Report: Boeser and Canucks working towards deal

The biggest contract left to be done for the Canucks is getting restricted free agent Brock Boeser signed to a new deal.

It’s clear that both sides want to get a long term deal done and thus avoid the bridge deal route. As such, there are some hurdles to overcome to reach said agreement including the exact term and compensation.

Sportsnet 650’s Rick Dhaliwal has been working the phones the past few weeks to get every update possible about the Canucks and he tweeted this earlier this morning:

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It’s clear that there needs to be some work done to get the deal done but any sort of update at this time of the summer is an encouraging sign. Boeser is not eligible for an offer sheet and does not have arbitration rights and thus the Canucks aren’t really pressured to get a deal done quickly. The fact that there is any progress suggests that they want to get the young sniper locked up and not let it drag through the summer.

The Canucks would be wise to try and get him locked up for 6 or more years and get some cost certainty for the future.

It will be interesting to see what the final number on the deal is.

  • truthseeker

    Good. The longer the better. Kid has had two 30+ goal pace seasons. If that’s not showing consistency I don’t know what is. Yes, there have been a few injuries but that really shouldn’t matter.
    A bridge deal would be absolutely stupid and just end up biting the canucks later on. They should be able to get him under 7 million.
    Long term him for 8 years and then trade him when he nears FA for a big haul.

    • Green Bastard

      Glad you’re not running the show knucklehead. 26 and 29 is what it is and not 30 or 30 plus pace.

      Brock’s injury prone and defensively poor – still needs to prove himself on a bridge like a lot of other young bucks.

      • bobdaley44

        Meier brings far more intangibles. A power game, better skating and way better defensively. Not sure I’m comfortable paying Boeser 7 plus yet. Totally agree Green. He can score but that’s it. His checking is way below average.

      • Colby7

        When you extrapolate to a full 82 game season, his pace was 30+. 29 goals / 62 games = .46 goals per game. .46 goals per game over 82 games = 38 goals. There are legit concerns about his health and whether his shooting percentage can be sustained, but to say he scores at below a 30 goal pace is just wrong.

    • Colby7

      The problem with signing a deal longer then 4 years is you start to eat into his UFA years. I doubt his agent would sign for under 7 million if it included UFA years. Considering the cap space available I don’t see a 7 or 8 year deal as a possibility now.

      • Defenceman Factory

        That argument works both ways. signing him now for 7 or 8 years is likely the only way you will be able to afford him in 4 years. I would much rather see the Canucks fire sale out some veterans to make the cap space now so Boeser can be afforded over the longer term.

  • Nuck16

    I think a 3 yr bridge deal is the way to go. The sample size is too small to pay Brock the kind of money they are likely seeking on a long term deal as there are still some question marks. I think a 3 yr $20m contract is fair.

  • Holmes

    I’d be good if BB signed a similar deal to Timo Meier’s (4 X $6).

    Short sample size on both but TM has shown he’s more durable and a comparable scorer.

    If BB signs at $7 m per at around four or five years, I’m not choking on it but I don’t think he’s much better than Meier

    • Would rather see Boeser on a 6-7 year deal. Meier had only one good season and had it on a stacked team with Thornton, Kane, Couture, Pavelski, Hertl, Burns, and Karlsson. Boeser had two comparable seasons and had no support outside of Horvat and Sedins/Pettersson. Half of the games Boeser missed was due to the freak accident with the bench door.

  • Kanuckhotep

    Can live with BB getting somewhere in the ballpark of $6.5-7M per for 6 or 7 years. Love this guy on the Canucks but IMHO not worth eight big ones a year he’s probably seeking. Anything less than a five year deal is shortsighted but I’m sure Benning will work out an acceptable deal for all…I hope.

  • Gino über alles

    Would be nice to see him signed to term, it’ll be expensive but worth it and we don’t want to see this extend on like Nylander did or Marner will.

  • Colby7

    He has no leverage and the other RFA’s with Arb and Offer-Sheet rights are not signing for the big dollars that were predicted.

    I would sign him to a 4 year bridge deal, see if his shooting percentage continues to drop and if he can play a full season before commiting the big dollars to him.

    I think a team should lock up their 1C before going too wild on a winger.

  • Colby7

    Not sure why you are reporting that both sides want a long term deal. Kuzma has reported that Boeser’s camp is looking for a 4 year deal and I see no indication Benning is looking for a long term deal.