PGDB #7 – Prepare for a Snoozer


The Canucks are in quite a pickle. This game sets the tone for the rest of the series. The last thing the boys in blue need is a 2-1 deficit going into game four.

Look for Vingeault to drink a tall glass of Lemaire-naid before the game as in Minnesotian fashion the boys in which will be putting you to bed tonight. This game is to risky to blow on exciting crash boom bam hockey. Look for a lot of dump with no chase and pinning the hawks to the boards.

As much as I want a win, I’d rather we go firing on all cylinders tonight. Play Chicago like team Canada plays the Russians. Hit Hit HIT. They are faster, younger and more talented. We need to counteract that talent by Hulk smashing a few players out there.

Taylor Pyatt makes his playoff debut for the 2009 season tonight. Hopefully he will play the way a man of stature should play. Like a giant juggernaut that shows no mercy.

I swear to god I want the Hawks to look like Kyle Wellwood did post game 1. It’s time to bring the pain boys.

Salo and Demitra look to be out so there goes all of our glassware for the evening. Pyatt should take Demitra’s spot and Ossi V should be the 6th d-man tonight.