For reals?

Ok, seriously? The fabled cup contending-Canucks have had their asses handed to them two games in a row. It’s time to play the blame game.

  1. Edler, c’mon buddy, it’s time to pick it up. The lack of effort on your behalf is what resulted in an empty netter for Calgary. Tonight you looked shaky and slow lets pick it up.
  2. Salo and Mitchell, you guys were skating like you sharpened your skates with wood blocks before the game. Seriously, for reals? Two big goals you two were on the ice for looking like a pair of Dana Murzyns.
  3. Luongo, not what is expected of a goaltender who is supposed to start for Canada. i know you start slow, but this team can’t have second rate goaltending for 10 games and then outstanding goaltending for 10. We need some more consistency.
  4. Vingeault, seriously I just wish you could keep a set of lines together for more than one game. Bernier on the PP with the twins? Get out of here. Seriously get out of here.
  5. Shirokov, welcome to the big leagues. Time to put out or get out of the back of my car. You have t-minus 25 days til Pavol comes back and busts your ass down to the Moose. Let’s get going.

Our website may have a new look, but I can assure you, the Canucks are as disappointing as ever.