Undefeated vs. Underwhelming

Lets hope Lou can keep his GAA below 3 tonight.

The Canucks, after two gruesome games last week have come home to raise a banner and hope not to get boo’d off the ice. But have no fear faithful, Coach AV took the time to explain to the Twins what a penalty is and what constitutes a penalty so we should have a better proportion of PP’s to PKs.

 Columbus, coming off of a post-season qualifying year last year. Look to make an even bigger impact on the western side of the standings. Look for them to do just that. R.J. Umberger (oh yeah him), will be set on proving to the Canucks that maybe he was worth that extra 100K (cough.. Burke). Let’s hope that Mitchell and Salo can pick up the slack in their own end and re-bulid their plus/minus-es.

Regardless of how the evening turns out, we have a good team and if we need to fire Vingeault in 10 games so be it. I find it doubtful to think a team of this calibre can go on all year like this.  However, this is Vancouver and they can be more disappointing than Gilbert Brule. 

Returning to a more optimistic topic, I got a feelin’ that tonights gonna be a good good night. I think Hank and Dank will piggy back the team to a win. Maybe if we are lucky Shirokov will prove why he should be on the team. Moreover, Luongo had better prove to Mason why the prospect of Steve starting for team Canada is laughable.