The Nations Partners with McKeen’s

  So you may have noticed some McKeen’s Hockey banners popping up here and there across the Nation. That’s because the boys over at McKeen’s are launching a new website and subscription service that will replace their excellent annual magazines.


Nations State of the Union – July 20, 2012

    In Wanye’s Nerd Camp update, there were some questions about the Nation’s platform and some requests for some new features in comment section. With news winding down and hockey coverage entering the doldrums of August, I figured it was time for a state of the union address. Or, at least, state of the union…

Nations UFA Frenzy Live Chat

Nations Free Agent Frenzy Live Chat Join us at 12pm MST (10am EST) to criticize, mock or applaude all the big additions and/or mistakes NHL GM’s will make today.


Cam Charron Takes Over Leafs Nation

So just over a year ago, Cam Charron was happily writing about hockey and other stuff on his personal blog. Then we came along with a modest proposal and an even more modest bribe and asked him if we wanted to contribute to our happy little network. Since then, he’s done work for Canucks Army, NHLNumbers, The…


NHLNumbers Logo Contest Winner

Today the Nation Network would like to announce the winner of the NHLNumbers logo contest – Entry "D" by Gregg Beever. Gregg is a graphic designer and webmaster by trade, but he also publishes a web comic called Inglorious Hipsters, which you should definitely check out. Follow Gregg on twitter here as well.


NHLNumbers Logo Contest Entries

    Just over a week ago we announced a contest to design a new NHLNumbers logo. And aside from those designers who castigated us for soliciting spec work or something, the response was fairly positive. We received a number of excellent entries which we have been poring over with serious minds and profound thoughts….


NHLNumbers Logo Contest

    With the launch of the new NHLNumbers blog and the continued development of the site’s resources and functions, we figured it’s time to update the graphics around here. Specifically, we’re looking for a new logo for the site. Now, we could have gone to some pro graphic designer and spent thousands of dollars…

Canucks Extend Mike Gillis

  Vancouver announced today they have re-signed GM Mike Gillis. It’s a good move for the organization despite the team’s disappointing finish to the season this year.


Kiprusoff vs Luongo in the Goalie Trade Market

    It’s no secert by now that Roberto Luongo is on his way out of Vancouver. All but usurped by the younger and cheaper Corey Schneider this year, word is the latter won’t sign with the team this offseason while the former is around. Also, the older guy has asked for a trade anyways.


11/12 NW Preview: Vancouver Canucks

    10/11 finish: 117 points, First overall Playoffs: Game 7 heartbreak Key Players: Sedins X2, Kesler, Malhotra, Hamhuis, Luongo Additions: Sturm, Weise, Bitz, Ebbett, Subtractions: Ehrhoff, Glass, Torres Cap Position: About $1.3 Left Projected finish: top three in the conference Last season was a play of three acts for the Canucks. The first act, the…


State of the Nations – 2011-2012 Season

  The new season is finally upon us. The sun rises on 2011-12 and with it a new dawn for the Nations Network. We’ve added some new sites and new faces this summer and are currently working away in Wanye’s secret hide-out on future various plans and schemes. Here’s a little of what you can…