The overrated value of a faceoff

  Every so often, an analyst will talk about how a certain player deserved a “three star” nominee because he won two or three big faceoffs. Even more so often a coach will send out two centremen in a high-leverage situation to win a key, late draw. The question is whether this tactic has a…


A late-in-July post about Henrik, Daniel, and defense

    Let’s preface this by saying that Daniel and Henrik Sedin are two of the best players in the National Hockey League and I would probably not trade them straight up for any centre-and-wing combination on any team in the NHL right now. I’ll let foreign fans fester that thought and come up with…


Nik Zherdev – The case for the Czar of Relative Corsi

    In light of Russian hockey journalist Dmitry Chesnokov tweeting that “[Nikolay] Zherdev’s Russian agent says the player is considering only NHL offers at this point,” you have to think that either a) the player is mulling a series of offers or b) no team has put forth a serious offer to the player.


Anatomy of an undervalued hockey player

    Niclas Bergfors. Tyler Kennedy. Torrey Mitchell. Scott Gomez. Martin Hanzal. Scottie Upshall. Nikolay Zherdev. Peter Regin. Michael Frolik. What do all nine of these players have in common?


The best defensive group in the league

   (Cam Charron continues to look at general NHL issues for us here at the Nations. This week, he investigates the Sharks new top-four defense rotation and wonders if it’s one of the best in the league)

Getting to know Michael Duco

    I have to admit that when I first saw that Sergei Shirokov had been trade, I was pretty cheesed. A good chunk of me thought that Shirokov never quite got a fair shake in Vancouver under Alain Vigneault, but, the other chunk of me knows that I’m a bit of a Russian homer…


The Nashville Predators and the salary cap floor

The trade that sent Brett Lebda to the Nashville Predators is an intriguing one for two reasons, and the strategy behind the deal for both teams is one that we may see more often as rich teams attempt to maximize their spending money and lesser teams attempt to maximize the value they get from their…

Some Canucks free agent targets: Your UFA cheat-sheet

Heading into tomorrow’s free agency period, the Canucks have limited needs to cover, but, at the very least, need for improvement in a couple of areas. As best we can tell, the Canucks three needs are: Top-Six Winger The absence of Mikael Samuelsson was noticed through the late rounds of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and…


The case for Niclas Bergfors

If you’re like me, you might have gone and looked through the list of forwards at Behind The Net to find a few of the guys who performed well with good Corsi and Fenwick numbers but did not produce much due to low shooting percentages. One of the names among the many that pops up…


Making sense of Paul Holmgren’s trades

    From a stand-alone perspective, trading Jeff Carter to Columbus is not a bad trade for the Philadelphia Flyers. Everything that happened afterwards is chaotic, as Flyers General Manager Paul Holmgren laid his team’s foundation and future through 2012 on a roulette table. Where the Jeff Carter trade baffles me is that it meant…


Stacking the deck on draft day

    I want to point you all in the direction of a fantastic bit of research written last week by CIS Blogger and math graduate Rob Pettapiece. Rob expands on research he did into the CHL draft and found that players born earlier in the year were more likely to get drafted than players born later…