GDRC – Canucks @ Stars

The Vancouver Canucks travel to Big D tonight as they take on the Dallas Stars in the second half of back-to-back games. Vancouver is coming off a solid total-team effort in beating the Wild 5-2 last night. They look to continue that momentum as they head to Dallas to play the Stars tonight.

The Canucks move on from beating the current Minnesota franchise last night to playing the former twin cities franchise tonight in Dallas.

Last night, the Canucks got scoring from 3 of their 4 lines along with point production from the back line. Couple that with a tight defensive effort and you have an impressive win against Minnesota. That said, the Canucks have dominated the Wild in the past two seasons, and last night’s game was a perfect example of that.

In contrast to recent games, the only line that appeared to struggle (at least, statistically) was the Kesler line. The line combined for only one point and a minus-5. Look for Kesler and his linemates to respond in spades tonight as they will want to shake off whatever dust settled on them.

Teams have been terrible in the back end of back-to-back games this year in the NHL, so that doesn’t bode well for the Canucks. What does favour the Canucks is the Stars’ play at home this year. Dallas is 2-2-3 at home and only 4-3-3 in its last 10 games, so the Canucks have an opportunity to take advantage of their poor start at home.

The Canucks however have to travel 1000 miles to get to Dallas today, so they will be tired and sluggish. I’m not expecting much energy out of the team tonight, so they will have to manufacture some. This is a game where guys like Rypien, Hordichuk, Pettinger and Glass have to amp up their game and get the rest of their team fueled to play.

Vancouver doesn’t play again until Tuesday when they take on St. Louis, so the Canucks will hopefully put all their energy into this game tonight, and they can spend the next three nights recovering and re-energizing.

One thing is certain: Canucks/Stars are usually always entertaining. Lots of passion, lots of excitement. Let’s hope the Canucks can get that passion up early.