We Are All Canucks

Spending last night watching the Canucks play in front of friends of friends in Florida, and facing the thought of spending 16 bucks to watch tonight’s game against Columbus, my attention has shifted towards thoughts of Canadian Olympic gold.
Now we could be politically correct , and say that Canadians care about all of our Olympians equally and that the Olympics will be a huge success if Canada comes out on top of the medal count, even if the Men’s hockey team doesn’t win gold. Sadly, we all know that’s not true, and no amount of biathlon, luge or snowball fighting medals could fill the deep, dark hole that losing the hockey tournament would create.
And as shiny and pretty as those silver and bronze medals look, they carry as much value to Canadian hockey fans as those Northwest Division Championship banners that hang in GM Place carry for Canuck fans. So, no pressure. We just have to be hoping that Jarome Iginla has been operating under the delusion that he can save goals for the Olympics by not scoring them during the regular season (I know he scored last night, looking at the result for the Flames, he should have saved that one too).
That will be the last cheap shot at Jarome or any other Team Canada player. Even the lazy, indifferent, and decidedly unclutch play of Joe Thornton, Dany Heatley and Patrick Marleau in games that actually matter will not be mentioned by me. Your just not going to hear about it because for the next few weeks "We Are All Canucks". Except of course for the Sedins. Oh, and Kesler. And Erhoff, Salo, and Demitra.