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I remember walking over to Botchford during the first intermission of the Arizona Coyotes-Vancouver Canucks game in Glendale this spring. It feels selfish to write something about Botch using the word ‘I’, like somehow shifting the goalposts to center a tragedy around myself instead of the 48-year-old ball of frenetic energy that gave a fanbase…


CanucksArmy Post-Game: The Best of Shotgun Jake

The Canucks had their undefeated streak ended in their last game, falling victim to a messy, stupid matchup against the Tampa Bay Lightning and the entirely-inhuman Andrei Vasilevskiy. In an absolutely blessing of a gift from the gods, though, the team was delivered a complete shitshow of an opponent for their follow-up game on Thursday…


Canucks Army Preseason Postgame: All Goldobin Everything

Final Score: Arizona Coyotes 4, Vancouver Canucks 1 The Vancouver Canucks got a chance to show off some of the province’s most beautiful scenery this weekend, when they hosted the Arizona Coyotes and a whole slew of enthusiastic fans out in Kelowna. It was a gorgeous backdrop for the team to host one of their…