Where Are The Critics Of Jim Benning’s Off-Season Moves Now?


VANCOUVER – The online statistical geniuses, who make their hockey assessments via charts and graphs, all but murdered Jim Benning when he traded for Eric Gudbranson.

They screamed in unison: The Gudbranson deal made no sense. Because the Canucks had a Grade A prospect in Jared McCann up the middle. He had the numbers to prove it. They yelled that Benning doesn’t know what he’s doing and that tone continued throughout the summer after the Granlund extension, the buyout of Chris Higgins, the signings of Loui Eriksson and Jack Skille and the awkward tampering charges over P.K Subban and Milan Lucic.
Benning was hired two years ago to turn the Canucks around quickly and just about the first thing he did was try to acquire a tough defenseman that would strike fear into opposing forwards. He tried often. Benning thought he had it done that first summer when he traded for Sbisa and again last March when he brought over Tryamkin, but each time circumstances prevented it from happening.
The Gudbranson acquisition eventually got done in May — and while many disagree with me, I say on the cheap. What Gudbranson has displayed in the early season borders on the remarkable. His style — calm, in control, square to the opposition skaters — makes him look capable of being one of the truly great defensemen in the game and all the Corsi percentage shouters have been silenced.
The Tyler Seguin trade in Boston used to be Benning’s signature deal. It’s entirely possible the Gudbranson deal will surpass that piece of hockey thievery.

  • RuxinsVinegarStrokes

    Guddy seems like a bit of a pilon to me. A guy you want on your team because of his toughness but not for the 5 to 6 mill he is rumored to want. You need to put up points for that kind of money. Otherwise you better be the best damn defensive dman in the league.

    As far as Benning…. I like having an old school hockey guy. He has an obvious eye for talent and I’m behind most of his moves. But is EG wants 5+ we are screwed.

  • TheRealPB

    Well said. McCann is currently centering the first line in Florida and the Canucks started off 0-4. It’s also true that Jim Benning was the GM in Boston when they traded Sequin. I’ve also heard that he was the GM in Edmonton when they traded Hall.

    • Bud Poile

      Kes put the gun to Benning’s head.

      Sbisa,Guddy,Sutter and Dorsett in eventual return is excellent value.

      The return for McCann (given his play thus far) and the Granlund trade allows us some insight to view Benning as the Stanley Cup builder & winner that he is.

      Nice comeback,TheRealPB !

  • North Van Halen

    Not sure I’ve ever read a writer that beats a horse after the carcass has rotted and the vultures have gone home quite like you but…

    How about giving things time to breathe before claiming to know the outcome once in a while. Sbisa starting last year has gotten better, not 3.6mil better but better. Sutter looks better with more favourable deployment & Granlund looks better on the wing with quality linemates.

    Kids, no patience and no perspective.

  • defenceman factory

    Wait. What (reads article again). I think Petbugs just said maybe Benning did something right.

    No accountability for being one of the Benning lynch mob but a positive step none the less.

  • Me

    “Where are the critics of Benning’s off-season moves now?”

    Apparently still blogging here under names like “Graphic Comments” because they’re too afraid to use their real names.

  • Dirty30

    I’ve been sitting here waiting for the rest of the article to load and then realized this was it.

    Gudbranson isn’t Sbisa terrible and neither is Sbisa this season.

    Do I get paid for this scintillating contribution?

    I’ll accept bling or beer … I’d be ashamed to accept cash for something like this.

  • Canuck4Life20

    Gudbranson was plus 13 in 5-on-5 shot differential after the first three games. Where were you then? Just waiting for a bad game to pile on I suppose.

  • Vanoxy

    I love the amount of hate Petbugs takes in the comments section.

    Graphic Comments is the Cult Classic of the Hockey Blogosphere.

    His posts are like Arrested Development, which was cancelled after 2 1/2 seasons, while the pom-pom crowd of bloggers are like laugh track driven sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory, which has been running 10 years and wins Grammies while catering to the lowest common denominator.

    Keep it up P.B. Don’t ever dumb it down….

    I’ve never considered myself a hipster, but I was down with Graphic Comments before it was cool… and judging by recent comments, I’m WAY ahead of the curve.

    • Bud Poile

      I don’t hate Petbugs but he has to up his game.
      His continual degradation of Benning insults the intelligence of everyone here but you.

      I find that rather telling.

      Florida is much warmer and the fans are suffering from sunburns and dehydration.You would like it there.

      • Vanoxy

        Instead of feeling insulted by these posts, people just need to relax and get in on the joke.

        Petbugs is intentionally irreverent and sarcastic. It’s good natured trolling. Nothing for people to get mad about.

        I read hockey blogs to be entertained. There’s really nothing anyone can write that is going to get a rise out of me. We’re here talking about a GAME at the end of the day, and even though I’m a passionate fan, this is all about entertainment.

        If people would just reach back and pull the foliage out of their rectums, they might see things differently.

        BTW, 5-0 tonight… GCG

        • Vintage

          Except that a lot of the time what Petbugs writes is lazy and not particularly funny. Why participate in a roundtable discussion if all you are going to contribute is “Jarred McCann”, no matter what the question is?

          Sure, this post was cleverly sarcastic, but we’ve heard the same thing at least a hundred times. It’s like reading the same Penthouse Forum letter every day, it gets stale…

    • BuffaloBillsOfHockey

      Man, you and me should grab a beer sometime…we might be the last ones reading this site not wearing the rose-tinted glasses, drinking the Kool-Aid and complaining about how all the facts of the shoddy state the team is in are being reported and how it’s “triggering” them and they now demand “trigger warnings” at the top of each CA article.

      And to all the fanboi homers reading this who read and trashed Vanoxy’s comments: figure it out. How many of you have verbally abused Petbugs/Graphic Comments in the comments sections of his/her articles? Like, were massive jerks? Tons.

      While you were busy demanding positivity and being over-the-top fanbois, you probably didn’t notice CA Managing Editor J.D. Burke post an article just under eight and a half hours before this one. Read it. Then re-read this article. Notice how sarcastic and cutting it is? It’s downright sardonic. It’s also short and light on stats. Now put it all together. Can’t? OK. I’d like to solve the puzzle Pat and Vanna: J.D. posts an article under nine hours before this one stating that abuse toward their writers from homers wearing rose tinted glasses complaining about how much they hate this site and its writers (important, so remember this part) and only wanting to read positive things that don’t “trigger” them so they can remain in their “safe space” won’t be tolerated anymore and abusive posters will be banned with no further questions asked (this is also key so remember it as well). Just under eight and a half hours later Petbugs/Graphic comments posts one of his/her shortest articles ever and probably his/her most sarcastic, sardonic and negative to date. Why would he/she do that?

      This is Canucks Army, cadets! Grab a brain off the rack and get analytical! The answer is, Petbugs/Graphic Comments is baiting the verbally abusive homers that viciously were going after him/her before. He/she posted this to draw your ire to get you to post a comment that will get you permanently banned from this site. This is the goal. This is his/her Independence Day. Revenge is a dish best served cold and the truly intelligent know how to prepare and plate it well.

      I applaud Petbugs/Graphic Comments for his/her intelligent, calculated and strategic move and await the next article eagerly. Sorry for ousting the play, but it was time to let the homers and milts know what time it was because they just. don’t. get. it. Maybe now they’ll respect the CA staff a little more, with any luck. Long live.

        • BuffaloBillsOfHockey

          Happily! Calm down fanboi homers: this article is bait to get you banned based on the article J.D. posted less than eight and a half hour before this one. And pheenster likely is from L.A. as he thinks he is too important to read more than two paragraphs or for one minute, whichever occurs first. And the last sentence is a dig just for fun.

          • Rolland

            One would have to pen something absolutely hateful and socially unacceptable to be banned from CA. Its all about site hits, readers were probably leaving because of the trolling so they needed to rectify the situation, hence the registered accounts only. I don’t buy your conspiracy but I do buy the negativity draws comments theory.

  • Syd

    Our teams 4-0…

    It’s odd reading an article like this at this time; almost seems like the author has an agenda.

    I know it’s only CA, but shouldn’t the writer actually at least pretend to have some impartiality?

  • crofton

    I think 90% of the posters here missed what petbugs was writing, which is IN SUPPORT of JB. Unless he was being sarcastic, but I don’t think he is clever enough to do that good a job of it. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read this blog….someone in CA actually supporting management.

    • Dirty30

      Best Grapics and commentary this season!

      Your nihilistic black hole demonstrates the liminal space between ontological reality and the existential deconstruction of postmodern discourse centred on the displaced author in graphic interpretation of statistical pornography as a cultural norm in hockey.