CanucksArmy Prospect Profile 2015: #4 Brock Boeser

money puck
September 01 2015 09:55AM


There were a number of off the board selections in the first round, of the 2015 draft, but Brock Boeser at 23 wasn't one of them. 

Rhys did a nice overview on Boeser following the selection, and as we can see in the scouting profiles, he's a dynamic offensive threat with high-end scoring potential that needs to work on his skating and defensive game. At 23rd overall, Brock Boeser was picked right about were he was expected to go in terms of both PCS of 33% (roughly 25 - 35 range), and consensus experts (mid-20s).

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J.D. Burke
August 31 2015 08:14PM


Acquired in an off-season trade with the Buffalo Sabres, Alexander Mogilny joined the Vancouver Canucks as they were exiting their competitive window in the mid-nineties. The Russian stud made an immediate impact, leading the Canucks in goals (55), assists (52) and subsequently, points with 107. 

Joining the Canucks just as Pavel Bure's health was beginning to fail, Mogilny went a long way in buoying the dwindling Russian quotient on the Canucks. Mogilny also happened to provide the Canucks with some highly productive seasons, which went relatively unnoticed, given the state of the franchise as it entered some very bleak years in the late-nineties.

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Vancouver Canucks Release Prospect Tournament Roster

J.D. Burke
August 31 2015 05:37PM

The Vancouver Canucks have released their roster for the 2015 Young Stars tournament in Penticton, ending months of nail-biting anticipation for some pf your least favourite bloggers! There's a couple of familiar faces, along with some less-than-familiar ones to boot.

Catch you on the other side of jump, to break it all down.

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Monday Mailbag: Two down, one to go

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
August 31 2015 02:13PM


Today is the last day in August. Not that I have anything against the summer, but you can't help but be stoked to have this month behind you. It leaves us with just one more month in the offseason; one full of training camps, preseason games, and all the banter that comes with them. After that, it's time for hockey! 

Especially in a year where Vancouver has been stupid hot, and with the exception of this weekend, stupid dry, I'm more than okay with moving on from the summer. While we continue to wait, however, lets look at a few of the questions that stumbled into the CA Mailbag this week:

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J.D. Burke
August 31 2015 11:00AM


Things have come full circle for Hunter Shinkaruk, at least as far as the prospect profiles are concerned. The talented winger was fifth in our organizational prospect rankings in his first year with the Vancouver Canucks and has since returned to the exact same place where he started, only now he's in his third year with the organization.

Selected 24th overall in the 2013 NHL Entry Draft, the Canucks were all too eager to end this highly productive junior's slide. Given that many expected Shinkaruk's name to be off the board by the tenth selection, this pick fit the profile of fallen stars selected in the first round from the latter years of the Mike Gillis regime. 

Shinkaruk checks in at fifth in our annual prospect rankings. 

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