It’s Not Over Yet

Vancouver Canucks celebrate goal against Chicago Blackhawks during their NHL Western semi final hockey game in Chicago

After a 7-4 defeat at the hands of the Blackhawks, the Canucks headache is getting worse. Will the dark cloud looming over Canuck nation finally blow away?

Vancouver have certainly put themselves in a very difficult position, but a comeback is still possible, with a win tomorrow night the tables can be turned, the battle is not over its only just begun. If your feeling like the season is reaching its course remember what enabled the boys in blue to reach the playoffs in the first place. Perhaps a little song will improve your mood?

Click on the link below, we can make this song the Canucks playoff anthem tell your friends, neighbors, work colleagues, school friends and any Hawks fans you know. Download the song to your iPod, your stereo, make it a ring tune for your phone. If ever there was a time to believe it is now lets get behind the team, because it’s not over yet!

  • At least you’ve got the faith, but I’m just about done with this team. I don’t know how many more years of disappointment I can take. So frustrated. And maybe it’s time to take a look at maybe putting Raycroft in for game 5?

  • that has to be amongst the most annoying “songs” I’ve heard in a while!

    Can’t see this being anything less than a blowout for the Hawks– the Canucks had a chance to do something last game and couldn’t even find the time to show up. I doubt they will tonight. They are just not good enough.

    Luongo is mentally and physically exhausted, they are blaming each other and they are playing like amateurs.

    Next year Schneider should be the backup and take 25 games to give luongo some rest so that he’s ready for the playoffs. Maybe Schneider will tun out to be the new Halak next year and we can give luie more rest than that~