackhawks.

Except you Hossa, we don’t care for you in the least.

Hat tip to DJ Ross Creek for the party anthem.