Canucks Fans Back in Familiar Territory


Seems like things are back to the status quo. Things were getting a little too quiet, when the Canucks went eight in a row. Last night, well, the last time I saw men get dominated that much by young boys was when I last watched 3 Ninjas.

At least the Canucks have played a full 60 minutes. It’s a shame that it was across two games. Two periods in game one and one period in game two.

Sundin was a slug, I’m sorry Mats but I’m dropping a truth bomb on you. Get off your ass, you look like a bigger waste of money than the war in Iraq right now.

The 6-3 embarrassment the Canucks faced on home ice will at least humble the certainly over-confident bunch. Personally, this loss is welcomed. The longer a team goes winning, the longer a team goes without improving. The Hawks gave the gift of humility to the Canucks tonight and taught them that they are not invincible.

If the Canucks had taken my advice and hit the Hawks, this game never would have gotten out of hand. This are young inexperienced players that when intimidated are not effective. Maybe when they made it 3-2 someone should have dropped the gloves to get the team fired up. Hell, someone should have sent a message that the series is not going to be that easy (preferably someone who can sit out next game).

As the bandwagon quickly empties in the city of Vancouver, most rational minds will remember that It’s one loss. The Canucks lost one game. Reasonable minds could conclude that this playoff run was not going 16-0.

The Canucks were too cocky going into game two. They started strong and confident. When Sharp scored they found themselves in quicksand. The more they tried the worse off it got. The best thing they could do was sit back and slowly sink into their loss.

Lets hope to see the Canucks us beloved fans are not accustomed to in game three.

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