And We’re Back!


With one convincing and lop-sided win, the Canucks bandwagon is full again.

Let’s re-open the plans on the parade route.

Ok – I admit it. That MIGHT be jumping the gun a little.

But it’s safe to assume that a little faith was restored to the soldiers in Canucks Army, with an all-around thrashing of the Montreal Canadiens last night. It’s hard to find ANY flaw in last night’s efforts. But I like to nitpick.

Roberto Luongo returned to form. The forwards were clearly running on all cylinders. The defence was largely solid. They were mostly disciplined as they were shorthanded only 4 times. So they did a lot correctly.

I would have been thoroughly impressedif they played a complete 60 minutes, instead of letting up for the first half of the second period. And I would have been thoroughly impressed if they could have been perfect on the penalty kill.

Unfortunately, we don’t get to see what the next game will bring until Sunday, thanks to some dubious scheduling. But in the mean time, I think the parade should go down Robson… turn up Burrard… etc etc.