Quick Thoughts With Cullen

Every so often, I will think of topics for a blog post that never quite get enough fleshing out. When that happens, I’ll compile them all into this little feature, “Quick Thoughts with Cullen”. Enjoy.


24/7: A Bit Off, But Still Great.

I have to admit, I had almost forgotten how much I love HBO 24/7. The show was appointment television upon its debut last year, and the Penguins and Capitals did not disappoint. This year lacked a bit of the sheen because that initial excitement of “ohmygodtheplayersareSWEARINGandtheyreallydohateeachotherandwaitaminu teisthatbbqsauceonbruceboudreausface” wore off, but it was still a pretty…


The WJHC: Caught in a bad Romance

I love Christmas. It’s always been a big thing in my household, down from family traditions on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to going WAY overboard on gifts, to trying to cram as much turkey and dessert into myself as possible over 3-5 days. When you grow up in a household that places such a…


5 Canucks That Recent History Won’t Let Us Forget

I’ve been in Vancouver, BC since 1999, and in that time, have been witness to the growth of the fan base of the Canucks, and the fervor with which the city follows the team. Heroes and scapegoats are made on almost a daily basis with fans here demanding perfection from all their players. Wearing the…


John Cullen Joins the Army, Gives Cliche Filled Interview

Hello loyal Canucks Army Readers! Welcome your new General (editors note: he means private). It has been a week since I lost the #ReplacetheKB in a fixed narrow defeat. But, just like any good blogger, I’m bouncing back, and am all too excited to be part of the Canucks Army crew. I look forward to…