The Russian well

Part of me wonders attributing which recent Vancouver Canucks misjudgments to ownership rather than management would prompt receiving a letter from Francesco Aquilini. One thing I’m quite confident ownership had no control over was the Canucks’ brutal draft record from 2008 to present. Of the 37 young men selected by the Canucks during Mike Gillis’…


The Dan Cloutier era

Now Dellow has done it. That darned Toronto lawyer has gone and posted possession data from 1997 to 2007, which is excellent if you want to kill a few hours and/or scream loudly about how things went for Vancouver in the early 2000s.

What kind of hockey market is Vancouver? – Weekend Watchability Index

Generally, my list of Facebook friends is different than the list of people I interact with online. It’s made up of college bros and girls I used to flirt with, the common thread being that I had enough real-life interaction with them to be generally curious about their new jobs, new cities and vacation plans….


Lessons from 2006: the Alexander Auld story

Team MVP for the Vancouver Canucks back in ’05-’06, pictured above. Quick trivia question: who was the last Vancouver Canucks goaltender to start a game before Roberto Luongo took over in October of 2006? It wasn’t Alex Auld, even though Auld was handed the reigns down the stretch drive of the 2005-2006 season as the…

Throwing a wet blanket on Nicklas Jensen – Weekend Watchability Index

Earlier this week, Ben Kuzma detailed rookie winger Nicklas Jensen as “an exclamation mark” “determined” “far from an overnight sensation” “cool” with an “all-around awareness and presence.” It seems that people have begun pencilling in Jensen to the Canucks’ top six next season, a top six that’s painfully lacking in young bodies. Jensen has three…


It’s not as simple as firing everybody

via CDC It’s not exactly a good thing when Elliotte Friedman writes 900 words about your team in a 30 Thoughts column before mentioning anybody else, but Vancouver’s in the midst of one of the worst streaks in franchise history. It’s not just the weak record since 2014 began that has Vancouverites on edge, but…


Bad teams and perspective – Weekend Watchability Index

Ah, those were the days. I’m typing these words up at 6:09 on a Thursday evening, between the afternoon and the evening curling draws at the Brier. It’s not that I find curling more exciting than hockey, but I don’t think I’ve watched a full Vancouver Canucks game beginning-to-end since their game against Toronto right…


If Eddie Lack was the answer, then you asked the wrong question

The following scene took place inside John Tortorella’s head Saturday afternoon: Which goaltender is playing better right now? Eddie Lack or Roberto Luongo? Which goaltender is in better game shape right now? Eddie Lack or Roberto Luongo? From that context, it made all the sense in the world to start Eddie Lack at the Heritage…