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The greatest moments from the Sedins’ careers, in no particular order

Henrik and Daniel Sedin hung-up their skates three seasons ago, making them eligible for the Hockey Hall of Fame class of 2021. However, due to COVID-19, the hall elected to not induct a class of 2021, and instead turn their sights to 2022.

The Sedins should certainly be getting the call to the hall next year. Instead of doing a top ten as I normally do, let’s look at their best moments in the NHL.

 So sit back, grab a snack and enjoy some epic moments, including goals, assists, and shifts that dazzled Canuck nation for years.

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Welcome to the NHL, kids

Daniel’s first NHL goal was also his first NHL point, assisted by none other than Henrik, but for Henrik, this was point number two out of 1,070.

Daniel beat future teammate Dan Cloutier blocker side to give him his welcome to the NHL moment in the sunshine state.

Like many of his, Henrik’s first goal wasn’t the prettiest, and it took some time to realize it was even him that scored, but lady luck was on his side as the puck ping-ponged around until it found the net.

The record breakers 

Number 347, please step up. Daniel beats fellow countryman Markus Naslund in all-time goals scored in a Vancouver sweater. Daniel finished his career with 393 goals.

Daniel may have more goals, but it was Henrik who broke Trevor Linden’s all-time assists and Naslund’s all-time points record first with a classic Sedin goal.

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1000th point

A significant milestone in any NHL career is reaching 1000 points. Both Henrik and Daniel achieved this special mark in the same calendar year, and are the only Canucks who have reached the milestone.

The bookies would have had Henrik assisting for his 1000 point, but against all odds, he scored!

And what a goal it was.

It wasn’t pleasant, but it was the goalie who was in the other net who makes this one even more memorable. Henrik scored against longtime teammate and friend Roberto Luongo and the goal was even assisted by Daniel, making the moment that much more special for him and the city.

Now for Daniel’s goal, it’s what you expect from him, a goal, and of course, his brother played a role in it.

Goals and apples 

Set up by Daniel and finished by Henrik, it ended the longest game in franchise history. This was also a changing the guard moment. With the likes of Linden, Naslund and a few others still on the team, this goal showed everybody that the future was in bright hands.

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Started and finished by Brad Lukowich, it was the in-between moments that had everyone breathless. An unbelievable pass and play from Daniel of effortless skill and Henrik taking the hit to make the play makes this goal one of the best in Canucks history.

A tic-tac-toe play from one of the most dangerous lines in hockey. It started from the team’s blue line. A nice give and go from Burrows and Daniel, who gives it to Henrik to finish what was a beauty of a play.

Coast to coast like butter toast, who would have thought Henrik was capable of this type a goal? Henrik dazzled the Vancouver crowd in this breathtaking goal.

The bank was open on this Sunday back in February 2013 in Detroit. Henrik’s hockey IQ was on full display in the motor city. A goal so creative, Elias Pettersson paid homage to his fellow countrymen when he set up Brock Boeser for a simar goal against the Avalanche in his rookie season.

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A little spin move with a touch of how-do-you-do while going inside-outside was a move that left everyone in awe. 

An absolutely incredible display of skill from Daniel by wheeling and dealing the puck to Henrik, who popped in an easy goal. 

The Canucks second goal of the game was a thing of beauty. Let’s face it, we all thought Henrik was going to try and deke, especially on a partial breakaway, but then again, it’s Henrik who always thinks pass first.

Daniel ringed the puck around the boards to Henrik and completed a no-look pass back to Daniel. You would think Henrik would be the one looking at Daniel instead of all the Oilers, leaving Burrows untouched for an easy goal.

However, that was far from the only no-look pass from Henrik. In fact, here are two more examples from the same month:

The title of this clip is all you need to know about this classic display of Sedinery. A classic Henrik to Daniel to Henrik and back to Daniel who finds open space and makes no mistake.


Walk around Vancouver, and everyone will know what you’re talking about when you say “the shift.”

After the original shift, everyone wanted more, and the Sedin’s delivered. Here are some more incredible shifts against the Flames, Red Wings, Rangers, and Sharks:

Late in the game, needing one goal to tie, queue Henrik and Daniel:

A masterclass of skill displayed finished by Lukas Krajicek:

Best shift by the twins in the playoffs? I think so. Just as they did in the regular season, the Sedins made the Sharks swim around the ice.

Henrik secures Art Ross Trophy.

Arguably the best regular-season Canucks game, Henrik secured the team’s first Art Ross Trophy while breaking the record for most points in a single season.

The game against the Flames started and ended with a bang. Henrik’s first point was a silky smooth passing play from him and Daniel, which Kevin Bieksa benefited from.

On goal number three in the game and the second point for Henrik, he completes a beautiful tape-to-tape, twin-to-twin pass across the ice and of course, Daniel finishes it with an absolute beauty of a goal.

Henrik’s third assist comes from speed. With a dashing effort, Henrik sauces it over to who else but Daniel for his second of the night.

Now we thought we saw the goal of the game when Daniel scored his first but little did we know that was his warm-up. The best jaw-dropping goal in Canucks history was about to take flight. From the lost face-off draw, the puck landed on Christian Ehrhoff’s stick, who shot it to Henrik, who used his twin telepathically to redirect the puck between his legs to Daniel, who in essence did the same thing but in a little more challenging way.

The last home game

Emotions ran high once the Sedins took warmup, and the mood in the arena that night was a playoff-like atmosphere with a hint of melancholy and celebration. Henrik and Daniel took to the ice in Vancouver for the final time in their legendary history.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the stands with a poetic game and ending.

With so many goals, slap passes, shifts, and assists. One thing that triumphs everything is how they were in the community by treating everyone the same and committing countless hours to charitable work.

Combined, Henrik and Daniel have won the Art Ross, Hart Trophy, Ted Lindsay Award, and King Clancy Memorial Trophy, which is given to the player who best exemplifies leadership qualities on and off the ice. The twins transformed Canucks hockey forever.

Let’s hear your favourite moments from the future Hall of Famers. It could be goals, assists, or even times you may have been able to interact with them. They provided so many memories for multiple generations of Canucks fans and are truly two of a kind.