7 of the Coolest Sports Collectibles Hockey Fan Can Own

You’re watching your favorite player sprint across the ice with the puck. He shoots… and he scores! The buzzer sounds and the crowd goes wild!

The NHL began in 1917 and still draws crowds to this day. Last season, a total of about 22.19 million people attended games!

Everyone needs some team collectibles to feel like a true fan. But, how do you know what sports collectibles to snatch and which ones to leave? 

If you, or a loved one, needs a few good pieces of hockey team memorabilia, keep reading to learn which kinds of collectibles to hunt for.

How to Pick the Best Sports Memorabilia

The market for valuable sports team collectibles causes some shady characters to try and sell elaborate fakes as the real deal. Here’s a couple of tips about how to pick the cream of the crop when it comes to memorabilia.

  • When it doubt, verify the authenticity
  • look at private sellers on eBay or yard sales
  • consider the resale value (even if you never intend to sell it)
  • Rarer items are much better than mass-produced collectibles
  • Bring a seasoned collectible hunter with you

Keep your eyes open because you never know when you’ll find that perfect piece to add to your collection.

Top 7 Kinds of Sports Collectibles to Snatch Up

When you are on a quest to find that perfect piece for a hockey fan’s collection (either for you or a loved one) there are tons of collectibles to choose from, but not everything is worth buying from a collector’s standpoint. Here are some of our favorite hockey momentos to collect.

1. Stanley Cup Replica Rings

Good luck ever getting your hands on a genuine Stanley Cup ring unless you moonlight as a professional hockey player. The replica versions are not flimsy little things though. A proper Stanley Cup replica ring is a  big heavy piece of jewelry and made with white stainless steel and accurate representations of the designs on the actual Stanley Cup rings.

Some collectors choose to wear these beauties when they go to a game as a good luck charm, but others choose to keep them in mint condition in a presentation case.

2. Framed and Matted Sports Collages

A fun way to present your favorite little moments like game tickets or a map of the stadium is a collage matted and framed then mounted to a wall. You can also find matted sports collages commemorating big games like a Stanley Cup win.

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Either buying one premade or putting together your little team-related pieces into a one of a kind display is sure to look stunning on your sports wall.

3. Autographed Pucks

A hockey puck is one of the most iconic collectibles in hockey and it’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Getting a player or two to sign one for you makes it unique and valuable! If you want to try and get an autograph on a puck in person, bring a silver sharpie because the black ones won’t show up on the black puck.

4. Stanley Cup Challange Coin

You heard that right, a “coin” shaped like the Stanley Cup!

The Royal Canadian Mint created the first Stanley Cup-shaped coin ever! This stunning collectible contains 3 oz. of .9999% silver and comes in a beautiful presentation case with a stand.

This custom challenge coin is a piece to add to any hockey lovers’ collection! Check out this site to find out more about the history and meaning behind custom challenge coins.

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5. Autographed Hockey Masks

Hockey masks look awesome as part of your ultimate hockey fan collection! You could buy a signed replica helmet or get an unsigned replica helmet to get it autographed by your favorite player. If you’re lucky, you’ll come across an authentic game-issued helmet with a signature!

6. Autographed Jerseys

It seems like a team jersey is the dress code for a hockey game these days, so everyone has at least one. There are even jersey style shirts designed for women and children too! 

To make your jersey extra special, get it signed! You can get the whole team to sign a jersey if you attend a signing event. Or, if you can’t get one signed in person, you can buy one already autographed.

If you don’t want to risk your signed jersey getting damaged, hang it on the wall in a frame!

7. Game Issued Hockey Sticks

Another coveted collectible is a hockey stick used by your favorite team while playing a regular-season game. Getting your hands on one of these babies can prove more tricky than you think. Many hockey sticks get pretty damaged while in play.

If you manage to snag a decent condition game-issued hockey stick, make an honest effort to have the player who used it sign it. It adds to the story and resale value of the stick itself.

Are We Ready for Hockey Season? Puck Yeah!

Once you have all the sports collectibles any true hockey fan would own, it’s time to prepare for the next game! Grab a season pass, so you never have to worry about getting a good seat at any of your favorite team’s home games!

Another good idea is to bring one of your smaller collectibles without any signatures and try to get your favorite player (or players) to sign it at the game! If the team is not doing organized signings, it may prove difficult to get a signature, but it’s so worth it! Having a piece of memorabilia that you had autographed in person has a sentimental value that the general signed pieces don’t have.

We hope you loved reading this article and that you got some great inspiration for your next sports memorabilia hunt. If you need more information or up to date hockey news, check out the rest of our blog posts today!