Micheal Ferland inks four-year deal with the Canucks

Despite already making an expensive splash on July 1, Jim Benning isn’t finished making additions to the team. Micheal Ferland, who has slipped between the cracks in this free agency period, is reportedly closing in on a deal with the Canucks.

Ferland is mostly known for his time in Calgary in which he evolved from an energy guy who would drop the gloves into a solid top-six offensive contributor. Last summer, he was a part of the massive, multi-player deal that sent Dougie Hamilton to Carolina and Elias Lindholm and Noah Hanifin to Calgary. He would put up 17 goals and 40 points with the Canes during the regular season, helping the team end their lengthy playoff drought, though he didn’t play much of a role in the team’s surprising playoff run.

At the right price, Ferland can bring a lot of value to the Canucks. He’s only 27 years old and has scored at least 15 goals in each of his past three seasons. Of course, given the rough and physical style of game he plays, you’d ideally like to avoid giving him too many years on a contract.

If you don’t remember Ferland, here’s a refresher:


It looks like four years, $3.5 million annually for Ferland, which is a very solid deal. Benning will have to do a little bit of maneuvering in order to fit what’ll likely be a big Brock Boeser contract under the salary cap.

  • Hockey Bunker

    How much better do you think Boeser feels today knowing Ferland is on his team, probably his line, and not playing in Calgary or elsewhere in the division as had been rumoured
    How much better does Petey feel knowing Ferland has his back instead of Goldy.
    How much better does Hughes feel.
    How much bigger can Edler now play.
    Guys this is about the team and Benning hit another home run. He can have size and grit on every line along with skill. This team can go places.
    Bottom line teams hate playing against Ferland, Miller, Rousell,….are you starting to get the picture. Watch for wild man Jake to make an appearance. Lookout Pacific Division, Canucks mean business. They won’t lie down any more. They aren’t a door mat to wipe your feet on.

  • speering major

    Great news as long as the contract is reasonable. Called Ferland a good fit months ago

    The other good news is this means there’s likely a market for Sutter, Baertschi, or Eriksson. Outside chance Tanev is the one being moved bod more likely an inferior winger gets shipped out

    Ferland and Miller riding shotgun with either Horvat or Petterson/Boeser makes the top 6 legit. This move makes the Canucks a legit contender for a playoff spot

    • janmoh

      Possibly Baertchi might need to retire? That would free up the cap space to sign Ferland. I’m hearing 4yrs x 3.5 million. This just adds to the depth! Top 6 looks pretty formidable!

    • Puck N A

      “The other good news is this means there’s likely a market for Sutter, Baertschi, or Eriksson.”

      How does signing another body at $3.5m per to go over cap, albeit fluidly, help the Canucks’ leverage in getting a deal done to move the egregiously dismal contracts of Eriksson and Sutter? Other GMs now know that Benning’s even more desperate to move (either of) those two because of cap issues.

      It’s shocking, even for Benning, that on June 30, the Canucks had a nice treasure chest of cap space they could have used to not overpay on term and $ (Myers), futures (JT Miller) or redundant middle six role players (Ferland), while needing to re-up their most important RFA (Boeser), and saving it for a deal or deals with OTHER boneheaded GMs who — inevitably — run into problems before or during the season with unhappy players, injuries, upcoming cap issues, etc.

      But anyone with a small dab of grey matter can see what’s going on — Benning’s a lame duck who absolutely has to make the playoffs this year or he’s out. And he’s just blown his wad on acquisitions who’ll improve the team short term but who’ll compromise the team’s future. But hey! Let’s get juiced for a 20% chance at the 8 seed!

      • speering major

        The logical assumption is Benning has tested the market with those players before signing Ferland. Do you really think a team of execs didn’t think through signing Boeser? LOL I get that people don’t like Benning and question his moves but to assume he signed Ferland with no plan or ability to sign Boeser is a huge stretch

        • Puck N A

          I didn’t say he wouldn’t be able to re-sign Boeser. I said that maxing out cap space — and in fact going over it — means that he’ll have to shed cap WHEN he re-signs him. In other words, Benning’s leverage is gone. Other GMs are already in the driver’s seat when dealing with those bad contracts — now Benning will have even fewer options to get out of those deals while cutting losses.

  • Jamie E

    I like the player and I like the contract. If anyone has suggested in the lead up to free agency that Ferland would be available at this AAV, most folks would have called you crazy. The 4 year term is also reasonable and won’t take Ferland much beyond his prime, which is important for someone who plays like he plays.

  • J-Canuck

    What’s missing beyond just making a playoff push this year, is Miller and Ferland give the Canucks 4 yrs at controlled cost. Ep/Bo/Brock/Miller/Ferland will be in the Canucks top 6 for 4 yrs, giving them stability.
    If Levio has a break out year he may jet, Pearson has 2 years left. So having certainty going through EP, Bo and Brock’s prime years is great.

    • Locust

      Build the team, let them bond, become friends and you can overachieve.
      Knock I’ve heard about the Oilers is they have no team spirit. Guys aren’t friends, don’t really hang out except ‘at work’. When you have a group of guys who grow up together, start their families at the same times, wives all become friends, etc etc you have a very good thing. I know the basement dwelling types here that have never been in a group since the AV club in high school (thinking of you Fraud) wont get it but most of you will.
      Benning is really building the culture.

      • I am Ted

        Great heartfelt post bro. Is that why you have been posting here for five years now, building the culture, trashing the CA staff, bonding, building the team and becoming friends? Sweet!!!

        • Locust

          You are welcome. I am doing what Benning is doing. Improving the culture, getting rid of the riff raff and leading by example. You and a handful of woefully negative losers here dont like it and would rather sit in your depends and whine about the Canucks. All the writers here have fake accounts that they post with, maybe yours is fake too. Remember when I caught FRAUD two years ago…… of course you don’t. Once we are successful again you losers will look even lamer than you do now. You should go to OilerNation, your kind of people there….

      • Freud

        Locust can’t hang with the smart guys, so he pretends to know all about “culture”. lol

        And he sure likes to mention me a lot…

        Easy to get in that weak mind. Snowflake tough guy fails again.

        • Beer Can Boyd

          “Once we are successful again you losers will look even lamer than you do now.” Well, once they are a successful team again, we’ll certainly look older. You’d better hope that Markstromm can duplicate his one great season, other wise they’ll be out of the playoff picture by February. Everybody on here is bleating about how they’ve improved the defence. I see 4 guys over 30 and well into the downside of their careers, undersized Troy, and a rookie who’s played 5 NHL games. One thing is for certain though, Benning has now decisively cornered the market on 8-15 goal scoring wingers. Again, I’m a lifelong fan, which is why its so hard to watch you all blindly cheerleading for a GM who is so desperate to save his job, that he’s now handing out contracts that will cripple this team for another 5 years. I hope I’m wrong, but right now I’m certainly not seeing what all of you are, maybe more beer will help.

  • J-Canuck

    If this goes through the Canucks are a completely different team than last year. Secondary scoring shouldn’t be a problem after EP, Brock and Bo.
    Miller/Ferland/Levio and Baer give the top six a lot of options and the 3rd line some scoring punch.
    Who will be moved out to fit under the cap? The off-season isn’t over yet

    • Flatus

      Hey Bob – I was just about to post this.

      The Canucks will be a very different looking team next season. There are obviously a few issues to work out, from a personnel perspective, but I think things are looking up.

      Now as much as the hand-wringers and over-analyzers on this site will pick and tease ad nauseum at the moves made in the off season, we will have to wait until October to get a realistic impression of what this version of the team will be like.

  • Pettersson and Hughes are surprise developments that also have 2 years of ELC left. Benning’s window came sooner than he expected, even sooner than when they were sparring with Linden. Benning is doing the smart thing, what Edmonton and Toronto did not do and that’s taking advantage of the ELC window that stemmed from drafting “impact players”. Surrounding them with scoring depth and support is the right move (gamble).

  • Bud Poile

    The suggestion on 650 that Baertschi may have decided to retire is plausible.
    Newly married with an opportunity to go home to Switzerland making decent money is a realistic scenario.

  • Whatthe...

    Great deal – looking forward to watching this group. Miller, Ferland, Leivo, Person and Bo should afford Petey and Boeser a tonne of space (or vice versa).

  • Alex G

    Benning has some work to do to in moving out some bodies/salary, but there is not much to not like about this signing.

    Ferland is a late bloomer and just hitting his prime. His pts/g has increased every season since joining the NHL. I think the term and structure is good: 1st 2 years MNC, the 3 & 4 years MNTC, so the Canucks have the option to protect him (or not) for the expansion draft. The contract is easy to move for assets starting year 3 as well.

    In his arguably best summer since coming to the Canucks, JB has once again addressed another team need. The Canucks seriously lacked toughness and secondary scoring the past few seasons. Not only can Ferland put up 40-50 points, he likes to hit and is excellent when he drops the mitts. While his ATOI last season was only 14:06, his 2.40 pts/60 mins was only bettered on the Canucks by EP40 and Boeser. HIs 2.6 hits/g last season is only bettered by Motte among Canucks forwards. To boot, last season he was 6-0 in his fights, and add protection for our young stars. Surprisingly, despite the high quantity of hits and fights, he only took 13 minor penalties in 71 games. As a bonus, he has & can play LW or RW, providing more flexibility in shaping the lines. The analytic folks like him too as he is well above average overall. He should fit in real nicely in the top 6.

  • Chris the Curmudgeon

    Oh for God’s sake can you please focus on re-signing Boeser and dealing with the myriad problems already in front of you before adding yet another free agent on a cap clogging contract? And, if we’re really about to sign this guy can someone explain why we acquired JT Miller? How many expensive middle-6 wingers does this team need?

    For those people who would want to comment on Ferland’s utility in the playoffs, it bears pointing out that outside of that first round against WHL Willie’s pathetic coaching, Ferland has 2 playoff points in 3 series.

    • speering major

      you need 4 wingers in your “top 6”. You don’t stick lemons out with guys like Petterson and Horvat

      Prior to the off season the Canucks basically had Boeser. After that it was Pearson (acquired for Gudbranson), Baetschi, Lievo, Goldobin…… Umm, that’s extremely thin and adding Miller and Ferland is plugging a huge hole. This also bumps someone down to the third line to play with JV. That makes a very respectable 3rd line. The team was thin and adding players in your top 6 and having sub par players trickle down to the 3rd line makes the team a lot better

      • Chris the Curmudgeon

        When your team has a whole bunch of needs, that should indicate that it still requires some building. Or, since it had been built in the past, some “rebuilding”. IE: build through the draft wherever you can. Between Baertschi, Miller, Goldobin, Pearson, Leivo and Virtanen, the team should be able to find 3 guys who can hack it in the top 6. Ferland’s 17 goals last year don’t exactly say “way better” compared to Pearson’s 18, Virtanen’s 15, Leivo’s 14 or Miller’s 13 (plus 34 assists), and if Sven is healthy or Goldy’s put in the time over the off-season, both have oodles more offensive potential than this guy. Ferland’s a decent enough middle 6 guy, sure, but it’s not like he’s such a must-have guy to pair with the top centers on the team when we have a glut of middle roster guys already and a serious cap crunch.

        Give this money to Boeser to lock him up long term, allow the existing surplus of top 6 candidates to push hard for the job, and avoid committing future money and term to free agents to allow home grown, cheaper and higher ceiling talent a path to a roster spot in future years (in such a way that doesn’t require us to sweeten deals with assets to get other teams to take players off of our hands).

        • J-Canuck

          A lot of the holes are being plugged.
          Defense is ALOT better, not Preds, but a lot better and the top 3 lines have scoring depth now! Miller/Pearson/Ferland/Levio are all 15-20 goal scorers the team didn’t have to start last year.
          I expect EP and Brock to take giant strides if healthy next season and support from these top 9 wingers will be the reason. When injuries hit, guys can move up and pick up some slack

        • TheRealPB

          So JB is throwing all the money and all the rebuild out to save his job? If it is true that Baertschi is retiring this at least makes a little more sense (and is sad if true). If not, then adding so many middling players and seemingly committing to bringing zero young players into the mix this season other than Hughes seems…not promising for a supposedly rebuilding team. On D at least you’ve swapped out a lot of the not good Dmen (acquired by Benning) — Gudbranson, MDZ, Pouliot — for better ones. But we are adding Miller and Ferland and subtracting who? This also seems to spell Utica for Gaudette and MacEwan and who knows what for Goldobin. The two you’d like to see gone — Sutter and Eriksson — are unlikely to leave without costing us something in the process. And the one you actually want — Boeser — remains unsigned? Our cap hit is certainly much higher than last year. Is the team that much better? JB is taking a lot of chances here — and if they don’t pay off, it’s the next GM that’s going to be left holding a lot of contracts to a lot of mediocre players. If Boeser is part of the core that is supposedly being rebuilt around — Horvat, EP, Hughes, Boeser and maybe Demko — why the long wait to resign him?

          • TD

            What young players do you want them to add? Hopefully a good start will allow Sutter to be traded and Gaudette can come up. Frankly Gaudette could probably use the time in the minors. He showed flashes last year, but was stone cold over the last 20 games. Do you see MacEwan in the top 9? Maybe third line but he’s a bottom 6 and probably a 4th line player. Hughes will be added and probably Juolevi will see time. Who else has shown they are ready?

          • TheRealPB

            TD I don’t want them to add young players. I want them to develop the ones they already have instead of adding a whole new round of mid-20s guys who are overpaid and look chancy based on their underlying numbers. I could somewhat excuse the acquisitions of Sutter, Gudbranson and Eriksson and the moving out of some of the old core for attempts at jumpstarts with Vey, Pouliot, Etem, and the short-term contracts to actually good pros like Vanek, Ryan Miller and Vrbata. But I really don’t need to see a new version in Miller, Myers and Ferland.

            What I want is to see a commitment to real development in the AHL, a real focus on Lind, Gadjovich, DiPietro, Juolevi, Gaudette and Palmu. What I want to see is Virtanen and Goldobin given a real shot. What we have now is an abundance of ‘meat-and-potatoes’ possible 20 goal 40 point guys. What would have made more sense to me is if you really want to spend lots of money in free agency to go after at least one big-time scorer. We’ve gone from being the fifth lowest cap team to the 9th highest. That’s without resigning Boeser. Does this seem to you like a lineup that is top ten in the league? Have the Canucks really insulated EP and Horvat with solid wingers? I get that the Boeser camp may be waiting out the other RFAs — after all Marner, Point and a bunch of other young stars are too. But splashing down all this money on middling free agents is a terrible idea. I have no time for the idea of a tank rebuild. But neither have I ever seen much success in rebuilding (in the cap era) by signing a bunch of mid-level complementary players.

            We are a top ten cap team and yet we don’t have a #1 defenseman and our best two forwards are on an ELC and on a reasonable contract. Benning has done a tremendous job of putting together 3 fourth lines and 2 second pairings, all for the same price that most teams are paying for actual superstars.

  • Reme

    Overall, this off-season seems quite a bit better than last season, as this team did have a lot of holes. This summer’s signings are not anywhere near as overpriced as last season. The signing of Ferkland only means there is more that has to be done. I can wait to see what other moves are made before judging the summer. Anyways, at least there is something ‘Nucks fans have to talk about over summer.