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WWYDW: Draft Day 2

Draft day is nearly upon us. We’ll get to the top pick next week, but for now, let’s look at the later rounds. Is there anyone that should be available in rounds 2-7 that you would like the Canucks to select?

Last week I asked: Would you trade for Jason Zucker? What would you be willing to give up? 


I don’t see where the Canucks have available players the Wild would want. No to Boeser, Hughes, Horvat or Petterrsson. After watching the playoffs, I want to keep Virtanen unless we get way over value, and a 27 year old 40-50 point guy isn’t it.

I question whether Zucker is an upgrade over Pearson or Leivo, if so is he enough of an upgrade at his age. Zucker won’t put up the same points on the third line.


Zucker would be great to play with Pearson and Horvat, but I would give up Virtanen to do it. It all depends on price, Minne is at 12th in the draft, maybe they want to move up a couple spots?

Defenceman Factory:

This is the minimum calibre of player the Canucks should be targeting. Zucker is an immediate upgrade on the top 6. It’s opportunities like this that make it so frustrating the Canucks haven’t acquired a couple more draft picks to use as currency. I am doubtful the Canucks can afford to make the deal.

I can’t see the Wild being interested in more than one of Virtanen, Hutton, Tanev or Sutter. The one of those the Wild like best, swap of 1st round draft positions and the 2019 2nd rd pick would still be a real bargain for the Canucks. Giving up more picks is untenable and I hate the idea of trading away Virtanen or a 2nd rd pick.

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Like with virtually every under 30 20+ goal scorer the Canucks just don’t have the assets to swing a trade.

Forever 1915:

Why are we automatically assuming Virtanen is the one being pitched? Would a trade based around Baertschi work? A little younger, cheaper but less accomplished and more injury prone.

Fenton is blowing up his core and was raked over the coals for his Coyle, Granlund and Niederreiter trades. Apparently, Fenton wants to make up the lost ground by asking high for Zucker.

Robson Street:

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Zucker is excellent and very much the sort of player we could use. It’s probably faster to name the players I wouldn’t give up: Elias, Bo, Brock, and Quinn Hughes are a given. I’d be reluctant to trade Troy Stecher as well. That’s probably it. Tanev? Hutton? Markstrom? Demko? Virtanen? Gaudette? Juolevi? Any of these guys plus a non-first round pick or a prospect I’d be fine with.


Jason Zucker is just another one of those proposed trade rumour guys swirling around Canuckland recently. Again I cannot see Zucker being a significant upgrade compared to who they have now or worth giving up decent young talent for. Nothing wrong with Zucker as a hockey player at all but I don’t see top six there and I don’t see him helping to lead the franchise out of the wilderness into the post season. A soon-to-be-forgotten trade rumour I’m sure.

  • Me

    If Honka’s still there in round 2 and I were GM, I’d be tempted to pick him.

    I know there’s a reasonable chance he’ll be a bust, but the upside is potentially he’s a star who can play a similar role to Hughes (though perhaps with more liability in his own end). Having two guys like that on a team is nothing to sneeze at.

  • Jabs

    After picking the a talented forward in the first round, I would be looking for players who may have dropped as a result of over zealous GM’s getting gitty about another player they liked better leaving some great talent for the Canucks to gleam. Hopefully that would include a guy like Vlaic or any of the 2 RHD’s from the defenseman factory in Kelowna.

    Hard to say what to do after that, since the ‘Nucks have a plethora of 6th rounders, for sure take another goalie prospect because you can never have enough goalies.

    Also, it the late rounds hopefully Linus Karlsson’s little bro reruncould be looked at, he had some decent showings later in the season and may have some talent because you can never have enough brothers.

  • Green Bastard

    Who cares about draft day two, draft day one is a non event for the Canucks picking at ten and it’s time you dweebs realized and accepted it lol.

    Outside of Hughes, Kakko, Byram and Turcotte it’s a total snoozefest. I won’t even be using my VIP invite at the Shark Club to watch it this year zzzzzzz

  • Sandpaper

    Grewe or Legare in the 2nd.
    a few other players they should be taking a look at, Cade Webber, Case McCarthy, Montana Onyebuchi, Layton Ahac and another goalie.

  • j2daff

    Lassi Thomson in round two if he is there and hoping there is a chance that Honka drops to round 3, would be a great gamble in the 3rd round and there have been ranking with him dropping that low.

    There are also a number of other players that could be great picks at 40 if they fall out of the 1st round.

  • Ken Priestlay Fan

    After the top 12 or so, this draft looks like such a crap shoot that pretty much anyone could still be available at 40. Holstrom and Puistola look good value to me (if they’re there), but assuming the Canucks take a forward at 10 (Newhook or Boldy please) I can’t imagine them not picking a D in either r2 or r3. Who is the question; someone like Korczac looks a safe bet to be an NHL player, put probably has a low ceiling. Honka has a high ceiling but probably busts. There don’t seem to be easy answers.

  • Captain Video

    Tobias Bjornfot. LHD. High IQ. Good speed. Good two-way defenceman. Captained Sweden’s U-18 team. Played 7 regular season and 4 playoff games in the SHL. And his last name translates as “bear foot”. How freaking cool is that. The kid has bear paws! Other teams will be terrified.

  • Burnabybob

    There is a good chance that one of Lassi Thomson or Kaeden Korczak will be available, and both are right shot defensmen. I would especially target them if Benning picks a forward in the first round. I would also consider Albin Grewe.