Canucks have “expressed interest” in Nyquist

Just about a week away from free agency and teams around the league have been given permission to talk to upcoming unrestricted free agents. One free agent that the Vancouver Canucks have been linked to is winger Gustav Nyquist.

Nyquist spent his whole career with the Detroit Red Wings organization, before getting traded to the San Jose Sharks before the trade deadline last season for what seemed like a fair, but underwhelming, package of draft picks.

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Picked up to provide some offensive depth on a cup-hopeful Sharks team, Nyquist did just that. In the 21 playoff games he played in, Nyquist contributed 11 points while averaging slightly over 15 minutes per game. Exactly what is expected out of a rental pick-up.

He will be 30 years old when the Canucks start the 2019-20 regular season, but Nyquist has been a consistent contributor since playing his first real NHL season at the age of 24.

Nyquist was never a star in Detroit, but always relied on and a complimentary piece next to Red Wings legend Henrik Zetterberg for multiple seasons. He is coming off a career-high total in points, spreading his 81 regular season games between Detroit and San Jose, but he has been a steady play driver throughout his entire career.

He has never been a sub-50 per cent player when it comes to shot attempt percentage, averaging a 53.1 CF% at 5v5 in his career and just finished his season with a 53.7 CF%.

For what to expect from Nyquist, the Canucks might be scarred by signing aging Swedish wingers, but the upcoming free agent is different. Evolving Wild and their contract projections has Nyquist’s new deal projected as a six-year deal in the $5.6-million AAV range — something the Canucks can fit under their cap with no problem, but the term length might be of concern.

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If the Canucks would be able to shorten the term, to four years for example, and raise the cap hit in turn, then it would be favourable for Vancouver.

A decent price to pay for a guaranteed lock in their top-six forward group during the length of his contract. Especially for a winger that can drive the play in his favour and has historically through his entire career.

Including the addition of J.T. Miller of the draft weekend, the young Canucks forward group might have a significant upgrade in terms of support heading into next season.

    • DeL

      A number of us may like to see Loui leave the building but I can’t see that happening for at least another year. Sutter’s horizons expand July 1 so one can hope

      • jaybird43

        Why do we want to see Loui leave the building? His salary is already paid, the Canucks are well below the cap, and he’s a reliable 3th or 4th liner. So … why the eagerness to get rid of him?

  • Nuck16

    Well, it’s apparent Jim and Francesco have decided to suck fuk it and they’re calling off the rebuild and going all in…which typically doesn’t happen when you just missed the playoffs by 10 points. We should have been patient for one more year, then loaded up…

  • Marvin101

    sweet jesus. jimbo has had 6 drafts, now it’s time for his draft picks to step up. he’s played the gillis empty cupboard card enough. it’s pretty scary thinking about what’s gonna happen on july 1.

        • Bud Poile

          One look at the draft record would explain it to anybody with half a hockey mind.
          “…….by and large, the Canucks were one of, if not the worst drafting NHL franchise between 2008 and 2013.” Jeremy Davis / Canucks Army

          • CamBurke

            #fakenews trolling again Dud… when will you get it through your thick dementia ridden skull that NHL GM of the year Mike Gillis was *not* hired by ownership to focus on rebuilding or drafting – he was employed to get us over the playoff hump during the franchises SC window because Nonis and Burke couldn’t… and he did that in spades, coming within one game of immortality whilst owning the regular season with glorious victory for years. Great times.

            Get a clue and show some RESPECT Dud… the Canucks were so good under GMMG he NEVER had a top nine first round pick **10th (from Nonis), 22nd, 115th, 29th, 26th** that’s it!!!,… until he was finally given the nod from ownership to start rebuilding in 2013… where he then pulled Captain elect BOWIE HORVAT out of the hat with a franchise changing draft day trade. Truly outstanding.

            Were you a fan during those glory years Dud?


        • CamBurke

          Hahaha i love the way you throw this stinky old f(a)rt around like an unwanted rag doll Rusty… he just won’t tell us if he was a Canucks fan from 2008 thru the 2011 SC run for some reason… wonder why LOL

          • Bud Poile

            The banned troll PQW demanding loyalty and accountability while posting under a new name every third day in his escape from said accountability and complete banishment.
            As I have reminded you before,I was a Canucks fan before your Mommy gave birth to you under that bridge.

    • speering major

      Uh Benning has Drafted fine. Also this being his 6th draft, It’s impossible to have expectations for the players drafted over the weekend. It’s also too early to determine if his depth picks will harvest anything for 2018 and 2017 yet

      McCann- Pearson


      This could be a bust draft



      Bennings draft record has been just fine so far. If Demko becomes a #1 goaltender and O.J. can become a second pairing D I would give him an A+ considering the lack of lottery picks

  • speering major

    I like this better than Meyers or Gardiner on a monster deal. I would be fine with a 3 year deal.

    This is good news IMO. It means JB is exploring his options, not coming at Meyers and Gardiner red hot. Anything that isn’t an aging vet at 6 or 7 years is a win for Canuck fans in UFA season

  • LiborPolasek

    Another, misdirection from the Canucks – nobody knew or called the Miller. I assume that they are going after another player in FA or via trade; my guess: ?????.

  • Kanuckhotep

    Sure it may seem pragmatic to load up on proven, veteran NHL forward’s and Nyquist has always been a reliable player. But before Benning entertains the idea of signing this guy shouldn’t he at least try and dump the Eriksson and Sutter contracts to make room for Gustav? It seems though to this poster that no one wants those aforementioned contracts and venturing into the area of cap hell is hardly wise. Like the player but don’t like the circumstances surrounding the situation.

    • Cageyvet

      I feel the same about this. Some of our players are hard enough to move, even when we’re willing to take a middling return. Jamming the roster makes your position even weaker when shopping them. Try to clear the decks first, then see what you’re stuck with before committing more term and dollars.

  • HonestAbeX1

    Why can’t the Canucks just sign Vanek for a one year deal and get similar production? I recall he liked it in Van during his short stay and he was one of the more productive players prior to getting traded.

    • Nyquist is a superior player. He outscored Vanek on a total and per game basis. Over the last 3 years, Nyquist has been about 53% Corsi/Fenwick compared to Vanek at 47%, that’s a significant difference in shot differential. The Corsi/Fenwick looks even more skewed when you consider that Nyquist has equal zone starts whereas Vanek gets OZ starts about 67% of the time.

  • Rodeobill

    I wonder about Corey Perry (I know trash it!), but would he be any worse than Lucic? Would probably go for less money and term, and wouldn’t have to give up any assets?

    • TheRealRusty

      I like the Perry signing if we can get him on a 2 year term. Cant skate like he use to, but will still add to our net front presence and sandpaper to our lineup.

    • jaybird43

      Well nobody would be signing him fir more than 2×2, so it can’t be too bad. But, he’s getting very few points now, so even at that, he might be clogging a roster spot.

  • Hockey Bunker

    Free agency tells you everything you need to know about the market for Hutton. Zero, there wasn’t any.
    And for Granlund, minimal if any.
    Canucks didn’t miss a trade opportunity because there wasn’t one, but lest we forget, JB was able to dump Gudbranson.