Should They Stay or Should They Go?


There is growing sentiment in Vancouver that, come July 1st, the Canucks will have signed all-star goalie and captain Roberto Luongo to a long-term contract extension and will let Daniel and Henrik Sedin walk away as unrestricted free agents.

All signs are pointing to both being true.

It’s hard to judge yet if Canucks GM Mike Gillis making the right decision to let them walk away. We won’t know unless we know the exact details of the contract demands tabled by the Sedins’ agent. The rumour is that an offer of 12 years/$63m was put to Gillis, which is turned away without a counter-offer.
Gillis has expressed many times how he does not like ultra long-term contracts, so it may be the length of the offer that’s scaring Gillis away. Certainly the cap hit of this contract offer would be digestible and is in the target of what Gillis was looking to offer the Sedins.

Quite the opposite is the case with Luongo. Rumours have been circulating that he has agreed to a long-term extension. However, neither length or value have been reported. If these rumours are true, the details will likely be kept under lock and key for two more days.

So with Luongo likely under contract for the long haul, and the Sedins poised to join another team what will Mike Gillis do?

Dany Heatley – an all-world talent for sure, but he’s due a $4m contract bonus on July 1st. Also, his character has been questioned since he asked for a trade out of Ottawa.

Marion Gaborik – one of the best players in the league when he’s healthy. And that’s the problem – he’s never healthy. Ever.
He’s rumoured to have bought a house in Vancouver, sparking speculation that he’s set to sign here to play alongside his good friend, Pavol Demitra.

Marion Hossa – along with Gaborik, is a good friend with Demitra. He has a high price tag associated with him. And let’s not forget that he’s now played on the losing Stanley Cup finalist in back-to-back years.

There are certainly other options, but these are the three big names who have been linked to a move to Vancouver.

Given those options, I have to say that the Sedins’ proposal, while longer than Gillis prefers, makes the most sense for the Canucks.

Will Gillis get a deal done with Danny and Hank in the 11th hour?
Is Roberto Luongo really staying put for the long term?

We’ll know those answers and many more in about 48 hours.

Go Canucks!

-Cam Davie