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Micheal Ferland inks four-year deal with the Canucks

Despite already making an expensive splash on July 1, Jim Benning isn’t finished making additions to the team. Micheal Ferland, who has slipped between the cracks in this free agency period, is reportedly closing in on a deal with the Canucks.


Canucks closing in on deals on Tyler Myers and Jordie Benn

Free agency day technically hasn’t started yet, but we’re already well into Free Agent Frenzy. A wealth of free agents, ranging from major names like Matt Duchene and Sergei Bobrovsky to smaller names like Richard Panik and Ryan Hartman, have already agreed on contracts during the NHL’s free agent interview period.


Did the Canucks miss the boat on P.K. Subban?

The New Jersey Devils stole the show at last weekend’s draft in Vancouver. After selecting Jack Hughes with the first overall pick on Friday Night, the Devils swung a deal on Saturday afternoon to acquire former Norris Trophy winner P.K. Subban.



I remember walking over to Botchford during the first intermission of the Arizona Coyotes-Vancouver Canucks game in Glendale this spring. It feels selfish to write something about Botch using the word ‘I’, like somehow shifting the goalposts to center a tragedy around myself instead of the 48-year-old ball of frenetic energy that gave a fanbase…


CanucksArmy Post-Game: The Best of Shotgun Jake

The Canucks had their undefeated streak ended in their last game, falling victim to a messy, stupid matchup against the Tampa Bay Lightning and the entirely-inhuman Andrei Vasilevskiy. In an absolutely blessing of a gift from the gods, though, the team was delivered a complete shitshow of an opponent for their follow-up game on Thursday…


Canucks Army Preseason Postgame: All Goldobin Everything

Final Score: Arizona Coyotes 4, Vancouver Canucks 1 The Vancouver Canucks got a chance to show off some of the province’s most beautiful scenery this weekend, when they hosted the Arizona Coyotes and a whole slew of enthusiastic fans out in Kelowna. It was a gorgeous backdrop for the team to host one of their…