WWYDW: Mulligan

J.D. Burke
July 27 2016 09:00AM


It's Presidents Week on TSN 1040 AM, which to the best of my knowledge is a week featuring extensive interviews with the Presidents of each Canadian market team in the NHL. Yesterday was the Vancouver Canucks day, which means that Trevor Linden sat in on the show.

Our very own Vanessa Jang did a fantastic job transcribing and providing analysis on that radio hit. Given the time frame, Linden had the opportunity to talk about any number of topics. They ranged from the Evander Kane rumours all the way to trades they've already completed and beyond. This nugget in particular about the deals they've already made sticks out...

I'd change nearly all of them, but I can hardly fault Linden for standing by his management teams decisions. Now, assuming you were in Linden's shoes and had the ability or desire to change any of these contentious trades, which one(s) stick out to you and what would you have done differently?

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Trevor Linden speaks: on Burrows, Virtanen, Character and the club's goals for the 2016-17 season

Vanessa Jang
July 26 2016 04:21PM

Hockey talk in the middle of July can be bland, speculative, and argumentative. Obviously the off-season is uneventful, with the exception of a few trades here and there. In the eyes of those whose work focuses on hockey though, any hockey talk is better than no hockey talk. 

During this time of the year, the topics that emerge are meant to generate discussions, they're not necessarily ideas that are being pursued by management. Earlier today, Vancouver's hockey fans were given a reprieve from the dog days of summer as Canucks President Trevor Linden gave a two hour 'tell-all' on TSN 1040 as part of their President's Week coverage.

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Being good on the ice shouldn't supplant your wrongdoings off of it

Jeff Veillette
July 25 2016 07:45PM

Photo Credit: Kevin Hoffman/USA TODAY SPORTS

From the looks of it, Evander Kane is going to hit the trade market for the second time in less than two years. Not many were surprised to see him head from Winnipeg to Buffalo during the 2014/15 season, and many came to his defence. Most of his issues, after all, had been with the team, and a civil suit placed in his direction for an incident in Vancouver was brushed off when Kane retorted that his thrown street punches were in self-defence.

Fast forward, and we're back to where we started, except worse. This time, the Buffalo Sabres want off of this wild ride, and it's due to a string of off-ice incidents. You don't need me to re-paint the picture for you here; Canucks Army managing editor JD Burke did an excellent job detailing the list of accusations placed upon Kane, and why he has reservations about bringing in a player with this much and this type of smoke surrounding their personal life.

Vancouver Province writer Ben Kuzma, on the other hand, feels differently. He thinks the Canucks should go after the local youngster. Which, of course, is his opinion, which he's welcome to have. But the delivery is almost as problematic as the player he's defending.

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Canucks Army Monday Mailbag: July 25th

J.D. Burke
July 25 2016 11:00AM


Well, another week's gone by, which means we're another week closer to the beginning of the season. Don't get me wrong, I'm kind of enjoying the lull in the news and an opportunity to have a life again. It's been kind of neat. All the same, I'm getting closer and closer to the point where I might be missing Canucks hockey. 

Honestly, I'd settle for the Canucks giving us something new to discuss. That big trade they've been talking about would be nice. Or perhaps a free agent signing, even. I could live with that.

For now, though, we're just left discussing much of the same old stuff. Luckily there are so many layers to any one player/transaction/move that we can keep on talking about it into July and August. Well, in that case, let's get to it.

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3 Wingers the Canucks Should Consider Trading For

J.D. Burke
July 25 2016 09:00AM

Though the Canucks have been among the league's most active teams this off-season, the daunting reality is that they likely haven't done enough. For all their bluster, next year's team likely isn't good enough to make it to the dance.

That's why Canucks general manager Jim Benning is exploring the trade market for a quality winger to better their chances. He's not exactly been shy about it, either. The always candid (often, too candid) executive revealed to The Province that he's looking to add a winger with size and a scoring pedigree to shore up their offence.

Given the logjam on each wing and the question marks therein, that's not really a bad plan. Of course, that depends almost entirely on the player they trade for and what they surrender for their services. I've a few ideas in mind, though, so let's take a look at players the Canucks should consider. 

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