Canucks Army Postgame: A Minor Setback

J.D. Burke
September 29 2014 11:23PM

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Radim Vrbata scored once in the first game against his former team, but it wasn't enough to beat the 'Yotes.

A collision between two pre-season powerhouses took place on Monday evening, when the Phoenix Arizona Coyotes came to town to take on the Vancouver Canucks. Aside from a newly appropriated franchise name, the Coyotes brought with them the full compliment of Canuck-killers in tow and their exciting lamentable brand of hockey to Rogers Arena.

The combination of boredom and team success can make for a tolerable game in Vancouver. When left ticking off the first box and not the second, though, you generally have a loss to the Nashville Predators or Arizona Coyotes. Tonight's game was heavy on the first order and lacking on the second. You do the math.

That's not to say that even a game as lacking in excitement as this one wasn't worth the price of admission. From injuries to the Canucks sole remaining defensive prospect, to the offensive pressure of the three offensive ones crammed into a single line... this game wasn't lacking in developments.

All of which I'll try to get to, on the other side of the jump.

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Why Nicklas Jensen should be in the Canucks' opening night lineup

J.D. Burke
September 29 2014 02:29PM

It's not difficult to see why this city is so excited about their team's prospects of late. The core of this team just ain't what it used to be, and the mantra around town is "Change is Coming"The most noticeable difference between the franchise now and last season would be the burgeoning cupboard of prospects the Canucks can now call their own; it's amazing how significantly consecutive seasons with two selections in the first-round (including two top-10 picks) can change the complexion of an organization's system. 

Fans see it, they like it and they want it sooner, rather than later. The external pressure alone - coupled with declining ticket sales - could prove a daunting duo of factors that might sway the Canucks in their decisions regarding these prospects. Internally, they are faced with an equally challenging set of circumstances surrounding these decisions.

If that wasn't enough, the youth of this team has done their best to try and force themselves into a spot with impressive point totals so far in the pre-season. These are new wrinkles to the plot that have surely given Jim Benning reason for pause when filling in his opening night roster with a ballpoint pen. Stick with lead, not ink, for now Mr. Benning. 

We'll find out just how NHL ready some of these prospects are and get a better idea of how well they've played this pre-season on the other side of the jump.

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September 29 2014 12:06PM

Ah it’s been quite a week. First we got to announce Jeanshorts is joining the Nation Network full time to head up our new video department. Then last Thursday we told you that The Royal Half has joined the Nation Network as our first American team site.

And now today the grand daddy of them all: we have purchased the immensely popular, making it the 9th site in the Nation Network.

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Would The Last Blogger To Leave The Basement, Please Turn Off The Server

Graphic Comments
September 29 2014 08:48AM


It's kind of hard to tell around here, because he keeps posting more articles than anybody else, but Canucks Army overlord, Dimitri Filipovic, has gone dark on Twitter. No new tweets since August 19, which, if you follow @DimFilipovic on Twitter, is unheard of...

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2014-15 Fantasy Hockey Draft Kit

Nation World HQ
September 28 2014 01:21PM


Ladies and Gentlemen, here is Fantasy Hockey’s most detailed and helpful FREE fantasy hockey draft kit. With 300 player / goalie projections and analysis and a team-by-team season preview and breakdown, the 2014-15  DailyFaceoff Draft Kit is the only tool you will need to be successful on draft day.

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