Grabner and Friends

                 Well, four points in your last three games is impressive young man. Michael Grabner has really put it into high gear in the last three games for the Nucks and has been the team’s X-Factor on the ice. 


oh sh*t we suck again!

             As it turns out, along with a rash of injuries and other excuses, the Canucks are sitting 13th in West. It’s time for some more glorious finger-pointing.


Undefeated vs. Underwhelming

The Canucks, after two gruesome games last week have come home to raise a banner and hope not to get boo’d off the ice. But have no fear faithful, Coach AV took the time to explain to the Twins what a penalty is and what constitutes a penalty so we should have a better proportion of…


For reals?

Ok, seriously? The fabled cup contending-Canucks have had their asses handed to them two games in a row. It’s time to play the blame game.


A brief blast of updates.

(1) Henrik Sedin is now an assistant Captain. Turn’s out he has something Daniel doesn’t (aside from a slightly wider face). I wouldn’t be suprised if Vingeault flipped a coin over this one; (2) Cody Hodgson is back with Brampton after an unsatisfactory pre-season. However, Shirokov, Glass, and Rome are going to land rightfully earned…


12 years Luonger.

The Canucks have  signed Lou for 12 more years at $64 Million. This would keep his salary at 5.33 mil in terms of the Cap a season. I’m not a capologist but, If the extension is considered this year, the Canucks have freed up that 2 million. However, that does mean that Luongo will be…



Turns out the NYR have decided to let Nik Zherdev go after a 3.9 Million arbitration award. As a result of New York’s revolving door and cold shoulder, Zherdev is a UFA. I think he would look just dandy in a Canucks Uni.


Jambalaya of Rumors and Speculation

First, Luongo has not signed anything, nor can he prior to the first of July. A pundit from ESPN stated that a deal was in place. ESPN also spends less on hockey in a year than the entire population of Phoenix.


126 Mill for 12 years?

Hank and Dank, just like your girlfriend, are looking for something long term and serious. They want 63 million each for 12 years. Thats roughly 5.25mil each a year or 10.5 a year for the pair. Fans in Vancouver are all mumbles and grumbles over this. By fans I mean the ten people who follow…


For what it’s worth

It’s officially over, my grizzly beard is now down the drain. My face is smoother than Patrick Kane’s right now. Apparently someone filled Luongo’s water bottle with NyQuil. As the game progressed Luongo got slower and slower. To win your best players have to be your best players. They were, well, most of them.