WWYDW: Who should go into Canucks’ the Ring of Honour next?

Welcome back to WWDYW, the only hockey column on the internet to have its previous title (WDYTT) retired leaguewide.

BC Premier John Horgan made headlines twice last week, once when his government announced some long-awaited pandemic restrictions, and then again when he waded into the debate over the Vancouver Canucks’ Ring of Honour.

Not only did Horgan make his support of Gino Odjick’s induction into the Ring known, he even went as far as to snitch-tag the Canucks.

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That tweet touched off a spirited debate, with some agreeing with the choice of Odjick, some suggesting other names, and others loudly declaring that the Ring of Honour is already overstuffed and that NO ONE should be inducted for a while.

Thus far, seven individuals have been inducted, with Alex Burrows’ December 3, 2019 ceremony being the most recent; joining Orland Kurtenbach, Kirk McLean, Thomas Gradin, Harold Snepsts, Pat Quinn, and Mattias Ohlund.

Is Odjick destined to be next? And if not him, then who? This week, we’re asking you:

Who should be the next person inducted into the Ring of Honour? 

Last week, we asked:

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Who is your choice for the Canucks’ new alternate captain (or two)?

Your responses are below!

Killer Marmot:

I like to see more senior players with letters on their sweaters, and I don’t see how a player’s contract coming up is an issue. Thus, Edler and Miller.

Defenceman Factory:

(Winner of the author’s weekly award for eloquence)

The players with letters form a leadership group. This is an important role in building the culture and cohesiveness of a team. I believe it is virtually impossible for anyone outside of a team to really understand the dynamics and personalities that build a team.

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Watching the Canucks play, I’d never guess Sutter is one of the positive drivers behind the team. As fans we see so little of the whole team dynamic, so I have no trouble conceding Sutter provides a valuable positive force.

From my admittedly small window into team dynamics, I see Miller as a major contributor to the esprit de corps. He should be first to get Tanev’s ‘A.’ I’d be perfectly happy with Schmidt getting one as well. If Edler and Sutter are both gone next season Pettersson should be ready to help shoulder the leadership burden. He appears to already demonstrate personal responsibility for team success. I’ll take the year to suggest who should get the remaining letter.


My gut tells me JT Miller for the ‘A,’ but my heart says Petey for the ‘A.’

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With Miller, you get a guy that plays hard and gives an honest effort every play; he is also here for at least a few more years and is a leader in the dressing room.

On the other hand, Petey is the best player on the team (honorable mention Hughes), he will be around for a very long time, and is able to lead by his example of hard work and dedication so why not groom him for a leadership role on the team?

For this season, at least, I suggest having both wear an ‘A’ and they split between home and on the road as to who has the ‘A.’ Next year, Edler may be gone so then they can each have the ‘A’

full time.

speering major:

Petey. The only question is if you do it this year or next.

The guy has that rare competitive fire. It’s on another level. He’s confident. He plays the game the right way. The best players gravitate towards leadership for a reason. They are in a room full of guys doing the same job, and they’re the best at it. They carry the team. Petey is the best player on the team. Loads of character and is a great example. He holds himself accountable in all aspects. Players respect that and that puts him in a position to hold others accountable.

Bar Down:

Jake Virtanen. Plays hard every shift, leader on and off the ice, and when things get tough, he ups his game.

Ok, my real answer is Miller for the above reasons. I like older, more experienced guys in leadership roles with few exceptions. Petey is an exception, but with more openings expected after this coming season, I would wait until then for him.


Without being in the dressing room on a regular basis it is really difficult to form a knowledgeable opinion, but on the face of it, I’d go with Miller. He’s a veteran and, as far as I can tell, has a good work ethic and is respected. I’d avoid sticking Petey with the additional responsibility of dealing with the officials for now, as to me he still seems a little uncomfortable communicating.

Lotto Line Forever:

From a character and captaincy-experience perspective, I think a serious dark horse is Boeser.  Apparently, his community work and image are good (took that classmate to prom), he took Pete under his wing in his first season; not to mention he’s one of the core guys and showed his commitment by taking a pay-cut given his bridge deal.

He’s hardworking and also busts his @$$ off (reminds me of Naslund in that sense, going quietly about his business) despite being criticized for a “down year,” and was captain for his U-17 bronze team (only he and Bo have had any prior captaincy experience on the team apparently).

If anything’s going to light a fire (meaning this in only a positive way) under our former golden boy, I think Brock should at least be in consideration for the ‘A’ to recognize what he’s meant to the team.


Miller brings it on the ice and the locker room. Sticks up for his teammates on the ice, as well. Petey will have lots of time to wear a letter. For now, just let him play the game.

Holly Wood:

To me it’s Miller as the obvious choice. Schmidt may also be worth considering for a letter. Heart and soul guys command respect, plus are more likely to be able to ride out tough stretches than a young star might be able to.

Bud Poile:

(Winner of the author’s occasional award for subtlety)

The obvious choice is Miller.

Another Canuck has taken Jake in and is conditioning him on his own time and in his own home.

That’s a team mate.

He eats up to 27 minutes per game, is pushing 31, and everybody looks way up to him.

Miller seems like an obvious choice. Maybe he can show Jake what it takes to be a player in the NHL. Jake has all the talent, no heart or determination.


It’ll be Miller, not only the obvious choice but a good one. Clearly, he has a passion for winning. Leads on the ice and off with the young players. Next should be Petey. Sutter seems like a great guy, but I think it’s time to give Petey a chance be a part of the long-term leadership group of this club.