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Monday Mailbag: The Captaincy, Trading Horvat, and Podcast Beefs

I don’t have the slightest idea what the Canucks’ plans are, but I could certainly see them waiting until the Sedins jersys have been retired before they name a captain.

The question of who that captain should be is, frankly, not of interest to me. For the most part, it’s something the media makes a big deal out of because it affects who is going to come out and give them quotes every night. From an actual on-ice perspective, it doesn’t make a lot of difference and even in the room, leadership is something that arises naturally and can’t be artificially imposed on the team by the organization. Teams don’t just have one leader with a “C” on their jersey, anyway. Players take on different roles in the locker room based on their own unique skill sets, and the captaincy is largely symbolic and doesn’t necessarily have a lot to do with who is actually hyping up their teammates before a big third period or holding them accountable after a loss. It’s funny to me that in a sport that’s often called the ultimate team game, so many fans seem fixated on who gets the special crest in the top corner of their jersey.

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They’ll probably name Bo Horvat the captain, largely because they can’t really justify doing anything else in the wake of the “next captain” narrative that’s surrounded him since he joined the organization. I just hope they do it soon because I’m tired of talking about it.

Now that the Lightning have jettisoned both Miller and Callahan, they don’t really have any bad salary they need to shed. Any asset coming back the Canucks’ way would be considered positive value, and for that reason I just don’t see any realistic way they would get that pick back without involving a third team.

I still don’t quite know what to expect from Jack and Quinn Hughes next season. They’re both capable of being special players at the NHL level, but it may not happen right away. Having said that, I expect both to bring their A-game when facing off against each other and the new-look devils look like they could be one of the most fun teams in the league to watch next season.

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I think the matchup I’m most excited for is the Avalanche. The legendary game from last season was the most fun I’ve had watching Canucks hockey in some time, and if the two teams are headed for another track meet it’ll be appointment viewing.

Truth is, I don’t really see an underrated Canucks prospect making the roster this season, because it’s pretty crowded and chances are there’s a reason those prospects are underrated: they’ve still got a year or two before they can realistically be expected to challenge for a spot. I guess I could see Zack MacEwen beating out one of the Canucks bottom-sixers for a permanent spot on the roster, but I don’t know how underrated he is anymore. It seems to me his coming-out party happened last year and that most fans who run in our circles expect him to be in the NHL within the next couple of years.

It’s way too early for this. Ask me again in December.

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I would expect the Canucks to give up somewhere between the 12th and 15th overall pick in the 2020 draft. I think they’re going to finish just outside the playoffs in each of the next two years unless something major changes. Since every team that finishes outside the playoffs has a chance to win the lottery, it could technically end up being the first, second, or third pick, too; but that’s not likely to happen. I’m sure the Canucks will have better luck this time.

Frankly, I’m disgusted that a so-called “leftist” would use language associated with misogynists and white supremacists. I will be contacting your employer about this.

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I really love this question because this scenario has been my favourite Canucks doomsday theory to arise over the past few years. I don’t think it’s going to happen, but I also think it’s far, far more plausible than most fans are ready to believe.

If the Canucks miss the playoffs in 2019-20 and 2020-21, that would leave 26-year-old Horvat with two remaining years on his contract and no playoff appearances in six years. If they miss the playoffs again the following year, the GM would have to seriously consider the possibility that Bo would walk in free agency. That puts the earliest possible trade talks at somewhere around 2022, by my estimation. A lot would have to go wrong for that to happen, though, and my guess is the Canucks will at the very least squeak in at some point over the remaining four seasons on his contract.

I’m debating how much context to give for this, but I will at the very least give a brief overview.

Tej Dhaliwal debuted the Larschcast, a podcast by and for what Jason Botchford might have called the “anti-negs” when he was still among us. They popped on the scene a couple months ago with this novel of a mission statement and their consistent anti-negativity, anti-media stance.

Myself and a few friends have sparred with them a few times, mainly because I consider myself a bit of a curator of fan conspiracy theories and I find ones about an agenda-driven media trying to bring down the Canucks to be particularly amusing. But I don’t hate any of them. They’ve been one of the few truly entertaining things about the offseason, even if they’re wrong about basically everything.

I’m a man of science, which means I only believe in things that are observably true, like astrology.

  • Defenceman Factory

    Sorry Jackson you are going to have to explain why the Canucks would give up the 12th to 15 overall pick in 2020. I’ll assume you know the Canucks can keep a pick for 2020 if outside the playoffs and you meant 2021 and just have no faith this team will progress over the next 2 years.

    • speering major

      Yeah it’s impossible to give up that pick. Sloppy stuff

      The Monday mailbag is a fun idea, maybe you guys could give someone else a shot? I figured the idea of this site was to rise above the comments you could get from random people on Canucks twitter. The mailbag gets less and less interesting when the person responding sounds more and more like a random guy on twitter. Raise the bar one way or another IMO

      • Barry Badrinath

        Too true, all JM does is opinion pieces, I’ve yet to read anything he’s written with any substantive reasoning behind it. You have some good, young writers on this site. Give them a shot at the mailbag. It can only get better at this point.

  • J-Canuck

    So a team that everyone on Ca picked to be the worst team in the NHL last year, will now miss the playoffs the next two years.
    Stanley Cup in 20-21…. being wrong never gets tiring, correct?

  • Burnabybob

    My dream is for the Canucks to improve, but barely miss the playoffs this year and win a lottery selection to draft either Lafreniere or Byfield. I would also love them to pick either Barron or Drysdale.

    • speering major

      So if you look at this wish statistically, you’re hoping the Canucks find themselves in circumstances that are probably less than 1% (odds of finishing there + odds of hitting lotto). I also like this outcome but….

      • Nuck16

        That why it’s a dream…dreams a rarely based on a high probability. I also share this dream. I do think the Canucks could easily make the playoffs though so long as they don’t have bad luck with injuries and everyone plays at least close to expectation. Marky would need to play the same as last season and Demko would need to be at least a solid backup. Hughes will need to be in the Calder conversation. My biggest hope in terms of a pleasant surprise would be with Gaudette. Would love to see a 15 goal, 30 point season from him.

      • J- Canuck

        So tell us, WHO are the Canucks leapfrogging to make the playoffs?

        San Jose
        Las Vegas
        St Louis
        Dallas as top eight
        with an improved Chicago, Arizona and Edmonton knocking on the door?

        Dream on indeed.

        • KGR

          The only sure team in that list is Vegas. Colorado may or may not follow up their playoff performance. The rest are decent teams, not great. Look at the turtle derby to finish last year for the last playoff spot. While I expect the Canucks will be just outside the playoff picture, If they take care of their own business and get about 95 points they could be in.

  • Marvin101

    if we miss the playoffs again this year and jimbo still has his job, i’ll be 100% certain that he has compromising pictures of fransesco. right now i’m only 60% certain.
    a “robsoncast” would be a million times better than a larchcast.

  • Fortitude00

    There is a decent chance the Myers signing becomes like the Eriksson one so it is possible the Canucks miss the playoffs the next two years. Until we see these guys play its difficult to predict what will happen. If Canucks do get 12 to 15 this coming off season they might be best to give it away.

    • DB1282

      there was some stupid questions, Christina’s for one, who gives a rats ass who believes in what, this is a hockey site not bible school, there is too much negativity on this forum and this change in format really sucks, the posting seems way down now, it was fun giving thumbs up and trashing the trolls

      • J-Canuck

        Guess no one has hockey questions? Also have to love a “writer” saying he is tired of answering a question. Well guess what?
        This whole series is about answering questions!

      • Killer Marmot

        They should have removed the Trash It buttons but kept the Thumbs Up. The trolls found a way to give multiple trashes to reasonable comments, presumably by maintaining numerous accounts.

        • truthseeker

          Personally I loved the trash button. I loved knowing how emotional I was making the cockroach every time I posted and instantly saw 7 thumbs down….lol. It was great fun knowing I had so much control over a single pathetic human being.

  • Kanuckhotep

    Larscheid? Are you kidding? Nice enough fellow but we need concise hockey analysis not cheerleaders. Don’t miss him one bit. I thought he was a football guy. Being beside iconic Jim Robson made him look better than he actually was. Next.

  • Kevlar73

    I took a year off reading anything from Jackson and have read the last few weeks of mailbags. I think I will go back to not reading his columns again. It’s the same biased outlook that continues not to look at both sides of an issue. Almost makes me miss JD

  • Ragnarok Ouroboros

    Isn’t the Red Pill a reference to the Matrix, which has become to mean accepting the brutal truth? Was the author being flip? Or does Red Pilld have something to do with misogyny and White Supremacy? If so then what?

    • Killer Marmot

      “Red Pilled” is used by American conservatives to refer to the moment when a progressive realizes that the progressive agenda is hokum. It’s only associated with “white supremacy and misogyny” if you believe that’s a fair description of American conservatives.

      • truthseeker

        Well you know what they say…not all “conservatives” are misogynistic white supremacists, but all misogynistic white supremacists are “conservative.”

  • rediiis

    “Reds, wine and sail away.” Uncommon Valor
    I really have a question for nest week.
    I know Pods is playing for the army team, SKA in St. Pete.
    I know Highlander is playing for Rogle.
    Where the hell is Linus Karlsson gonna play? His team (Karlskrona) was relegated. I try to follow these things, but you get the big bucks.