Reasonable Expectations: Jake Virtanen and Jared McCann

J.D. Burke
October 07 2015 12:00PM

Photo Credit: Bob Frid/USA TODAY Sports

The Canucks are going all-in on youth this season, so for the time being anyways, Jared McCann, Jake Virtanen and Ben Hutton are all active members of the 23-man roster.

For the select few who followed Hutton's collegiate career, this isn't an overly surprising development where he's concerned. Frankly, Virtanen's sticking wasn't overly shocking either - management admitted pencilling him in earlier this summer. The McCann development certainly surprised though, despite there being a strong argument that he's considerably further along in his development than Virtanen. 

Given that Hutton is 22-years old, it's not extraordinary by any means that he's starting his season in the NHL. With two young 19-year olds with a low-end first round pedigree, there's considerably more intrigue.

Let's see what history tells us about their chances to be successful, on the other side of the jump.

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Canucks' Markstrom sustains lower-body injury; 3rd-stringer Bachman to backup Miller in opener

Thomas Drance
October 07 2015 11:26AM

Photo Credit: Bob Frid/USA TODAY Sports

Vancouver Canucks goaltender Jacob Markstrom was stellar for the Utica Comets in the Calder Cup playoffs, and brought some of that momentum into training camp and the preseason, where he looked in-control and nigh unbeatable in extended stretches. 

That momentum appears to have come to a crashing halt as a result of a lower-body injury, reportedly sustained at practice. There's no timeline at the moment, but the injury will prevent Markstrom from backing up Canucks starter Ryan Miller in Wednesday night's opener.

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WWYDW: Showing Your Support

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
October 07 2015 10:00AM

So our last WWYDW appears to have been a swing and a miss. We played FMK with roster spots, deciding which of Ben Hutton, Jake Virtanen, and Jared McCann would get Full-Time Status, sent down to Mature, or get a temporary "Kloser Look".

Only one designation for each person. I guess somebody up top reads the site, because the real-world response was "wouldn't it be funny if we just went FFF?". At least, that's what it looks like for now. We'll see where we're at in nine games.

To make up for this, let's go with a lighthearted, softball question, which nobody can answer incorrectly.

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Projecting the 2015/16 Canucks Season

Dimitri Filipovic
October 06 2015 04:19PM

With the new season set to begin, it seems like everyone and their grandmother is partaking in the annual ritual of letting their predictions for player performance, team success, and the like be publicly known. Justifiably so, because it can serve as a fun exercise not only for bragging rights in the future but also as a learning tool. 

While the immense amount of variance and circumstance in hockey doesn't lend itself all that well to cobbling together an infallible projection system, there's still a seat at the table for statistical projection systems. Even if they just purely serve as a conversation starter or starting point of sorts. At the very least they can help remove confounding variables such as personal biases, even if they do admittedly have difficulty accounting for things like usage and changes in circumstances on an individual level.

One of these is Tom Awad's "VUKOTA Projection System", which essentially compares current NHL players to those from the past (dating back to 1967) with similar profiles in an attempt to predict their output for the coming season. 

The fine folks over at Hockey Prospectus have provided me with the aforementioned projections which can be found in the latest installment of their well-renowned book, previewing the upcoming season in extensive detail. While there's generally a plethora of worthwhile nuggets in there spanning the entire league, for our purposes here we'll focus on the projections for the 2015-16 Canucks. 

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@CanucksMOTB: How you can join CanucksArmy in supporting

Thomas Drance
October 06 2015 01:47PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 2.32.28 PM

We at Canucks Army love hockey, and we love our community - both our on-line community, and our local community in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. 

In addition to our love of the sport, and of watching it played at the highest level by Vancouver-based professional athletes, we're passionate about mental health issues. We come by this passion honestly, based both on our experience as hockey fans, as Canucks fans, and our experience in life.

Tomorrow when the Vancouver Canucks open the 2015-16 regular season against the hated Calgary Flames, we're going to be hosting a social media based pledge drive called "Canucks Money on the Board" aimed at upping our enjoyment of the season opener, and at raising money and awareness for - a Canucks sponsored charitable endeavour that focuses on educating and helping adolescents cope with mental health issues. 

We want you to join in on the fun and help us raise money for a very important cause. Here's how you can participate.

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