Warm Head/ Cold Feet

Black and white ying and yang seeds

Sometimes it’s difficult to express exactly what concerns me about the Canucks this year.

Dr. Seuss comes close though:

This is not good. This is not right. My feet stick out of bed all night. And when I pull them in, oh dear! My head sticks out of bed out here!

In a big picture sense, the Canucks have been fairly consistent this season – after all, 40 wins at this stage is definitely an achievement. Yet within this picture there is some erratic and unstable behavior. Sometimes the team plays well but Luongo doesn’t. Sometimes they look prepared at the start of games, but sometimes not so much. Sometimes they look as if they can score at will, but at other times look like they simply don’t have the talent of other teams. Sometimes they seem to have some speed and flow, while sometimes they look wooden and incapable of keeping up. The Sedins, although great for the most part, have wavered a bit, Luongo is unpredictable, Edler is up and down, the same goes for Wellwood, Demitra, Raymond and others. Kesler and Burrows are laudable exceptions.

My point is this. While the Canucks have (so far) had a successful season, where success is measured in terms of points and standings, I’m not so sure it is yet indicative of real goodness. If all facets of their game, play and players included, can come together at once and in unison, where a warm head doesn’t come at the exclusion of warm feet, then, and only then, will I be able to sleep comfortably.

  • Stephen Webb

    Perfectly sums up the feeling coming out of last nights game. My head is warm, but my big ole feet are freezing.

    Someone's gotta tell the Cancucks when they game starts, so they can show up for the 1st period, or else I'll need to invest in a nice pair or socks.