Unmasking Canucks Legends: A Conversation with Corey Hirsch

After a pretty stellar junior career with the Kamloops Blazers in which he helped his team head to two-straight Memorial Cup tournaments, winning it the second time, Corey Hirsch then made his way to the pros where he would eventually become a reliable backup goaltender for the Vancouver Canucks. Of course, the Canucks weren’t the…


Mid-Week Mailbag: Apocalypse Edition

Author’s note: My apologies for the lateness of this week’s mailbag. It’s been a difficult week for everyone at the Nation Network and with the lack of anything resembling news to dissect, it seemed prudent to schedule it for a day without existing content.  What lesser-known "Classic" Canucks game (as in, not 1994 or 2011)…


WWYDW: Undoing Any Trade In Canucks History

Welcome back to another edition of WWYDW, folks, and we do hope you’re doing well out there. With no current hockey to idly speculate about, we’re forced to look into the past for subjects on which to pointlessly debate – and this week, we’re starting with a doozy. Whenever the Vancouver Canucks make a trade,…


NHL still uncertain on return to action

The NHL held a board of governors conference call Monday afternoon that featured an infectious disease expert who helped to answer questions from the board as they continue to work through a potential return to play.