Turns out the NYR have decided to let Nik Zherdev go after a 3.9 Million arbitration award. As a result of New York’s revolving door and cold shoulder, Zherdev is a UFA. I think he would look just dandy in a Canucks Uni.

Nik is 24, a first round pick and a solid 60 point player. He is not the most consistent, but then again neither are the twins on a game to game basis. The Canucks have currently got aprox 4.4 mil left in cap room; This is plenty of room to sign Zherdev. I know that all you nay sayers will be saying no, hes a liablity, he sucks, bla bla bla. You give him the right atmosphere and discipline and we could be talking a 100pt player. Maybe he could even play with the twins.

Hell, if he really is a problem, we can always waive/trade him.