Peter Chiarelli might be joining Canucks front office, starts mass panic

On the eve of the 2019 NHL Draft hosted by your very own Vancouver Canucks, it has been reported that former GM of the Edmonton Oilers Peter Chiarelli is possibly joining the Canucks management team in some capacity.

The best idea is just to breathe and be calm about this.

No matter what side of the Benning fence Canucks fans lie on, every single one can agree that Chiarelli was not a good General Manager during his time in Edmonton. Countless articles highlighting his infamous trades that involved sending out future Hart Trophy winners and mismanaging the Oilers into the dark abyss while still employing the greatest player in decades.

It’s not to say that the Canucks front office will start selling off Pettersson in a couple years for old Ryan Ellis or something, but just having his voice in the room might be troubling.

There’s no point speculating the exact chemistry and personality food chain within the Canucks management team, but possibly adding the GM that screwed up literally the easiest management position in all of professional sports might not be the best contributor.

He might not end up in Vancouver, but one little spark of source material is enough to start the downward panic into worrying about never seeing the playoffs again. There are always bad hires within the NHL, but when Chiarelli was fired by the Oilers, it was assumed that he would never find a job in this league again, but the Canucks might just be welcoming him in with open arms.

Actions speak louder than words and this small hire might not lead to any direct action that Chiarelli is to blame for, so there should be a somewhat smooth grace period for the ex-Oilers GM.

There are no current obvious vacancies in the Canucks front office, so the hypothetical position for Chiarelli might just be in an advisory role, which there is no limit on.

  • tyhee

    This is a subject that’s gotten some comment on Twitter and on forums lately. It isn’t just CA bringing it up.

    Thomas in his article showed the origin of the rumour, a tweet from Andrew Walker. I understand it also got a comment from Rick Dhaliwal, then there was a tweet from Pierre Lebrun indicating there were talks but that Chiarelli was also talking to other teams:


    Like many others, I hope this doesn’t come to pass. While we’ll sometimes see comments about the Canucks having the smallest management group in the NHL (I don’t know if that’s true or not, just that it seems to pop up from time to time) if there is to be an addition I’d much rather it be someone that has a different viewpoint than the others in the management group. Adding another voice to say the same things doesn’t seem to me to be something that would be very helpful. Adding Chiarelli to the management team would raise speculation that Chiarelli could succeed Benning if Aquillini doesn’t keep Benning when his contract expires next summer and, for my personal entry into the understatement of the year contest, Chiarelli’s performance in Edmonton doesn’t inspire confidence.

  • MattyT's Mom

    Maybe they’ll look at hiring PQW’s boy Pete as an advisor. Ask him what he thinks of certain players and trade proposals, and then do the EXACT OPPOSITE of what Pete would.

  • Killer Marmot

    It seems likely that Chiarelli would approach every NHL team that has senior job openings. And most of those teams will give him an interview — perhaps over the phone — out of simple professional courtesy, even those teams that have little enthusiasm for hiring him. In the small world of NHL management, you don’t make enemies unnecessarily. One day the tables could be turned.

    In short, there should be no surprize that Chiarelli and Vancouver may have talked.