Chris Tanev Tells Fans To Expect Lots Of Surprises From Rookie Quinn Hughes

Canucks defenseman Chris Tanev has tipped defensive partner Quinn Hughes to “surprise everyone” this season following the youngster’s failure to prevent the Edmonton Oilers’ Connor McDavid from scoring a goal leading to a win on Wednesday.

The 19-year-old’s rookie game did not go as well as he’d have liked and there are probably folks who would claim that he was overmatched against McDavid, who’s widely considered to be the best in the world. However, it should be noted that Hughes did make the right play, getting close enough to take the puck off the center’s stick, he was just unlucky as the Oilers’ captain managed to get it back just in time to get it over the goalie and into the net for a 3-2 win.

On Friday, Hughes claimed to be over the disappointment, adding that he pushed it from his mind right after the game. Tanev, though, has backed his teammate to improve and surprise fans every few games.

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“When he came in at the end of the year last year and played straight out of college, I think it was almost easier because you’re super excited and you jump in and go play, and the team didn’t really have any expectations,’ he said, via Sportsnet. “Now, first game of the year, we have more expectations and he still played well. It’s going to continue to get better. You guys will see, every couple of games he’s going to do stuff that surprises everyone.”

The veteran defenseman appears to be quite happy playing alongside his new partner, whom he says keeps him on his toes.

“I thought we played really well,” he added. “He’s so mobile and he moves the puck so well, he sort of keeps me on my toes and makes me get up the ice. Playing with Quinn is really fun. It’s a different style of game than I’m used to playing.

“You’re sprinting to open ice, moving to different spots and in so many different places because he’s so elusive that he tends to beat the first forechecker. So you get yourself in a position where you can help him make a quick play. You get up the ice really quick.”

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Perhaps the budding defensive partnership betweenTanev and Huges could the team them past the ones considered to be the strongest in the division. But we’ll just have to wait and see.