Vinny for Schneider/Edler – Wudja?

There’s a hot rumour floating around that Vancouver and Tampa Bay are talking trade involving Vincent Lecavalier. In fact, the juicy bit of that rumour is that Vancouver is a LEADING candidate to land Vinny this off-season.


Five Reasons to Love Cody Hodgson

I am EXCITED to have this kid start next season. And yes, I believe that he WILL start for the Vancouver Canucks next season. Whether he starts with the big club or not, it’s my opinion that he ABSOLUTELY SHOULD play with the Canucks in 2009-2010. The Canucks need to get younger and more skilled,…


Nieds or Sedins – Who Ya Takin’?

Which brothers would you take today? Niedermayers or Sedins? That’s a question that many Canucks fans are asking themselves today, as rumours started spreading last night that the Niedermayer brothers may be interested in coming to Vancouver next season.


The Elusive Puck-Movin Defenseman

It’s no surprise that the Canucks are in the market for a puck-moving defenseman. They need a young, fast mobile defenseman who is comfortable in his own zone and can move the puck up ice with ease and accuracy.


Five Ways to Address the Canucks Roster

Well now that the Canucks playoff hopes have been dashed, we’ll start hyper-analyzing the Canucks, their coaching, their management, their front office, the GM Place vending staff, the Sportsnet crew and anyone who is even remotely connected to the team. So I’ll start. Here’s five ways I think the Canucks need to address their roster…


Oh Captain, My Captain

Roberto Luongo wants to win. He wants to win all the time. I believe that he wants to win here in Vancouver.


The Better Team Won

Where do you start on this series? The Canucks were outhit, out-chanced, outcoached, outshot and obviously outplayed throughout this series. That means the better team won. Ok – I started there.


Oh, Me of Little Faith

Don’t get me wrong. I’m still squarely on the Canucks bandwagon, and will forever be. However, given their lack of total team effort in the past two games, I cannot see the Canucks winning two in a row against the Chicago Blackhawks. In fact, I can’t see them winning even one game. Yeah, I said…