Babych Please - Feb 26th

Grainne Downey
February 26 2015 04:34PM


Zack Kassian is hot enough right now that he probably needs only a light cardigan to brave the Buffalo streets but he probably shouldn't do that because if he violates the dress code and Willie D scratches him, there will be no wild goal celebrations and I will have nothing to write about.

  • I'm banking on at least one Canucks channelling their inner Guy-Falling-For-9-Seconds this week. Based on current shooting percentage and the general wildness of this style of play, my money's on Kassian.



  • If you need a reason to like Jacob Markstrom, here is a reminder that he is the voice of Canucks nation: 

  • If you need more convincing, don't forget the time he sat and played with dolls of Carey Price and Martin Brodeur:

Quick reflexes too:



  • The most underrated part of Zack Kassian's celebration in Boston is Henrik Sedin arriving, looking more entertained by Zack's reaction than by the goal itself. Fatherly vibes, always.

tumblr_nkbbnggTrF1s5n077o1_250  tumblr_nkbbnggTrF1s5n077o2_250-1


The Swedes love this guy



Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 1.41.55 AM

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 1.43.06 AM

Courtesy: Sportsnet

  • Considering Henrik's attire, these photos probably weren't taken at the same time, but how cool would it be if they were so identical that every movement was synchronized?




  • Jake Virtanen takes the name Hitmen super seriously and pretty much just murders people on the ice. Here's his latest and greatest:

  • Since it's Thursday, let's conclude with a couple of #TBTs, first featuring Markus Naslund and Canucks draft pick Cole Cassels. 



Cassels' prospect profile brings back so many memories from the Andrew Cassels era.

  • And another throwback with the Canucks of the week back in their Chicago Wolves days. 


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The Injury Bug: What's the latest on the health of Miller, Edler, Tanev, Richardson and Burrows?

Thomas Drance
February 26 2015 03:20PM


The Vancouver walking wounded Canucks have seen their crop of roster players afflicted by bad injury luck of late. The injury bug can be a Brad Marchand-level pest.

After benefitting from a relatively charmed, injury-free existence early in the year, the Canucks have lost a handful of key top-of-the-roster contributors to a smattering of injuries in recent weeks. The list of players in the infirmary now includes a top-line winger, the Canucks' entire first pair, their starting goaltender, and their most important penalty-killing forward.

How far away are those players from returning to the lineup? Read past the jump!

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Canucks Army GDT #61 - Canucks @ Sabres

That's Offside!
February 26 2015 01:13PM

The Vancouver Canucks will look to close out an already successful five-game Eastern Conference road swing on Thursday night against the Buffalo Sabres, a historically bad team. 

Read past the jump for your game prep!

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Jim Benning on goalies: 'It's important to have good goaltenders coming through your system'

Thomas Drance
February 26 2015 12:30PM

Vancouver is called goalieville for a reason.

Long a goaltender graveyard, the Vancouver Canucks enjoyed the luxury of leaning on elite goaltending for a decade during the Roberto Luongo era. During the short-lived Cory Schneider era too. It didn't end well, as we all well know, but the on-ice results were sparkling. 

From 2007 through 2014 the Canucks enjoyed the third highest 5-on-5 save percentage in the league, behind only the Boston Bruins and the Dave Tippett and Sean Burke Phoenix Coyotes. For our purposes, Boston is the relevant team to note, since that's where Canucks general manager Jim Benning cut his teeth as a front office executive. 

Perhaps we haven't paid enough attention in the first nine months or so of Benning's tenure to the emphasis Vancouver's rookie general manager seems to place on quality goaltending. Read past the jump for more.

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What Would You Do Thursday: Navigate the Trade Deadline

That's Offside!
February 26 2015 11:00AM

It's time again for a mid-week favourite: What Would You Do, where we put you in charge of the Vancouver Canucks and ask you to figure out how to solve a problem facing the team in the comments section. This week though, we're giving you total control of the hypothetical Canucks and asking you to be Jim Benning on NHL trade deadline day.

So what would you do on Monday? Read past the jump to join the discussion!

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