Best and Worst Dressed At The NHL Awards Show

Photoshop by the wonderful Annie Mae. The NHL awards are always a treat! That is if you like jokes so bad that celebrities apologize for having to say them out loud, or otherwise they thank you for laughing. At least they took out Jay Mohr and replaced him with Will Arnett – a massive upgrade….


Wright Wing

                Tumblr finds the best Canucks things. Courtesy of the lovely gents from Pass It To Bulis.   It’s Friday and the debut of my weekly opinion post the Wright Wing. (So punny, no?) Five things I’m thinking about this week include charitable causes and team slogans. 


Trolling With Alain Vigneault

  When I saw the lineup for the Canucks pre-season game on Tueday, Cody Hodgson’s linemates made me go "Huh?". I mean, Mike Duco and Viktor Oreskovich? Really? Nothing against these fine upstanding gentlemen but they don’t exactly set the world on fire offensively. I said on twitter that AV is straight up trolling Cody…


Boiled Fin

      The late off-season is a time for lazy reflection about hockey. Your team has mostly finished their big moves and important signings, and fans are quibbling about the 4th line center spot. You start to yearn for a pre-season game featuring any player that’s available. Even Ben Eager or Darcy Harhardon’tmakemelaughichuk. Here…


Red Carpet Fashion Break

                                              Awesome photoshop by Annie Mae @westxnorthwest  Oh the NHL awards. The host is always dreadfully unfunny, half the players look miserable, and it’s always fascinating to see what b list? c list? D…


Final Predictions

  I don’t know why this exists on google but it’s awesome    The Canucks slogan for this playoff run is "This Is What We Live For". I think that definitely applies to their fans as well. The vibe in Vancouver today has been incredible. I get a tickle in my throat and it threatens…


12 Questions After 2 Rounds

  The last time the Canucks made the Western Conference Final, google and twitter didn’t exist, Osama Bin Laden wasn’t a household name, and Ace of Base had a number one single. Girls were getting tattoos of Trevor Linden’s name instead of Ryan Kesler’s name. It was a different time indeed. Days before the Canucks…