The Vancouver Canucks are up 3-0… you’re serious?


Whoa whoa whoa…. who are these guys? The Canucks have transformed from a team that likes to choke, to a team that likes to win. For long time Canuck fans, this is dumbfounding. When do the Sedin’s ever dominate in the post-season? The answer is NEVER; well at least it was. Daniel Sedin is tied for second in playoff scoring with 5 points. and Henrik Sedin is tied for third with 4 points (So is Salo!). In three games, Daniel and Henrik have tied their entire point totals for two rounds in 2006/07. However, we are playing a team that is hot and not necessarily stacked with defensive talent. We’ll see how dominant these Sedins are when they face the likes of Niedermayer and Pronger.  Maybe they have been cured of their inability to perform when at matters (also know as a case of the Nazzys)

Will the Canucks finish this off in St. Loius? As much as the Blues fans have conceded. The team is probably reluctant to give up. The Blues play their best when in desperation, and the Canucks tend to play their worst when they feel they are not facing an adequate adversary. This is where Vingeault has to keep the team focused. As nice as it would be to sweep the series, I would not be to keen on giving the boys a week off. Especially with giving Luongo a week off. The more he plays the better he plays.

Everyone is talking about the Canucks special teams today. 3 powerplay goals is good, shutting the Blues down on their powerplay is fantastic. Ryan Johnson made Scott Mellanby look like a Genius tonight. I haven’t seen penalty killing of this calibre since Trevor last killed penalties for us. Our special teams were next to perfect last night. Frankly the boys were perfect.

Whats up with Big Bear Poppa Mats? Sundin, as a last minute scratch, did not play in game 3.  Fortunately, the Canucks, who were short 240 pounds of swede, compensated with unprecedented post season dominance. There is no report as to the severity of Sundin’s injury and we can only hope that he will play in game 4. (reported that Sundin will most likely not play)

Will Kariya dress for game 4? It all depends on whether this organization has given up. Kariya is healthy enough to practice with the team. That is all we know. I have a feeling that you may see a #9 on the ice tomorrow night and no I’m not talking about Taylor Pyatt. (reported that Kariya will not dress)

In a completely unrelated note, The Vancouver Giants won last night in the closing seconds of OT to tie up their series with the Kelowna Rockets 1-1. Two Vancouver wins in one night!

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