Utica Week In Review: December 1st

Jeremy Davis
December 01 2015 07:44PM

Comets Game 17

Photo credit: Lindsay A. Mogle / Utica Comets

After a relatively lackluster beginning to the 2015-16 season, the Comets have suddenly caught fire. They've won four straight games, and on top of that they've scored 20 times during that winning streak. The offense has caught fire, and the goaltending has clamped down. All is well in Utica.

The one caveat as far as Vancouver fans go is that it's been mostly the Comets supporting cast that have been putting up numbers, rather than Canucks prospects. Whereas last week the list of top five point getters on the team was populated entirely by prospects, things have gotten considerably more crowded after a couple of point nights on Wednesday and Saturday.

Let's go over last week's games and see who stood out and who's faded away.

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December 01 2015 12:54PM

The stay at the Hilton Checkers in downtown LA won't be as cozy when you lose the way the Canucks did last night. The Canucks need to find out if they'll be able to compete in the last 3/4 of the season without looking like they've mailed it in nightly. Thankfully, the Kings do bring some good out of the Canucks so, despite the tire fire we witnessed less than 24 hrs ago, there is a chance for minor redemption. Let's start there: those moral victories again.

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Canucks recall Biega, leaving concern for Tanev

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
December 01 2015 11:03AM

The Vancouver Canucks have announced the recall of Alex Biega from the Utica Comets, continuing the team's seemingly eternal cycle of injury fill-in assignments on the point. The recalling of the 25-year-old is likely connected to Chris Tanev's suspected injury.

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Why the Canucks should send Virtanen (health permitting), but not McCann to the World Junior Championship

Thomas Drance
December 01 2015 10:46AM

Photo Courtesy: Hockey Canada

On Tuesday morning Team Canada's U20 men's ice hockey team invited 30 players to the 'selection camp' for the upcoming World Junior Championship. For the first time in a while, there were no Canucks prospects on the invite list.

Canucks teenagers Jared McCann and Jake Virtanen would've been slam dunk invitees if they were playing in major junior though. They're NHL players now so they won't take part in the selection camp, though that doesn't necessarily mean that McCann and Virtanen won't represent Team Canada at the 2016 tournament in Finland later this month.

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Canucks bullied, beaten, blown out in Orange County

Thomas Drance
November 30 2015 10:41PM

Photo Credit: Jake Roth/USA TODAY Sports

If you want to find some positive takeaways from Monday night's 4-0 Vancouver Canucks loss to the Anaheim Ducks, well, I hope you have a jumbo-sized magnifying glass.

The Canucks were flat, they were pushed around and didn't push back, a variety of their best players were hurt or injured, their special teams were a non-factor and the goaltending was bad. It was easily the club's worst performance of the season.

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