Boeser, Miller, and Garland: Who should stay and who should go?

The discourse surrounding Canucks players seem to change as quickly and often as the weather in Vancouver. Just a year ago, Brock Boeser was lauded for his career season while J.T. Miller drew lots of flak for his inconsistent defensive efforts and some testy on-ice moments. Fast forward to today, and Boeser’s name seemingly pops…


What if the Vancouver Canucks didn’t trade for Markus Naslund? Part 2

At the end of part one of this what-if series, we had reached the conclusion of the 2001-02 season after Todd Bertuzzi was inserted on a line with the Sedins, forming a potential new West Coast Express. Without an MVP candidate in Markus Naslund leading the way, though, the Canucks fail to make the playoffs…


What if the Vancouver Canucks didn’t trade for Markus Naslund?

Over the past few weeks, we took a look at how the Canucks might have been impacted if they didn’t trade Todd Bertuzzi for Roberto Luongo in 2006. Now, we’re going even further back in time and analyzing another significant deal in the team’s history: Alek Stojanov for Markus Naslund. This trade wasn’t just one…

What if the Vancouver Canucks didn’t make the Bertuzzi for Luongo trade?

In the first few articles of our what-if series, we mostly stayed within the last decade of Canucks hockey. That ends today. For the first time, we’ll be venturing back into the 2000s and talk about what might’ve happened if the team didn’t make one of the biggest trades in Canucks history: Todd Bertuzzi for…


What if the Vancouver Canucks had kept Cory Schneider? Part 2

Welcome to part two of our “What if?” series on Cory Schneider! Last week, we concluded at the end of the 2016-17 season and we’ll continue on to the present day now. 2017-18 season 2017 offseason Since the Avalanche and Canucks remain last and second-last in the standings, respectively, the draft order stays the same….


What if the Vancouver Canucks had kept Cory Schneider?

In the first few installations of this series, we imagined some what-if scenarios exclusive to the Jim Benning era, but I think it’s time to dive into earlier points of Canucks history now. For today and next week, “earlier” will only mean the last few years of the Mike Gillis regime, but we’ll definitely go…


What if the Canucks drafted Matthew Tkachuk instead of Olli Juolevi?

Welcome back to the second article of our new “What If?” series! In our first piece, we talked about how the Canucks’ roster might look now had they followed Trevor Linden’s vision of a slower rebuild, and we’ll now jump into the first of two parts about a hypothetical that every Canucks fan has thought…