A Quirky Interview with Jan Bulis

This is a translation courtesy Andrey Osadchenko. The original interview was conducted by Vasilyi Trunov. Vasilyi Trunov: Is it true that your hometown of Pardubice is all factories and industrial stuff? Jan Bulis: There are some industrial buildings but they aren’t as big as in Chelyabinsk. Have you ever heard of Semtex explosives? They make it…


The Russian Rocket Talks About Making the Hall of Fame

This past week, it finally happened. After six ballots, and six misses, it was announced on Tuesday that former Vancouver Canuck sniper, Pavel Bure is to be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame this November. Andrey Melnikov of Sport-Express and Pavel Lysenkov of Sovetskyi Sport recently talked to "The Russian Rocket" on the phone….


Mikhail Grigorenko: Why Is He Falling?

Once Nail Yakupov’s arch-rival for being considered the 2012 top prospect, Mikhail Grigorenko now finds himself dropping out of top-10 in almost every mock draft he’s unfortunate enough to take a look at. While some complain about his work ethic, others bring up the rumor about his alleged age-forging issue.


Pavel Bure on Sochi, Putin and how the KHL stacks up against the NHL.

The Russian Rocket (pictured left) celebrates a goal with Fetisov, Kasatonov and Mogilny The friendly game was played to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Summit Series. Canucks legend Pavel Bure has recently participated in another friendly game. Last time he put the skates on was in November and he was playing alongside with Russia’s…

WJC Team Russin Preview – Will + Skill

(The Nations will also be bringing you some WJC coverage now and then this holiday season. Andrey Osadchenko starts us off with an in-depth look at Team Russia) What is the first thing that pops up in your mind when you think of Team Russia? It’s their skilled and crazy fast offense, isn’t it? How often would…


Cold War Echo

  (pic courtesy Dirty Dangle)   (Moscow native Andrey Osadchenko wanted to weigh in on the recent "Ovechkin on Steriods" controversy) If you read John Steigerwald’s column about Ovechkin’s alleged steroid use and you listened to him argue with Ryan Lambert on the radio show about it and your initial reaction wasn’t ‘Wow!’ you are…