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31 Thoughts Podcast: Trade or AHL demotion likely for Loui Eriksson

With the Canucks signing free agent forward Michael Ferland to a four-year deal with an AAV of $3.5M and still needing to re-sign Brock Boeser, there’s been plenty of speculation regarding the team’s cap crunch.

One player receiving lots of attention this offseason is 33-year-old veteran forward Loui Eriksson. Eriksson has underperformed since arriving in Vancouver and has three years remaining on a six-year contract with an AAV of $6 million. He will be the second-highest paid forward on the Canucks in 2019-20 after Boeser signs.

GM Jim Benning has said he’s trying to figure out a solution with Eriksson’s camp. Benning stated the Canucks are looking to move a player out right now, but he hasn’t ruled out keeping Eriksson.

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“He’s still a useful player for us,” Benning said. “He can kill penalties, play a matchup role against other team’s top lines, he’s a good two-way player, so we’ll continue to look at our options and see if something makes sense and talk to Loui and see where he’s at and go from there.”

Eriksson signed in Vancouver as a free agent during the 2016 offseason after a 30-goal season in Boston. He’s managed just 32 goals and 76 points in 196 games with the Canucks over three seasons. Eriksson’s role has also diminished into more of a third-line checking type instead of a top-six scorer. He saw just just 1:16 of power play time last season after averaging 2:28 with the man advantage time in his first year with Vancouver. He was a healthy scratch for the first time with the Canucks in March.

It just doesn’t seem likely Eriksson will be playing for the Canucks in 2019-20. Most of the concern surrounding Eriksson’s future in Vancouver stems from comments he made to a Swedish publication back in May about how he feels playing under head coach Travis Green.

“It is difficult when I do not get the same trust that I received from all the other coaches I had during my career,” Eriksson told hockeysverige.se. “Of course, it is tough on that front.”

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Benning has talked to the media about Eriksson’s comments and doesn’t appear concerned.

“I think his comments, I don’t think they were as egregious as people think,” Benning said. “He is just trying to be honest with the situation, but we had a really good conversation and that will stay between Loui and I and we will continue to talk and work things out.”

Elliotte Friedman of the 31 Thoughts Podcast on Sportsnet believes this upcoming year will be huge for the Canucks.

“This is a year where you know everything is on the line,” Friedman said on the July 11 episode. “They are going to be one of the most fascinating stories in the league next year. You get the sense they are trying to turn their roster over a little bit obviously. It’s going to be a massive year there.”

Friedman had an interesting thought on Eriksson and how he sees this cap situation playing out for the Canucks.

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“What I think you’re looking at is Loui Eriksson… he wants to go and they [Canucks] want him to go. He’s got some control over the situation with his clauses. I think what they’re kinda telling him is if he doesn’t play ball, he could be in Utica.  That’s kinda where we are at this particular point in time. They’re going to have to do something.”

“You know changes are coming”, Friedman continued. Roussel is going to be out for the beginning of the year. That gives someone a chance to keep a job or something like that.”

“The Eriksson thing has to end. After what he said about Green. I know Green was really upset at that. That’s gonna happen one way or the other. I can’t see how he’s on their roster at the beginning of next season. It doesn’t make any sense.”

Even if the Canucks went that route and sent Eriksson down to play for the Comets, they wouldn’t really be saving much money. Due to what’s been deemed the “Wade Redden rule”, an NHL team can only unload a certain amount of a contract in the minors.  For the 2019-20 season, that amount is $1.075 million. The rest of a player’s cap hit still applies to the NHL team. The Canucks would still have a $4.925 million cap hit for Eriksson if they sent him to Utica.

Another interesting note from the podcast was Friedman stating that Ferland received a ton of interest in free agency, including from Calgary, Vegas and St.Louis. Out of all the players that waited to make their decision, Ferland was believed to be the most attractive player. The four-year term sold Ferland to the Canucks. You can listen to the full episode here.

If the Canucks can get out of Eriksson’s contract,  it will be huge for the younger players and the team moving forward. Benning likely isn’t receiving many calls on Eriksson based on his recent play and massive cap hit, but if a team is interested, Benning will need to use whatever leverage he can to make Eriksson waive his NTC and get the deal done.

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    • bushdog

      i get a feeling there is a bit of entitlement in erickson. instead of embracing his role and proving he deserves a promotion, he just floats offensively once the puck is moved up the ice. hate to see the guy villainized because of that comment but until he clarifies it, it’ll be an albatross for him in vancouver. too bad. guy gets creamed because he’s accepted a silly contract. 80% of nhl’ers would too! it’s not HIS fault they tossed so much at him! would You ever look someone in the eye at an interview and tell them that the pay is wayyy too high? Think about it! it’s not his fault!

      • canucksfan

        eriksson is the only canuck in history who wears an armani business suit under his canucks uni. biggest free agent disaster in franchise history and benning really should be fired for signing him with this kind of term, dollar and clauses at that age.

        • Bud Poile

          That’s B.S.. His game has been as an offensive contributor his whole career and he has been primarily placed in a defensive role here.Of course his production dropped but he’s been effective in the role he’s been given.It’s not going to be easy for him but he’s been a very good hockey player throughout his career and I expect he’ll come in and play with a chip on his shoulder and his middle finger to you,his detractors.

          • CanucksRealist

            What part of HoFamer MATS SUNDIN MADE just $5 million to kindly help the Canucks cap, WON THE DIVISION and then put up 8 points in 8 games in the playoffs don’t you get numbskull?

            Now suck on this troll…

            “Loui is an an elite scorer and playmaker” said General Manager Jim Benning. “He is an accomplished player who helps our team now and in the future as a leader and role model for our young players to follow. We’re excited to have Loui join our team and help us compete every night.” – Benning 2016 HAHAHAHAHA

            But Wait….
            “When we signed him, we expected him to be a consistent 20-goal scorer,” said Benning on Monday. “He hasn’t done that. That part, that’s been disappointing.” – Benning 2019

            Now run along, tail between legs you utter trolling cretin – and take the $36 million dollar SIX YEAR Benning BUST Eriksson, the worst term and $ FA signing in Canucks history with you… Brock wants and deserves his money! #benningbust #firebenning #worst’nucksUFAever

          • CanucksRealist

            FFS what utter innacurate, small sample size, trolling NONSENSE is this… are you seriously trying to tell us that a 36 MILLION dollar 4th line bust NO ONE WANTS is better than a one season 5 million dollar HoFamer who killed it in the playoffs… you are truly out of your mind…

            “On 18 December 2008, the Canucks announced that Mats Sundin had signed with the club to a one-year, $8.6 million contract. **Pro-rated for the remainder of the season, Sundin’s salary worked out to $5 million.** Taking a $1.4 million pay cut from the Canucks’ original offer, Sundin decreased his contract willingly in order to give the Canucks added salary cap space to potentially bolster their lineup before the end of the season.”

            “Sundin returned to point-per-game form in the 2009 playoffs, as the Canucks entered the post-season as the Northwest Division champions. Sundin finished the playoffs with an impressive eight points in eight games.” – The Province/TSN etc

            What a class act who also sold jerseys and tickets galore – Mats took a massive pay cut, inspired the whole Canucks dressing room and delivered the goods when it mattered most – in the PLAYOFFS.

            The BUST Loui Eriksson is walking away with $36 MILLION in his pocket, no discounts, ZERO playoffs and ZERO positive impact on anything or anyone on the franchise and costing Brock Boeser his money. A Titanic sized boat anchor tied to Bennings neck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Rich Dawson

            How can anyone in their right mind defend Eriksson’s contract and caphit when even the GM and the players own agent are admitting it has been a disaster for all concerned.

            Oh yeah. I still have my Sundin jersey and he was a beast in the playoffs with Kesler on his wing. Fun times.

          • Beer Can Boyd

            A GM who signs a guy to a 6 year, 6 million $, no trade contract, and the player ends up on the 4th line has made a grave mistake. Effective 4th line wingers should cost 1.5 mil max. I can see the case that he should be fired for that. Anyway, we all know he has this year to prove his “vision”, or he’s gone for sure.

          • Bud Poile

            Like Ferland with the Petey/Bo carrot,Eriksson was enticed to come here to play with the twins.
            Injuries immediately hit and Green put LE on the second line with Sutter to balance out the lines and the scoring.
            He’s played 146 games as a Canuck with 30 goals scored.
            That’s an average of just under 14 goals per 82 game seasons.

          • CanucksRealist

            This joker is ridiculous. Could you tell the group what relevance a one year, 5 million dollar HoFamer with a division title and eight points in eight playoff games has to do with Benning’s SIX YEAR, THIRTY SIX MILLION dollar fourth line UFA mega-BUST Loui Eriksson, who is stopping Brock Boeser from getting paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            CLUE:- The answer is NOTHING – now kindly f(c)uk off back under your rock and stick to taking notes off 650, ya sad little nobody.

          • canucksfan

            in true canucks high drama fashion, he won’t even make it to the end of the season if we are out of it by xmas or the all star break, as is usually the norm when the injuries and excuses kick in lol.

          • Bud Poile

            The Armani suit belongs to Sundin and Gillis is the butler so no,I’m not high.I actually ran the numbers instead of bleating like a fanatic longing for 2011 to be replayed every season.

            NHL SALARY CAP per team in 2008-9:$56,700,00 USD
            Sundin: $8.6m USD or 15.2% of Canucks cap
            Mats scored 3% of the Canucks goals in 2008-9
            Used in an offensive role.
            41 GP : 9g 19a 28 pts
            Canucks GF in 2008-2009:246 Goals Against:220
            $10 million USD contract
            8.6 million dollar U.S.D. payout.Out of shape and only played half a season.
            Gillis offered $10 million X 2 years but Sundin signed for one year only @ $10m but willingly decreased his contract by $1.4 million to allow the team flexibility to allow the Canucks to bolster their lineup for the postseason.
            Sundin’s 15.2% of the Canucks total salary cap is based upon the revised deal he extended to the Canucks and not the one he was given by Gillis.

            NHL salary cap per team was $79.5 million during the 2018-19 season
            Eriksson: $6m or 13.5 % of the Canucks cap in 2018-19.
            Eriksson scored 5% of the Canucks goals in 2018-19
            TOI:14:04,16:16,18:41 over the last three seasons
            81GP IN 2018-19: 11g 18a 29 pts.
            Canucks GF in 2018-19 :219 Goals against:248

            Eriksson is paid $2.6m USD’s or 45% less than Sundin which is a smaller percentage of the Canucks total cap,scored more goals than Sundin and accounted for more of the team’s total goals scored by percentage.
            Eriksson played nearly 3 minutes less TOI than Sundin this past season,played the full season and was stapled to the fourth line for most of it when he was not killing penalties.

            Sundin played with the twins,Kesler,Burrows,Luongo, and the old core in their prime at thebeginning of the golden years.
            Eriksson played with the twins in the twilifght of their careers on a rebuilding team in the basement.

          • Bud Poile

            $10 million dollar contract for nine friggin’ goals.
            The guy is so f’n embarrassed he gave money back.
            Yet the banned troll gels up for Gillis.
            How about Booth and Ballard contract comparisons to add to the Sundin blunder,gel boy?

          • Bud Poile

            You’re so f’n delusional you create Rich Dawson to hold the gel while you lather.

            The Canucks and Sundin eventually agreed on a one-year, prorated contract (he signed around Christmas time) that worked out to carry a cap hit of about $8.5 million USD. Sundin did the Canucks a huge favor by not signing the initial two-year offer, as it would have COMPLETELY CRIPPLED their ability to make free agent moves or trades during the next two years.

          • canucksfan

            “he’s been effective in the role he’s been given”

            are you high? not to the tune of six million (us) per for six years with ironclad clauses where he still calls the shots he hasn’t!

            loui eriksson was brought in to score lots of goals originally on the sedins line and he didn’t even last half a season with them. it’s been all downhill since averaging a disastrous 10 goals a season. he was demoted by coach green for being poor and lazy and he is now the biggest boat anchor we ever had. that money is now badly needed to sign brock! get a grip and stop being a dick.

          • Defenceman Factory

            The Eriksson contract has been very poor but Bud is correct Eriksson is a very effective 4th liner while highly overpaid for that role. I seldom agree with Bud’s over optimistic view but fail to see how his assertion Ericksson is good in that role makes makes him the dick.

          • Defenceman Factory

            Bud, why do you insist in getting into these ridiculous debates with trolls? It’s not a good look for you.

            Eriksson has been a horrible signing and the Sundin contract was an embarrassment even for him. Who cares which was worse.

  • Beer Can Boyd

    My ideal Canucks line up of forwards and combinations for this season looks like this:

    Beagle-Motte-MacEwen* (replaced by Roussel when he’s healthy)

    that leaves an awful lot of salary on the shelf with Sutter, Eriksson, Baertschi, Schaller, and Goldobin. GMJB has some heavy lifting to do to fix this…

    • Beer Can Boyd

      Rumour seems to be that Sven will retire.It’s sad, because he had certainly made some big strides in the last couple of years, but the severity of his concussions simply should not be ignored. Schaller will definitely go on waivers, and hopefully be claimed. Then JB should trade either Sutter or Loui, as well as Goldy for the best offer, which might be nothing more than a 7th round pick. Maybe retain a couple mil per year in salary if necessary. That leaves the untraded of the 2 as the extra forward until Roussel comes back. This also leaves room for the likes of Lind, Gadjovich, Jasek, Lockwood and others to possibly get a shot at a call up.

      • Beer Can Boyd

        One last piece of advice for JB. Draft a lot of defensemen next year! Signing Myers and Benn did not fix the long term problems there. Woo and Rathbone have top 4 potential, but I see all the other Utica guys more as 5/6/7/8 options. I do think they should re-sign Hutton to be #7, and send Bulldog to Utica in a playing coach type of role. He could teach those young D-men a lot about hard work.

        • DJ_44

          No need to sign Hutton (I doubt he would take less than $1M which is what they would offer). Fantenberg was signed. Biega will be in tough to keep an NHL roster spot.

          I agree they have to draft some defencemen next year. They have Juolevi how can certainly be top 4. Kids have some tough luck these past two seasons.

      • DJ_44

        I believe Sven’s agent commented that he is completely healthy and will play this year. While I like the line combo’s you have listed, I think Sven get in, maybe over Leivo. He was good when he played last year.

      • Beer Can Boyd

        I agree, El Kabong. I’ve always thought that Gaudette, Jake and Roussel would be a great 3rd line. And leaving Motte and MacEwan to fight for a spot would bring out the best in both of them. I could even see Motte in the middle if Granpa Beagle needed a rest.

    • Bud Poile

      Gaudette and Schaller are headed to Utica if partners cannot be found to start the year.
      All of these players have been on the trading block and until Baertschi and Sutter show some resiliency and produce their injury histories are holding them back.
      I ‘m with Bill in that I make LE work his way out of it. That’s what he’s being paid for. Suck it up and play.

      • DogBreath

        They want Gaudette to start in Utica to develop his game. This makes sense (last year he wasn’t much of a factor and he’s got a chance to be a strong 3LC). My hunch is they go with something close to BCB line-up, but will have Sutter 3LC until he gets his value up. I suspect Macewen will need to knock peoples socks off to displace Schaller as Macewen still needs some polish.

    • Dirty30

      Tough call between having Miller with Petey’s or Bo’s line.

      Bo—Pearson—Ferland gives you that skill plus feisty line that can stand on its own.

      Petey—Boeser—Miller gives the Dynamic Duo some size, skill and the option to have Miller take face-offs which adds another dimension to the Duo’s deployment and setup in the offensive zone.

      Third line looks good but might have Sutter in place of Gaudette as the latter is still waiver exempt for a while. That might mean Sutter gets a show-me audition and if he shines he may stay.

      That leaves Beagle—Eriksson—Goldy to start with either Motte or Schaller in the box for kick-off.

      I agree that Baertschi may be done — that’s a big loss and he deserves better … but as noted, if he still has post-concussion symptoms he may need to be on LTIR.

      Baertschi still represents one of the best trades Benning has made for cost to value, and Sven’s work to make himself the player he has become is admirable. But it is a concern if he takes any more hits to the head.

      • Holly Wood

        Goldy on a fourth line will never fly. He’s a skilled player with no grit whatsoever. If he’s not playing in the top 9 he is merely a depth player. Louie can play the 4th line role but Goldie in there is like putting lipstick on a pig.

      • Me

        There is no Goldie on a successful Canucks team.
        Maybe he can sit in Utica and wait for a call up, but really I think that experiment has about run its course.

        Honestly I’ll be a little surprised if he’s on the roster at training camp. Goodbye Goldie, the giveaway goblin.

  • bushdog

    i don’t buy the ‘trying to save his job’ stuff. benning started with Nothing. he made a lot of ho-hum trades because that was all he could do. a few panned out to some degree, as expected many did not. i figure he’s dealt with troubles in the organization very well. linden is gone. scouts have definite people and things to watch out for. he dealt with a lot of dead time with the cap tied to the sedin’s contracts. the team was an absolute shambles when he got here – remember? he took a 6 year contract because he knew that’s how long it would take. and it has. this year, with some Real options, he’s made the team immeasurably better. the timing of the drafted guys maturing and the new guys coming in – gosh, haters – is it all just a coincidence? get behind the team, quit the nonsense…or get off the site!!!

      • Defenceman Factory

        I don’t like some of the moves Benning has made, most notably the Myers signing as I think there were ways to get a good RHD that would have been been more effective over the long term.

        That said there is no question next year’s roster will be a very big improvement and should be real playoff threat. The Miller or Ferland contract is very movable when Podkolzin is ready.

          • CanucksRealist

            It’s always hilarious and pathetic to see DJ_44 pontificating about the merits of defence… remember guys, this is the same clueless turd who has raved about Larsen, Tryamkin, Poulliot, MDZ and also told us that LOUI ERIKSSON is a bargain and a top six forward on any team in the league – and i have the posts to prove it. PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • canucksfan

            strongly disagree. sharks have locked up karlsson and are still loaded with talent. dallas have loaded up with experienced playoff vets on a 93 point team. nashville, colorado, calgary, vegas, are all still as good if not better. st louis are the sc champs and are a lock. that leaves one spot open, as i agree winnipeg have slipped… but chicago and edmonton are gonna be knockin and Arizona have signed Kessel to their 39 regulation win team. They are my pick for the eighth slot. canucks just aren’t making it over the aforementioned with this roster. already put a grand on it in fact.

          • CanucksRealist

            Beer, why are you even concerned about the joke opinion of the worst talent evaluator (alongside Dud) on this site?… this proven narcissist p(r)ick is an utter laugher… here… have a look at his hall of SHAME..

            “I also shake my head regarding the lack of respect Loui receives. If you watch the game, he is easily a top six on any team in league.” – DJ_44

            “I will defend the Sutter and Gudbranson acquisitions…. they were fair deals. Let’s hope for a Edler trade, and we will be good for next season on D.” – DJ_44

            “I have been luke warm on Baertschi from the beginning. I far would prefer Boucher on Horvat’s wing.” – DJ_44

            “I cannot understand why Larsen is not in the line up. He is their best D-man at making a first pass. His defensive weaknesses are not worse than Hutton. Pair him with Tryamkin.” – DJ_44

            “… and Holm, who will be a solid bottom pair guy with ability and upside.” – DJ_44

            “Poulliot has been pleasantly surprising and can be considered free money.” – DJ_44

            Hahaha – PRICELESS.

            You are correct, the OIl have McDavid and Draisatl and they aren’t done on D yet… the Canucks are done and capped out.

            Watch for Holland to make moves and leapfrog the Canucks. The opposite of what DJ says is a guaranteed win. lol

          • canucksfan

            private bet beer can – double my money if i win and i have agreed to give those winnings to charity as i am that confident there will be no playoffs again so happy to contribute. As you say the betting odds elsewhere are a waste of time, except on here lol.

          • DJ_44

            could you tell us who the Canucks are leapfrogging to get into the playoffs?… i see nine or ten teams ahead of us in the west right now.

            I think VGK is the best in the Pacific — I mean signing Stone last year is better by leaps and bounds over any UFA signing this season. Then it gets murkier. SJS and CGY both regressed in so far as they are not icing lineups that are objectively poorer than last season. ANA and LAK are rebuilding. I am not sure what door you hear EDM knocking on, but it ain’t the playoffs. ARZ is in a similar position as the Canucks; they have improved (although not as dramatically as VAN) but also a healthy season will benefit them.

            In the central, I think DAL is going to win the division. They have really improved by signing Pavelski and Perry, have great goaltending, and really did not lose anyone of consequence. I think COL will get a top 3 spot in the division. The other place is between STL, WPG and NAS. I think NAS and WPG have regressed. WPG defence is highly questionable however they are stacked up front. Nashville …. I mean Rinnie is a year older, Subban won’t be a huge loss, they added Duchene up front …. I don’t get a good feeling.

            I think it will be a 4-4 split for spots, and I think the Canucks will be in the top 3 of the Pacific.

          • Beer Can Boyd

            Edmonton could have a defence of Nurse, Klefbom,Larsson,Bouchard and Broberg this year. They are all big, and all 26 yrs old or less. If Smith gives them decent goaltending, and with Tippet as coach, they will be miles better than last year. Making the playoffs will be very tough for the Canucks.

          • Beer Can Boyd

            DJ, do you honestly believe that the Canucks have a better defence than the Oilers? 4 guys over 30 on the backside of their careers, undersized Troy, and a rookie who has played 5 games in the NHL , and is 170lbs soaking wet?

          • Beer Can Boyd

            I have one good friend from Buffalo, and a few from Winnipeg. They are unanimous in thinking the Canucks overpaid wildly for Myers. They all question his defensive positioning, and bemoan his almost complete lack of physicality. Benning should have waited till next year when Pieterangelo, Barrie, Faulk and Hamonic will drive the price of RHD way down from what he paid for Myers. But he knows he didn’t have that luxury.

          • liqueur des fenetres

            Last season the Canucks had wins against a lot of top teams. They deserve credit for playing hard for those points but at the same time it can be argued that a lot of the better teams didn’t bring their A game against a team that the consensus saw as finishing bottom 3. This season teams will be more focused and it won’t be easy to repeat the same record.

          • DJ_44

            Edmonton could have a defence of Nurse, Klefbom,Larsson,Bouchard and Broberg this year. They are all big, and all 26 yrs old or less. If Smith gives them decent goaltending, and with Tippet as coach,

            Size and age do not equate to quality. If they are relying on an 18 and a 19 year old rookie d-men and a 38 yr old back up goalie for their season, they are in trouble. So, they are in trouble.

          • DJ_44

            DJ, do you honestly believe that the Canucks have a better defence than the Oilers?

            Yes. I do. And it is not really close. Their defence is unchanged from last year:

            Klefboom Larson Nurse Russell Benning Manning Persson

            They have Baer, Jones in the minors, along with Bouchard and Samurokov in their first season pro.
            Bouchard may play well, however Holland will do what is best for development.

            Nurse had a great season, but other than that, Edler is better than all of them. Canucks have greatly improved their defence, and Myers and Hughes will provide the necessary puck movers they have lacked.

            The Oilers defence will get better .. especially in two years. This year, not so much.

          • jaybird43

            I would say that there’s three teams I see as potential sliders that the Canucks rise above: Stars, Sharks and Knights. Whether it happens: who knows? But I think one of those slots will be up for grabs.

          • Defenceman Factory

            I see the Canucks getting over 90 points next season. Given the roster improvements I think 3 more wins over divisional rivals is likely. They also had 11 OT losses last year. Pettersson, Boeser with Hughes is going to improve that stat.

            Like every year there are teams whose regression is a bit of a surprise and that will likely need to happen for the Canucks to get in. I can see Dallas, Winnipeg and San Jose sliding a bit while Vancouver, Colorado and Arizona all put up more points. I expect a big cluster of teams around that 90 point range. Coming up with 91-93 points will edge them in.

  • J-Canuck

    I don’t see anyway that he Canucks demote Loui to save a little more than 1 mil in cap room. His contract is wayyyy too much, but the guy can still play a bottom 6 role and on PK.
    I know that Trav is not happy with Loui’s comments but his contract is a tough one to move. Loui has always been a 2 way guy and now he is a one way match up forward. If he really wants a bigger role on a different team, his agent better start making phone calls and expanding his list of teams.

  • Rodeobill

    I can understand LE side of things. I don’t believe he planned to come here and just do nothing for his paycheck, but the real of it is, is that in his prime he was a good complimentary top 6er. He is now past that, disheartened, publicly branded with fans and with his coach (who last season came out and stuck up for him publicly) as being someone who blames others for his poor results. I can only imagine his frustration, stemming right from his first ‘own goal’ (which I remember clearly him expertly keeping possession of the puck single-handedly being chased by 4 players) and then throwing it back to no one and hitting our own empty net. It seemed like (for him, and fans I imagine) a cursed relationship from the get-go. The reality is I can see no BETTER option than letting him play this year. For the cap savings, there are better people to send down than him, and no one is going to want to take that cap hit without us trading other value away, and probably in the form of futures or prospects. Just let him play, who knows, by the TDL he may have a resurgence and be worth more to another team without having to cut our own wrists going forward. If he is unhappy, I can deal with that. He signed the contract, and has to be accountable to that part. If you want out, play yourself into a position that can be dealt. Just because his contract stands out as the biggest problem facing the team right now does NOT mean that paying even more to get rid of it is the best of all options moving forward. If some team says we’ll take him off your hands for nothing, ok, sure. But lets be realistic, who is going to line up to take a 3rd liner on the downswing of his career at a 6 mill cap hit without something more involved. JB said he has multiple plans in consideration for sorting out the cap, I just don’t see LE as one of them. All in all, JB is probably maneuvering the threat of AHL to put a fire under his agent’s buns to find something that is acceptable on the off chance it works.

    JB is trying to keep his job, everyone knows that and the evidence is clear enough this off season. Addressing the LE contract would put a big shine on that aspect (or even gesturing to do so, which is all that has really happened until now). But giving up prospects and or future picks would damn him twice in the eyes of management and fans alike. Sign one of the worst UFA contracts? Then pay further valuable assets (I have hear Virtanen, high picks?) to be rid off it!? That would look even worse that just riding it out. I just don’t see it happening. Who knows, though, I could be wrong. If the team starts winning next year, things like this can be easily forgotten.

  • Kanuckhotep

    The Loui contract is not on Loui but on Benning. Benning has come a long way but this one signing may be his worst since being here and still haunts. It’s been said many times if LE was getting $2M a year we wouldn’t even be discussing his time here because fans trust him out there to not seriously hurt the club. But you have to take the money as offered. I would.

    • canuckfan

      Everyone on all the blogs were demanding Benning sign Eriksson other teams were bidding on him thinking that he would bring out the best in the Sedins as they were coming to the end of their career. His first game with the own goal now is what he time in Vancouver has been all about. The first two years he was injured and in the second year he was just getting his game going putting pucks in the net. He has been put in a defensive mode and has done it well he has been put in scoring roles as well but he wasn’t able to score so was time to put him back in shutting down the other teams stars.
      Not sure if he will be a Canuck for much longer and think it is best he moves on to finish out his career and for the best of his family so that they are being exposed to him being crapped on every day.

      • Bud Poile

        Rightly so.It was reported Eriksson has already moved his family out of Vancouver back to Dallas.
        Imagine your children having to put up with deranged fanatics like PQW and Dumpster?
        He’s protecting them from the same B.S. that this site allows as acceptable content.

    • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

      If ethics were thrown out the window, the Canucks would simply pull a Toronto Maple Leafs and refuse all media access to Little things, and hide him away while publicly failing his training camp physical. If he complains publicly, you void his contract on account of material breach.

      • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

        But that would require a GM with balls whose vocabulary wasn’t devoid of the words “leverage”, “outside the box thinking” “proactivity” and understanding player value.

  • Nuck16

    If in fact LE vetoed the trade for Lucic, then he has provided at least on gift to Vancouver.
    As for the starting lineup and which fringe players will be in there…no point speculating until we see how everybody plays in pre-season. Goldy may play lights out or he could be a disappointment…hard to predict.