Could This Be The Year?

Hayden Panettiere licking anything is great. Her with the Cup is bloody brilliant.

The post-season is upon us. From now on, every game is vital, every win is crucial, every play is analyzed, and every goal is one step closer to glory.
The year, with Henrik Sedin capturing the first league scoring title in the team’s history, many Canucks fans are legitimately asking themselves, "Is this the year?"

Well before us fans get too far ahead of ourselves, let us remember that we are Canucks fans. We have been subjected to disappointment at almost level and every turn.
That is what makes Henrik Sedin’s triumph atop the NHL scoring race all the more baffling and exciting. It’s never happened before. EVER.

But this year has been all about being different and "off". Henrik won the Art Ross, despite missing brother Daniel for 18 games. The Canucks won many games this season, despite the rather pedestrian play of their captain, Roberto Luongo. The Canucks won their division despite a rough start to the year, and playing 14 straight games on the road. And speaking of the Olympics, Luongo won Gold for Canada, at his home rink, despite being the back up goalie to start the tournament.

So if the Canucks couldn’t win a Cup in their first 40 years, maybe these crazy signs are a harbinger that this "could" be the year.

Now as a diehard Canucks fan, I have come to expect disappointment. It’s my rite of passage into summer. I simply assume that, at some point in the playoffs, the bottom will fall out and the Canucks will be cleaning out their lockers one game, one week, one round, one month too soon.
Whether it’s being swept by the powerhouse Islanders, or Nathan Lafayette hitting the post, or Cloutier’s meltdown on a centre-ice shot from Lidstrom, or Luongo taking his eyes off Scott Neidermayer, or his collapse in one game against the Blackhawks – the end has always come too soon.

As a result, I absolutely refuse to get my hopes up. I tell myself, "This is the Canucks. It will NEVER happen." But this year, with all lunacy and oddball goings-on and bizarre roadtrips and team drama and injuries to defensemen, and sheer excitement and elation from the Olympics, I’ve started to question myself.

Could this be the year?

The only answer to that is… 16W. Bring it home, boys.

We are all Canucks.