Narratives are like buses: there'll be another one along in any minute

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May 27 2015 01:00PM


There's no time like the NHL playoffs to help you realize just how prevalent the reliance on narratives really is.

Unlike the regular season, when what passes for analysis can quickly be forgotten by the time the next opponent rolls into town, in the playoffs, those lazy narratives are put to the test the very next game. And when put under the spotlight like that, they usually fail miserably.

Luckily for everyone involved, narratives are like buses. There'll be another one along any minute.

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Rebuilding on the Fly - Part 6 - Epilogue

money puck
May 27 2015 11:00AM

Welcome to the final installment of my Rebuilding on the Fly series, where I've examined how the Vancouver Canucks could balance their short-term goals of being a successful team in the near future with their long-term ones of acquiring enough talent to compete for a Stanley Cup some time down the road.

I've argued that the Canucks need to be aggressive and proactive to be successful in their plan. They need to move veteran players immediately while they still have value and receive draft picks in return. They need to fill in vacant roster spaces with shrewd free agent signings. And finally, they need to identify talented young prospects that can form the core of a contending team in the future.

For some parting thoughts on this plan heading in to the most critical month of the offseason, join me after the jump.

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Draft Analytics: Unveiling the Prospect Cohort Success Model

Josh W
May 26 2015 11:00AM

Prospects and amateur scouting are a new frontier within hockey analytics. Numbers can highlight some large market inefficiencies exploitable by teams if and when they start to advance their knowledge in this niche.  The numbers on prospects, especially when combined with knowledge of scouts, can tell you a lot more than the some of the largest mainstream scouting outlets.

In Money Puck's recent series of posts, he has touched on a proposed "re-tooling on the fly" method to help the Canucks sell off veterans for picks, pick up free agents to replace them, and then use those picks on prospects who could in turn help the Canucks in the future.  

You might have noticed him talking about PCS, or "Prospect Cohort Success." In this post, we will look more into what this technique is for analyzing prospects.

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Pending UFA Cody Franson intrigued by the possibility of joining the Canucks

Thomas Drance
May 25 2015 01:19PM

Photo Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel/USA TODAY Sports

British Columbian hockey fans get very attached to NHL players from Canada's westernmost Province, and take particular pride in the Province's habit of churning out the best defenseman in the country.

Vancouver hockey fans, meanwhile, have a particular attachment to former Vancouver Giants players. From Evander Kane, to Milan Lucic, to Brendan Gallagher, to Lance Bouma - every time the Vancouver Canucks miss out on landing a former Giant, the rallying cry of 'moar giants!" can be hearding echoing from the mountain tops all along the sea-to-sky highway.

In pending unrestricted free agent Cody Franson, you have the perfect storm. The 27-year-old right handed defenseman hails from the interior and played his junior hockey with the Giants. He excels on the power play and he could be had in free agency. The Canucks have a mild cap crunch situation on their hands though, and a glut of blue-line assets that would presumably serve to make acquiring Franson prohibitive. On the other hand, he seems to be interested in coming home, for whatever that's worth. 

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Jim Benning wants to build a deeper blue-line group that's better in transition

Thomas Drance
May 25 2015 11:27AM

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher/USA TODAY Sports

In his first year as the general manager of the Vancouver Canucks, Jim Benning learned a crucial lesson about the importance of defensive depth in the Western Conference. 

"We’ll start with eight defencemen, but we want to have 11 D capable of playing in the NHL," Benning told Jim Jamieson of the Vancouver Province. "That’s something I learned this year from being in the West. The travel wears the team down a bit and it seems to take a toll on your defence."

It's an interesting statement, and for a variety of reasons. Let's unpack this on the other side of the jump.

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