Jason Gregor mentioned recently that the new ‘history will be made’ ads put forth into the world by the NHL were one of the finest marketing efforts by the NHL in recent years. While we certainly agree, we thought you might like to see where the bar is currently being set, miles above backwards footage of NHL games.

Behold the Nike "write the future campaign" for the World Cup of Soccer.

The ad – which is basically a 3 minute mini movie – depicts a series of world class soccer stars facing critical game moments and predicts potential fallout from their immediate successes or failures. In a breathtaking display of "money can buy anything" the folks at Nike got Wayne Rooney to wear a fake beard, got Ronaldo to look sexy and even got a cameo by none other than Homer Simpson himself.

And the ad is working like crazy:

"Nike’s three-minute “Write the Future” epic, starring soccer superstars Didier Drogba, Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo, set a new record for most views of a viral video ad in its debut week, according to web video analytics company Visible Measures.

It beat the previous record holder, another Nike ad called “Earl and Tiger” featuring golfer Tiger Woods after his heavily publicized return to the sport. Ad agency Wieden+Kennedy produced the ad, which was directed by illustrious Mexican filmmaker Alejandro González Iñárritu, who is best known for the critically-acclaimed film Babel. Nike VP Trevor Edwards was quoted in Advertising Age saying the ad is “among the best we’ve ever done.”

“Earl and Tiger” reached 6.3 million views in its first week and “Write the Future” achieved 7.8 million. The fact that “Write the Future” beat “Earl and Tiger” is even more impressive considering the fact that the latter hit the web amidst the Tiger Woods scandal. The current count for this new video on YouTube is 9.4 million. The FIFA World Cup begins next month, and Nike’s advertising is capitalizing on the frenzy around the event.

This video depicts soccer stars whose astounding athletic accomplishments and failures send waves through society, affecting world events and changing their own lives."

Getting the guy who made that George Clooney movie Babel to make your ad? So gangster. Getting Wayne Rooney to admit he will one day live in a trailer park. Even more gangster. Getting Fox to write and then release a 3 second Simpsons clip though they are infamous for refusing similar requests? The Holy Trinity of Gangsterisity.

Nike is so cool. If we had feet we would totally buy their shoes.


If you need to see another example of money can buy anything, peep the new Adidas Originals ad.

Featuring Snoop Dogg, David Beckham, Oasis digitally inserted into Star Wars footage.* Great gods of Rock the budget for this ad must be equal to the combined GDP of Central America.

At this rate we will be seeing ads with Michael Jackson playing doubles foosball along side Elvis against John Lennon and George Harrison whilst shilling iPads before long.

Hat tip to David S for the video.

*Heh heh "digitally inserted"