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Brendan Gaunce signs with the Boston Bruins

Brendan Gaunce became an unrestricted free agent after the Canucks opted to not provide him with a qualifying offer.

With the new found freedom, Gaunce has agreed to terms with the Boston Bruins on a one-year two-way contract:

It was reported by PuckPedia that the AHL salary is $375,000

Gaunce appeared in three games with the Canucks this season posting one goal and two assists along the way. His major issue was his foot speed and inability to produce offence and thus fell out of favour with the team as they looked to get more speed in the lineup and offensive depth.

The 2012 1st round pick had done well given that he was being tasked with a defensive deployment but it was clear that the organization was moving on.

For Gaunce, the high AHL salary is a good fallback option for him as he tries to fight for an NHL job with the Bruins.

  • wojohowitz

    If Gaunce can learn to use his size to play a tough physical game he just might get a another contract but at the moment his over / under on NHL games played next season sits at 30.

  • Tedchinook

    They always say his issue was speed but I don’t think that’s true. His straight line speed is fine, it’s mobility and the ability to change directions that’s lacking.

  • Chris the Curmudgeon

    I know his “inability to produce offence” was a concern, but the guy put up 3 points in 3 games last year. I never quite understood why he didn’t get a bit more of a shot. He was coming off a season in 2017-18 where his deployment was, quite literally, the most skewed towards defensive zone starts of any player in the entire league (who played more than 9 games), at 85.1% defensive half starts. And then they wonder why he didn’t produce. Not saying he’s going to win the Art Ross trophy any time soon, but the guy never really got much of a shot once Benning took over. Hope he does well in the Bruins org (never thought I’d say that about anyone).

    • DJ_44

      Not saying he’s going to win the Art Ross trophy any time soon, but the guy never really got much of a shot once Benning took over.

      The only shot he got was after Benning took over. He played 57 and then 37 games prior to last year. That sounds like a shot.

      I wish him well in Boston/Providence. He always seemed like a nice and intelligent person.

      • Chris the Curmudgeon

        Sure, but it was pretty plain that he wasn’t one of Benning’s guys, being that I could name at least a half dozen guys who didn’t play as well as Brendan did yet still got into the lineup over him. If Gillis had stuck around longer, I think it’s safe to say Gaunce might have had a better chance to stick. He was playing well in the role he was being given, which was of a 4th line defensive forward. 2017-18 Gaunce outplayed 2018-19 Schaller, for example.

        • Nuck16

          In those 2 years where he played a lot in the NHL, I’d argue that he had too much opportunity considering his production….but then he was sent back down and never really got another opportunity at the NHL level though I believe he was playing well enough to deserve at least a 10 game stint.