PGDB #9 Car… car…. game on…. game on


The Blackhawks are coming into game five as the stronger team….. NOT.Ever since I saw Double Team with Rodman and JCVD I always thought that “offense gets the glory…. but defense wins the game.” Apparently I was misinformed. Look for a more offensively focused team on the ice tonight.

If you Canucks fans can look back.. all the way back to October 5, 2006. Luongo was a fresh Canuck, Trevor Linden on the roster in all his glory. The Canucks had their first game of the season against the Detroit Red Wings.

Big Bert had left the team and all of the Hockey pundits told Canucks fans to expect a short season as this team was not making the playoffs. That same team went on to break the franchise record for points in a season with 105.

The reason why we have gone back, the style of hockey the Canucks were using in the beginning of the year. Vingeualt, Vancouver’s new coach was heralded the trapmaster 3000. However, this style of play was not so much the trap, it was a trap, but with forechecking pressure on the team.

The boys went on to win the first game of the season against the titans of Motown 3-1. Look for this team tonight. The team will still be defensively focused (grumble grumble), however, look for aggressive forechecking with the intent of capitalizing on Blackhawks mistakes.

Ryan Johnson should not have to be judo kicking the puck out of the zone for an offensive opportunity. The Hawks should get ready to see Canucks coming at them hard and fast. This game is big. Going in 2-2, game five is a strong predictor of series success. Look for the strong hand of Gillis to influence Vingeualt’s style of play tonight.

Player updates – Salo is a game-time decision, Bieksa will play. Rumors have been circling that he Sedins are close to re-upping with the Canucks (by circling I mean started by Eklund). Stay tuned.