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Canucks select Ethan Keppen 122nd overall

Welcome to Vancouver, Ethan Keppen.

After trading away their 102nd overall pick to Buffalo for picks 122 and 175, the Canucks were finally back on the clock after selecting Nils Hoglander at 40th overall.

The Canucks drafted winger Ethan Keppen with their 122nd overall selection.

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Keppen is a solid power forward who scored 30 goals for the Flint Firebirds this season. He’s listed at 6’2″ and 212 lbs.

Keppen’s OHL coach Eric Wellwood recently talked about what Keppen can bring to the table.

“He really uses his size to his advantage and he is fearless out there. He isn’t afraid to go up and down the wing and go to the hard areas to make plays.”

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The Firebirds had a pretty brutal season, missing the playoffs by over 50 points. Keppen had a really strong second half for Flint, however, becoming a bright spot for the club in a rough year.

The No. 10 pick in the 2017 OHL Priority Selection, Keppen described his game to Aaron Vickers of EP Rinkside.

I’m a power forward that plays a 200-foot game out there that drives hard up and down the ice with the puck.

I’ve always been a big kid. This has always been my game since I was playing rep hockey. I’ve always been one of the bigger guys, so I always try to take advantage of it.”

That’s been going very well for me.

I bring power up the ice, and that creates a lot of space for my linemates. I’m always hard on the forecheck, always making hits to try to create a battle out there. I’m good at retrieving pucks. That’s my offensive game. I’m always trying to play a 200-foot game, which means I try to backcheck very hard. I try to block shots and be a good half-wall player.

I try to bring a lot of body presence to the game, is probably one of my biggest abilities.

Keppenen may not having game-breaking speed or skill, but he competes hard, can score goals and plays a solid two-way game with a physical edge.

    • bushdog

      you are as smart as a rock. this story has nothing to do with dmen. read it again. it’s not about what You want, it’s a topic for discussion. stay on the topic or go away. same for td

  • Burnabybob

    I can only guess that Benning has a VERY high opinion the team’s defensive prospects. He’s doing the same thing he did two years ago, taking all forwards. Podkolzin was a nice start, but come on.

    • Kanucked

      I would give Benning and Brackett some leeway here. This draft was portrayed as a weak D draft. I think they are probably looking at best projectable player

      • speering major

        Picks 1,2, and 4 were D last draft. In Utica there was Breisbois and Chatfield 22 and under last year and a handful of 24 year olds like Sautner. There’s also OJ. Tryamkin might come back. They added 2 solid college signings late last year. The org depth is definitely there. They need guys like O.J. and Woo to step up and establish themselves as NHL players. JB and the crew need to select best player available, 4th and 5th rounders on D isn’t some organizational hole or need

        • Gino über alles

          That’s the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard, they’ve got a pretty good record for going for the best player they think they can get at their spot so who cares what position they’re in? Best case scenario they won’t be playing for us for 3-4 years anyways and the current needs won’t be the same, but ya sure let’s load up on lesser players just because they play defense.

          • Burnabybob

            Benning doesn’t have a particularly great record in the later rounds. See 2017, when he picked Lind and Gadjovich in the second, even when defenseman Nick Hague was available. Lind and Gadjovich have struggled in the AHL, while Hague has excelled.

          • Hague was gone by the time Gadjovich was picked and Lind was also a guy that slid out of the 1st round so Benning’s pick isn’t that unreasonable. More over, to expect every pick to be perfect and an impact is not reasonable. Let’s judge Lind and Gadjovich after this year, they just jumped from playing against 16-20 year olds to ex-NHL players and top prospects. That’s a huge adjustment.

      • j2daff

        Seider was never going to get out of the 1st round Lassi Thomson was possible though…. I personally don’t hate not taking a dman in round 2 although there were 5 worth picking there but moving the 3rd rounder and missing out on one of the 3 dman that were there and might turn out to be a steal is disappointing.

    • GMT+1 !!!!

      agreed… i was fully expecting to get Woo’d in the later rounds. BUT i was also expecting a rebuild team to stockpile picks these past years. AND expected some cap weaponizing moves.

      think mgmt is far too in love with a few young buds. far from a championship core, and lost another first rounder.

  • Rodeobill

    something about this kid must have stood out to JB or one of his scouts, If it were as simple as betting on numbers he would have just started drafting D men already

  • Freud

    Remember when Benning informed us draft picks were hard to acquire at the deadline? He seems to hand them out pretty easily. Too bad he can’t deal with himself.

    Carolina just went to the conference finals. They made 8 picks this draft before Benning made Keppen his 3rd pick. Carolina has 2 first rounders next season too.

    Colorado went deep into the playoffs too. They had 2 first rounders this draft and chose 6 players before Benning chose his 3rd.

    Detroit chose 7 players before Benning chose his 3rd

    NYR have made Benning look like the biggest chump. 6 picks this year before Benning made his 3rd. NYR have chosen 10 players in the first 3 rounds over the past two seasons.

    Benning thinks he either gets into the playoffs and gets an extension (lol), or he finishes 20th again and gets fired. Our idiot owner seems to think having a GM with absolutely no eye on the team’s future past this season is a good idea.

    The next week and a half is going to kill this team well into the future.

    • Locust

      “Too bad he cant deal with himself” – man, that describes you to a tee. Being the rocket surgeon that you are, fluff this stat…..
      Percentage of draft picks making at least 200 career NHL starts:
      1st rd – 63%
      2nd rd – 25%
      3rd rd and beyond – 12%
      Getting proven players and building a team using ALL available methods draft, trades, rfa’s and ufa’s is how to do it. Fluffing for just draft picks is a loser proposition – as you prove by supporting it.
      Don’t really expect a table hockey queen like you to get it but you are welcome.
      Now break out your multiple personalities and troll away.

      • GMT+1 !!!!

        think that’s a bit harsh Loc… Freud has constructed an opinion with some work. doesn’t seem outrageous to me, or a flame, if the numbers are correct?

        understand there is some extremely petty trolling going on here, but doesnt mean that turn-about is fair play, blindly.


  • Fred-65

    It’s amazing to me that all the pundits prior to the draft keep extolling the virtues of the BPA amd then when it doesn’t coincide with their own views what to reverse it and choose by position. Am I wrong ?
    I don’t know any thing about this kid, I suspect much like every one else but from what I’ve read he’sa perfect fir for the player type missing from Vcrs roster. A player that rather than go around an oppoents takes the shortest route right throgh the opponent sound like a Kurt Frazer type to me

  • Doodly Doot

    I watched the scouching report on this kid. Might be an incredible value at 122 overall. An excellent evolving player on the worst team in the OHL. It will be interesting to see how his D+1 year shakes out. Definitely Green’s type of player, if he can make the show. Thumbs up.