Photo Credit: Rick Boots/Cedar Rapids RoughRiders

Canucks select forwards Aidan McDonough and Arvid Costmar in Round 7

The Canucks closed out the 2019 NHL Draft in Vancouver with two picks in the seventh and final round.

The Canucks took American forward Aidan McDonough with the 195th overall selection and Swedish forward Arvid Costmar with the 215th overall pick.

The Canucks officially took eight forwards and one goaltender in the 2019 Draft.

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Aidan McDonough, F

McDonough is a 6’2″, 201 lbs overage forward who has been playing with Cedar Rapids in the USHL. He committed to Northeastern University — the same school Adam Gaudette and prospect Tyler Madden attended. McDonough scored 21 goals and 42 points in 50 USHL games last season as a 19-year-old.

Arvid Costmar, F

Costmar is a skilled forward with some offensive upside. His skating needs improvement, but he has a good shot and some nice hands. Costmar scored 13 goals in the SuperElit league this season and won U18 Gold with Sweden. He’s listed at 5’11” and 181 lbs.

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Costmar always keeps his feet moving and works hard to try to help his team generate offense – Future Considerations

His defensive game is mostly cutting off passing lanes and picking up loose pucks, which he does effectively – HockeyProspect.com

  • wojohowitz

    I find their picks to be reasonable with some chance of success, except for the Russian of course which is mind boggling. He skates like Boeser and scores like Virtanen instead of the other way around.

    2- Hoglander; Small, fast, might be a goal scorer.

    4- Keppen; Large grinding forward. Work hard and get a contract.

    5- Focht; As a 19 year old he found his game. Might get a contract.

    6- Silovs; Never know with goalies. Late round pick. Why not.

    6- Plasek; Maybe second coming of Jasek.

    6- Malone; Big kid. Four years of university or sooner.

    7- McDonough; Big kid. Four years of university or sooner.

    7- Costmar; Good enough for the u18 and maybe a career.

    • Killer Marmot

      Podkolzin was on the under-18 Russian international team last season. In 8 games, he wasn’t just the best player on the team, he was downright jaw dropping.

      He was also on the Russian U-20 World Junior team, where he did okay but not outstanding. He was the youngest player on the team by about 10 months.

      He also played a few games in the KHL, considered the second best hockey league in the world. He was a seventeen year old.

    • Locust

      D-men take so long to develop – I don’t have a problem with getting BPA forwards, building the team and then signing D-men who have developed in other systems. The only way to get a stud Dman is through the draft but if you put together 4-5 really good positional D-men with three really good forward lines – well, that’s a cup winner.

  • Defenceman Factory

    The Canucks currently have over 20 wingers under contract. They also have Lockwood, Manyukan, a couple guys signed to AHL deals and all those drafted this weekend. A few will walk for nothing, one or two might be lost on waivers but Utica will be well stocked for several years and the Canucks should be able to put together very good forward lines for the foreseeable future.

    There are still extra wingers to make some trades with. The problem is that it takes a top line winger to return a top 4 defender and even then it may require a sweetener. Hopefully a few of the plethora of wingers develop into top line wingers but right now the Canucks don’t have extra ones.

    Trading for a top 4 Dman is going to take a good winger plus a high draft pick. The Miller trade makes that much more difficult. You can’t package up a bunch of extra pieces and expect a top 4 Dman back. That leaves UFAs.

    I’d much rather the Canucks re-sign Schenn and/or one of Stralman or Girardi to short term deals. The crop of UFAs is better next summer or preferably short term deals give the Canucks some time to trade wingers for 2nd and 3rd rd draft picks and put together a decent trade for that top 4 RHD.

      • Gino über alles

        Probably because he was only offered a minimum contract, which isn’t surprising for a guy that cleared waivers last year. He’s going to be disappointed in free agency but I hope he returns, he’s good for depth and character and as long as you don’t place him in your top 4 then he’s a solid addition.

  • rediiis

    overall a good draft class. I was disappointed to lose another 1st round pick. JB better be a tradin’ machine this off-season to mitigate the lack of D. I am a fan and I will support. I really need to see what he gets for some of the ex-Bruins.

  • EP40MVP

    1. Podkolzin: judd was very high on him hinted he was against trading picks
    2. Hoglander: playing against men as a kid showed skill has time to develop
    3. Keppen: NHLnetwork felt he was a steal in the 4thRD
    4. Focht: could be a MacEwen but looks more like an abols/petit nothing against him but i think he was picked too high especially with rybinski,guskov,warren still available. He could work out & prove critics wrong but 64/68GPs as a 19yr old is meh something tells me judd wasn’t entirely sold he never mentioned focht during his 650 interview nor was focht even in the building kid prob didnt expect to be picked see what he does as in D+2 tho
    5. Silovs: had an amazing U-18s watched him a bit could be a steal needs to work on his mechanics a bit
    6. Plasek: like @wojohowitz said could be the next jasek
    7. Malone: could be another gaudette see how he does in the NCAA
    8. McDonough: read on twitter he got hands could be a lockwood i dont see him or malone going pro less than 4 years
    9. Costmar: saw him play in the U-18s didnt really stick out skating has issues seems like a gradin pick did play against men might be a decent pick
    overall a decent draft in my opinion i see at least 5 max 6 will work out from this draft