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Will the Canucks swing a trade for a defenceman?

With the Canucks signing Alex Edler to a new two-year contract, everyone’s focus turned to how the organization can add another defenceman.

They can’t come back with the same group and hope that they will be able to get to the playoffs. It’s part of the reason why the Canucks seemed to be linked to every defenceman that is reportedly available. The biggest rumour right now is the Canucks interest in Colorado Avalanche defenceman Tyson Barrie.

As Randip mentions above, Nick Leddy could be another option but would provide a different skill-set. They have also been linked PK Subban and Nikita Zaitsev at various times leading up to the draft.

Purely from a ‘filling a need’ standpoint, Barrie makes sense as a right-handed defender who can move the puck and quarterback a powerplay. It would give the group a whole different dynamic that would make them fun to watch. But Barrie only has one year remaining in his contract before becoming an unrestricted free agent and would likely cost a few assets to make a deal happen.

Subban would also fill some needs but comes with three years at an AAV of $9.0 per season. There have been suggestions that Nashville would be willing to retain some but it’s still a big contract to absorb.

Zaitsev is a player that the Canucks may loop back to in early July if they aren’t able to add other players. Those are the only names that we know of publicly.

GM Jim Benning has been clear over the last few weeks that they have a desire to remake the defensive group for next season. Re-signing doesn’t do that and thus it’s fair to assume another move or two is coming in the next week.

Does it begin tonight with the Canucks hosting the 2019 NHL Entry Draft?

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  • Foximus

    I get concerned when “big” deals get made just because a team is hosting the draft. It needs to make sense for the team. If JB does go for a dman, I really hope it’s a good trade for the team – not the event. He did well with Edler, hope it continues

  • bushdog

    barrie looks good but 8 mil for How many years? i’m always concerned about ntm’s. i’m a fan of mcquaid. he deals with toughness on the back end. waive a couple of no-shows and i might pay to watch some games. maybe

  • Killer Marmot

    They can’t come back with the same group and hope that they will be able to get to the playoffs.

    They won’t be. Last year they started the season with defensemen like Pouliot, Del Zotto, and Gudbranson. This year they will be replaced by guys like Hughes, Juolevi, Schenn, and Sautner. Further, Nilsson is replaced by Demko. That could make a significant difference, enought to boost them into the playoffs.

    Still, a solid right defenseman would certainly improve their chances.

    • Nuck16

      Personally I think we should let this season play out with what we have. Considering where we are in the rebuild, we need to consider the Seattle expansion draft before considering any big trades for a Dman. It would be different if we were contending now. I think Colorado already has 3 young Dmen they have pencilled in for protection, so they’re smart to trade Barrie now while his value is highest, especially if he’s traded for a pick that doesn’t need protection. After next season and approaching the Seattle draft, the trade value for players that are draft eligible will be steadily dropping since teams don’t want Seattle to select someone they could trade for a good return in advance…and teams will be hesitant to acquire draft eligible players if they already have 3 dmen they want to protect.

  • rediiis

    I really don’t like high profile/expensive options on D. Find another Schenn for 1 mil and draft a couple of prospects in the 2/3 rounds. Stecher and Hughes look good and Edler/Tanev are solid. Woo is on the way and his game reminds me of Bieksa (the good). It will be nice to see some D’men score some goals in the next few. I really can’t wait for this draft.

  • wojohowitz

    See that PK deal. Pretty sure they approach the Canucks first. 2 players 2 picks. Probably didn`t want to part with Smith although Davies is a stud on PP.