First Star, Worst Star: January 25th, 2015

January 25 2015 02:08PM


First Star. Worst Star. All-Star. All-Star Weekend. It's the All-Star Weekend Edition of First Star, Worst Star! 

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Nation World HQ
January 24 2015 07:29AM


As you know, our friends at The Royal Half have created a weekly segment known as the Pacific War Room… It's a wrap-up of the past week in the Pacific from some of the best and brightest bloggers who cover the Pacific Division teams. Well, the writers have spent another week smashing their faces on their keyboards in the hopes that something would come out, and here we are.  Ladies and gentlemen, we present the Pacific War Room.

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Comets Militia: Down on the Farm – January 23rd, 2015

Josh W
January 23 2015 09:30AM



Welcome back to the weekly Utica Comets report, where we cover all of the latest activities of the Vancouver Canucks farm team the Utica Comets.  The Comets have had a lighter week with only two games on the schedule, and were only able to return to the Aud with a total of 1 of 4 points.  With both the NHL All-Star break and the AHL All-Star break soon beginning, the Comets look to have a short rest while Jacob Markstrom, Cal O'Reilly and Bobby Sanguinetti are in the AHL All-Star starting line up.

Read past the jump for all of your Utica Comets stats and information.

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The Roundup

Nation World HQ
January 23 2015 07:30AM


The loser point, Leafs piling up losses, David Clarkson, Flames buying or selling, Jeff Petry, an Oilers cartoon, skill players fighting and more in this week's Roundup.

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11 Reasons Why Your Favourite Team Should Draft Lawson Crouse

Josh W
January 22 2015 04:00PM

We know that most NHL teams aren't going to have a chance to win the Stanley Cup this year; 22 will either be eliminated in the first round, or not make the playoffs at all.  This means that your favourite hockey team is most likely going to have a 1st round draft pick in the top-20 picks.  

With that being said, unlike both MoneyPuck and Rhys on this blog, I do not have a negative view of life and I have identified the perfect pick for not only the Canucks, but for any other of your favourite teams: Lawson Crouse.  Crouse is the ideal meat and potatoes type of player than every NHL team desperately needs for the future success of their franchise and with a little luck and those statsmilts getting their way, he could slip far enough in the draft for your favourite team to grab him!

Here are 11 reasons why your favourite hockey team should draft Lawson Crouse over any other of those short, soft Euros and French Canadians available. Read past the jump!

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