If you have a passion for ice hockey, you might be looking to go to a college that accommodates your passion for ice. Your dedication is one way to channel your passions to getting a scholarship so that you can combine your love for ice hockey with your academics.
The chances of gaining a scholarship are quite for good athletic students who can sign up for various scholarships at all levels in different places. A lot of progress has been made in terms of the administration and dissemination of USA hockey and Canada hockey and scholarship programs are always seeking fresh talent.
Knowing how to balance your academics and sporting is pivotal to gaining a good scholarship.

How to get a hockey scholarship

Ice hockey has transformed over the past few years to increase support for women athletes and men have also greatly improved in proficiency. This does not only mean that competition is tight but also that hockey has grown in value in the sporting world.
Thus, to increase your chances of getting a scholarship by focusing on the sport together with your academics. Another way to get an idea of the process involved and what is expected of you as a beneficiary of a scholarship, you can contact a college team coach or look for a seasoned player as a mentor.
Real-world experience and knowledge can assist you in your application and finding the ideal scholarship for needs. Another way to make your application stand out is by creating a video reel of your best games.
You need to also get familiar with informational sites such as Athletes USA to access new scholarships and to understand the recruiting process.

Balancing your academics with hockey

Your talent in hockey is as important as your academic performance and you need to ensure that your grades are good at every grade in high school. A balance between the two is a skill that most scholarship providers look for in a potential candidate.
A good academic performance adds a competitive edge and increases your chances of gaining a scholarship. Some of the scholarships that value a good academic performance include the Louisiana State University Tiger Foundation Athletic Scholarships.
While in college, a continued good academic performance is pivotal in retaining your scholarship. It’s there that academic writing site Edubirdie helps with assignments to help you balance a hectic schedule. You might also want to attend hockey night in Canada to get a good idea of the demands of playing professional ice hockey.

Some hockey scholarships that might interest you

NCAA Ice Hockey

NCAA Ice Hockey offers elite skater ice hockey scholarships and dominates scholarships in college-level hockey. The fund offers scholarships exceeding $1 billion every year and offers athletes a good financial backing to support their sporting careers.
The NCAA offers scholarships in different categories for both men and women. This is one of the most recognized scholarships for athletes.

The Atlantic Amateur Hockey Association Scholarship

The AAHA Scholarship offers USA hockey players if your high school is registered with USA Hockey, then you qualify for this scholarship. The scholarship offers students a once-off` $1000 scholarship which can certainly go a long way.
The requirements include completing an essay, submitting academic transcripts and other information from your school, such as your academic ranking and extracurricular activities.

The Pittsburgh Penguins Scholarship

The Pittsburgh Penguins Scholarship offers a scholarship of $1500 to a deserving high school senior in the inner city of Pittsburgh. The minimum academic requirement is a 3.2 GPA, and in addition to academics, extracurricular activities are taken into consideration.
The scholarship is not limited to specific schools or majors and is co-sponsored by the NHL Booster Club. An extension of the scholarship is the Pittsburgh Penguins/Bob Johnson Scholarship which is awarded to high school seniors from Western Pennsylvania.
Again 3.2 GPA average is a requirement alongside an optimal attitude, natural leadership and demonstrated abilities as a sportsman or woman.


There are many more scholarships available to ensure that students from different backgrounds gain an equal footing to pursue their dreams. Improving your skills as a hockey player and equipping you with further tools to continue a career outside of simply being an athlete.
The delicate balance between the two is necessary and if you realize your interest early on, you need to begin honing it as soon as you can. From early high school, aspiring professional hockey should begin a rigorous training program and focus on academic performance.

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