Report: Luke Schenn might be signing somewhere else

Luke Schenn was an afterthought in the Canucks trade with the Anaheim Ducks that saw Michael Del Zotto head So-Cal. But after the Canucks ran into some more injuries, Schenn was recalled and performed well for a team looking for size on the backend.

He looked particularly strong as a partner for Quinn Hughes.

The Canucks wanted to get him signed to another deal to provide more depth to the backend but it appears that they won’t be able to come to terms and Schenn will be heading somewhere else:

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It may have ultimately come down to the term or compensation for Schenn – the Canucks may have been only willing to go so high and once he was able to talk to other teams, the market gave him a little more.

If he does sign somewhere else, the Canucks will likely look for someone of the same style as it’s clear that they want to add size to the backend and want to ensure they have enough depth to weather the injury storm throughout the season.

For Schenn, if Tampa Bay is the destination, you can’t really blame him. Tampa Bay needs cost-controlled depth players that can help them get over their disappointing playoff performance this past year.

  • TheRealPB

    All signs pointing to a six year deal for Myers for near $7 million. Not only is that disastrous if it were to happen, how does JB explain that to Edler? Or Tanev?

  • Defenceman Factory

    “It may have ultimately come down to the term or compensation for Schenn”
    That’s some serious investigative journalism right there.

    Prefer Schenn to Biega. Thought he was a nice add last year.

  • Kanuckhotep

    This is a true turning point in the cap era NHL. All of a sudden players like Luke Schenn who nobody wanted will be very coveted because too many GMs have capped out and need inexpensive guys to replace them. On the surface it would appear Schenn has or is getting better offers, something that didn’t happen a year ago. And why not? It’s a business and if he can get more out of the system somewheres else I certainly would. Don’t worry about Granlund either. He’ll definitely land somewhere as a cap friendly, useful veteran for someone. Benning could have kept these guys if it wasn’t for Loui’s and Sutter’s contracts. Good luck, Luke.

  • Killer Marmot

    Tampa Bay is weak on right defense. Their top players are 35 and 32 years old, and it’s possible that neither will be returning after poor seasons. Cernak looks promising, but at 22 years old he’s inexperienced. They need Schenn more than the Canucks do, so it won’t be surprizing if they outbid the Canucks.

  • wojohowitz

    Luke Schenn actually did look good as a Canuck defenceman but the reality is that that is a sad state of affairs. Almost to say every year the defense gets worst.

    Tomorrow Benning will sit at the podium with a big smile along with Myers, Sutter and Eriksson and tell the media and fans how bright the future is and how the Canucks will be making the playoffs next season while the media will be looking at him like he is clueless roadkill waiting to be scrapped off the pavement.

  • J-Canuck

    That’s too bad. I was hoping after resurrecting his career in Van he would re-sign. While not a major piece to replace, but seemed he fit the bill for what the back end would need.
    Interesting play going to a Cup contender w expectations. Seems that has been the Former #5 picks problem. Expectations

  • DJ_44

    Schenn was a feel good story at the end of last season, especially with his relationship/history with Hughes and family.

    Biega is under contract and has deomonstrated he is a solid #7 defenceman. Schenn is slow, but acceptable as a replacement level guy.

    Good luck to him moving forward.

  • Fred-65

    I have to admit I liked the “attitude” Schenn brought to the blue line. I’m thinking with his buddy being appointed head coach Dallas Eakin in Anaheim he might be returning there, but if it’s Tampa not a bad way to spend the winter LOL

  • CamBurke

    I can barely keep up with the ridiculous turnover of garbage like Schenn that stinks up this team every fricin season under Benning.

    The story of the Vancouver Canucks under this joke of a GM… too many PLUGS not enough SPARKS. Just wait until tomorrrow!!!!! Nexttttttt

  • Rye not

    I think it will be a damn shame if they don’t sign schenn. He looked great last year with hughes. NOT on the free agents JB or I go from being a big supporter to a fire you camp

  • Hiatus

    I recall reading in past articles/blog’s/posts; that GMJB prior to, during and after the 2019 NHL Combine had put out feelers so that every GM in the league knew the Canucks were open for business.

    My point: why wasn’t Luke Schenn brought up in the trade negotiations for T.J. Miller. The Canucks seemed to have had many options available;
    (1.) sign Schenn to a favorable player contract in term and dollar value.
    (2.) sign Schenn with either his term or dollar value but not both.
    (3.) don’t sign Schenn, but inform him he is being traded to the Lightning.
    Note: in all options Schenn is packaged up and traded for Miller.

    I would hope that GMJB would have exhausted all avenue’s to learn what the TB Lightning were looking for or needing prior to going in to negotiations all glossy eyed wanting a player and giving anything and everything for that player.

    I would think, that by adding Luke Schenn to the J.T. Miller trade, that it might have only cost the Canucks at worst a 2020 2nd rounder or at best a 2020 3rd or 4th rounder.

    I don’t know hockey; but I apparently like yelling at the screen when I watch the Canucks.

  • rediiis

    Given sheltered minutes, there are 30 of Luke Schenn’s. Big, slow and steady. It will really tell a tale if he doesn’t want to sign in Vancouver. This is actually a positive for Rafferty and Eliot. They get a chance to move up the ladder.

  • Captain Video

    Schenn played fine in a limited role last season. He’s a good depth option. But, as the Canucks approach Cap Hell thanks to Eriksson, Sutter, Beagle and possibly (praying not) Meyers, they can’t get into a bidding war for his services.