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WDYTT: Call it now, who’s winning this series?


Normally here on WDYTT, the least contentious hockey column on the internet, we usually kick things off with some sort of hypothetical situation or would-you-rather and then elicit your responses in the comment section. You know the routine!

But today, we’re trying something a little different.

We’re asking you to put your money* where your mouth is.

*(Online reputation)

By the time we meet again next Thursday morning, games three through five, at the very least, will have been played, and six, as well, if the series goes that far. If game seven is happening, we’ll be on the cusp of it.

But before any of that happens, we’re giving you this opportunity to go on the record about where you see the rest of the series going.

This week, we’re asking:

What are your predictions for the remainder of the Canucks’ series against the Golden Knights? Call it now, who’s winning this series, and how?


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Last week, we asked:

What do the Canucks need to do from here on out to beat the Blues and escape the first round?

And congrats, loyal WDYTT contributors, you did it! Details on how you helped defeat the Blues are listed below!


Discipline and to keep the PP rolling. Team hasn’t looked overmatched for the majority of the series and in game five did a great job of rising to the occasion. It was good to see Virtanen finally contribute in a big way, but haven’t loved his game all series. I think the biggest problem in game four was that the Canucks were squeezing their stick a little too tight and let Jake Allen into their heads because of how tight all the goals in game three were. In game four and the start of five, it seemed the Canucks were trying to go bar-down a little too often and resulted in a lot of shots that missed the net. Dirty goals are important in the playoffs and you have to make the goalie make a save. I personally hope the series-deciding goal comes on the PP with O’Reilly or Perron in the box…Make it extra sweet.

Beer Can Boyd:

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Keep Jake on the first line. He played a few games there after BB was hurt, and before the Toffoli trade, and he looked great. His speed really works with EP and Miller. And, apparently, it’s just not in his mindset to be a third or fourth-line player. But Green is stubborn. Even after that line got the two goals to tie the game, Green went back to Boeser on the line in the third.

Bud Poile:

They’re doing it, so just keep doing it.


Keep the game going fast. Shortening the shifts added speed to the Canucks lineup, but this decision should happen during the game. Not after a loss and between games. Finish checks, as I’ve seen far too many Canucks turn away from great checking opportunities. Checking makes the other team have to hurry and misplay the puck. Be confident and don’t slow down as these Blues bring it for a whole sixty minutes.


So far, we’ve seen top players bringing it and the PP. That’s good to win some games, and then last game the bottom-six stepped up with Marky keeping it close every game. Now to finish the Blues, they need to bring together all they have been doing in the other games but do it all in the same game. This will overcome the Blues and neutralize Ryan O. The short shifts were definitely a difference-maker in the pace of the game and the team did a great job executing it well without any too many men penalties.


Markstrom woke the team up, he was unbelievable. Canucks now have done in both of the Blues’ goalies. What does the Blues coaching staff do now? They keep it up. “You are wearing them down” was not something he could say yesterday. Even with Edler out, the Canucks just kept coming. Canucks cannot just sit back or the Blues will pick them apart. Keep the game fast and play in the Blues end, they will become frustrated. If Canucks can get a two-goal lead and just keep coming, Blues may start thinking about life outside the bubble isn’t that bad.

Canucks have worked hard and have made me proud to be a Canuck fan again. Look forward to the future with the nucleolus getting stronger. I have no issue with Oilers winning the lottery year after year, as they can take a winning hand and lose.

North Van Halen:

Score at least one more goal than the Blues in one of the two remaining games.

speering major:



Cover ROR.


Speed and more speed! And a PP goal or two.


(Winner of the author’s weekly award for eloquence)

While easier said than done, in hockey winning puck battles and making the right pass or play as a result seems to be a very pivotal part of winning. Push back, Canucks, don’t be in awe of these guys and play your own game.

Captain Video:

Aside from purchasing a crate of titanium ear guards, make some adjustment on the PP, keep the tempo high 5-on-5, and put as many shots on the Blues goaltenders as they can.


Ultimately, it comes down to understanding that to win an elimination game each and every player has to dig in like they have never dug in before. Every shift has to be 100% effort and their heads have to be in the game.

The Blues will push hard and the Canucks need to push back even harder.


Markstrom to stand on his head again.


They simply need to want it more than the Blues.


“We wear teams down over time in a series, and we’re going to get to a Game 7.” – Craig Berube.

(Author’s note: Oops!)


(Winner of the author’s occasional award for wit)

Speed, turnovers, a PPG, scoring from unexpected contributors, and lights-out goaltending.

“We also wear teams down over time in a series, and we’ll get it done in 6.” – SkateJimmy!


Neutralize O’Reilly, even out their five-on-five play, continued standout play from Markstrom, and be opportunistic on special teams. Seems simple to me …